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CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction

Familiarize yourself with the Basics of CheckPoint -Next Generation Firewall

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Next Generation Firewall Concepts quickly.

Why do we need NGFW

What is Stateful Inspection

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Features

How to Evaluate Firewall ~ External Reports

Quickly able to understand CheckPoint Firewall Components and its functionalities

Download CheckPoint ISO for LAB

Basic CheckPoint Firewall Installation

Deploy a Basic Internet access Lab on Hyper-V environment

Verify Internet access and observe the Logs


Learn all the Concepts about the Features of CheckPoint - Next Generation Firewall, Learn how to evaluate or Review a Firewall. Why are Firewalls needed and how its' features justify the Deployment in modern Day networks in spite of ACLs on Router, Packet filters & Proxy based Firewalls. You will learn all the additional features they provide on top of other traditional Networking and legacy security solutions. Learn about Stateful Inspection and how it is Used in Firewall to provide security. This JAM session will get you going with  Next Gen Firewall in no time.

A Basic session is included about Components of CheckPoint Firewall and its Deployment scenarios.The session goes on to become Practical by the Deployment of CheckPoint Firewall in a Hyper-V environment and is concluded by a Basic Internet Access Lab. You can also deploy similar Lab in your Laptop and use your existing Wi-Fi connection for Internet segment. Further more,  logically this same Lab can be used to deploy Any other Firewall as well. You should be confident to handle any queries on NGFW and also help to clear your Interview as well. It will also help you decide if you want to switch over to Network security if you have already pursued Networking. Lets jump right in.


CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction
CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction
CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction
CheckPoint-NGFW Security : Basic Introduction


Next Generation Firewall ~ Concepts & Theory

NGFW- JAM Session-2021 : Introduction

Why do we need an NGFW ?

What is Stateful Inspection ?

What is UTM and What are its Features ?

Which NGFW to choose ?

CheckPoint NGFW Basic Lab Deployment

CheckPoint Firewall Lab Brief

Download CheckPoint ISO

CheckPoint Firewall Installation on Hyper-V

Configure Internet Access Policy on CheckPoint NGFW

Verify Internet Access and observe Logs


Pravine17 April 2021

Very good class to get introduced to checkpoint. I did checkpoint 10years ago ith SMART DASHBOARD. Good to know changes, GAiA and R80 smart console. I am a network engineer, soon going to security within company so trying to get on with checkpoint introduction.

Debasish24 February 2021

Very clear and to the point description with examples. It helps me a lot. Hope in future we will get more series from Amitsir on Checkpoint specially on CCSE.

Ashish8 February 2021

Great Content. He gave a Good View of the Checkpoint NGFW Most IMP Part: Starting with telling why we require it (is always fav Part in any explanation). .. ??


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