NFTs Discovery for Investments and Profits

Quick course to get started in NFT from scratch

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31 mins
Jan 2022
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What you will learn

Learn how to create and sell NFTs.

How to earn passive income renting out NFTs.

Make money with NFTs in video games.

How to earn passive income through NFT royalties.

How to make money staking NFTs.

How to find NFT projects to invest in.


The NFT market has grown by almost 10x in the past couple of years - and all the "hype" are making the average people asking themselves,"What is NFT all about?"

Some hightlights include the following:

  • Being able to sell a variety of niches including investors, entrepreneurs, artists, collectors, and just about anybody looking to make money online.

  • Sale price of NFTs keeps getting higher (perhaps reaching 100 millions in the future)

  • NFTs are entering the world of film and television.

Currently, the news about NFT is picking up steam and there are now more content and social media talking about it.

Many people want to get into it before it's too late. The problem is some concepts may be too technical to explain or some media outlet will only report the basics. As a result, people become overwhelm and give up.

If you're looking for an NFT course that's not too complicated but can be completed really quick to get up and running, then check our course.  Our goal is make matter less confusing and set you up with a solid foundation to invest into the new world of NFTs. This isn't one of those course where you watch half way and stop because it was too long. We get to the point on how to invest in NFTs.

You will learn the following:

  1. Lecture 1 – What NFTs Are

  2. Lecture 2 – Are NFTs Safe

  3. Lecture 3 – Why Are NFTs Important

  4. Lecture 4 – Create An NFT

  5. Lecture 5 – Earning From NFTs

  6. Lecture 6 – How To Find NFT Projects

We provide an introduction to NFT with our NFTs Discovery course with simple explanations of technical concepts. You will start from scratch to learn what NFTs are, how to create your own, and finally how to research the market for good NFT projects.


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What NFTs Are

Are NFTs Safe?

Are NFTs Safe?

Why Are NFTs Important

Why Are NFTs Important?

How to Create an NFT

How to Create an NFT

Earning from NFTs

Create and Sell Your NFTs

Finding NFT Projects

How to Find Good NFT Projects
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