Never Forget Anything!

How to be crazy organized with Evernote

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Never Forget Anything!


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Mar 2017

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What you will learn

Become crazy organized even if you're not naturally organized

Never forget anything!

Always have all your important information instantly available


This course is about completely organizing your life’s documents and information digitally so that you can become productive, effective and of course organized!

In this course I show you how to use Evernote to complete eliminate all paper, all clutter and all your disjointed information silos in your life.  This course shows you how to turn your information chaos into your own personal portable google like information system.

Imagine being able to recall

  • Your complete car’s maintenance records
  • Your deductible purchases for last year
  • Your complete medical history

All with just a few clicks from your phone!  I show you how do this and more in this course.

You don’t have to be a techie to take advantage of Evernote.  All you need is a phone and/or any other computing device you have and transform it into a google like document eater. 

This course is intentionally short and concise.  I give you just what is needed and not much more so that you can start being effective with Evernote as soon as possible.

Welcome to the digital organization journey!


Introduction and Course Goals

Introduction to the Course


Why do you need to get organized

What this course is and is not about

Discussion and Personal Feedback

Evernote Basics

Download Evernote

Evernote vs Files and Folders

The Note


Notebooks and Stacks


The Web Clipper

Evernote In Action

Keys to Success with Evernote

How to use Evernote at home to get digitally organized!

Evernote at Work


Steve28 March 2021

Very quick way to get up and running on Evernote. I learned that tags are way better than sorting things in to various notebooks. I never get around to sorting stuff out. Tag it and you will always find it.

Alison2 July 2020

It gave more ideas on how to use Evernote...I would of liked a little more details. Still a very good overview of what Evernote can do.

Myron12 February 2019

Instructor mastered his material, but I think it would have been more helpful with hands on exercises. Also I was working on Windows platform and my screen was very different than the Mac screen in the video. I would recommend looking at Window's screen to take the differences into account.

Jether12 June 2018

The content is very simple, but it is concise and indeed gave me some insights to improve my organization.

Werner18 October 2017

I already was one evernote user, but I wasn't able to really extract advantages from the app. This course brings great tips to improve the use, and become more effective.

Alex28 July 2017

The course is basically a plug for evernote. It's main premise is "store your life in evernote" and offers nothing in the way of actually remembering anything.

Daniel13 June 2017

It is a good course, but I miss some more focus on organization. It is all about Evernote. Why not Keep, OneNote? I see some more research can be made.

Ron3 March 2017

So far, easy to follow and just concentrates on the basics, which is great for beginners, and helps more advanced users pick up ideas. I will re-rate at the end. Now that I have finished, I give this course 4 stars! Very informative, and even though I have been using EN for a while, I got some good tips I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

Kristopher18 February 2017

The course was great! I recommend this course to anyone who is wary about getting started with Evernote. The only minuscule flaw involved your typing. However, typing more carefully should prevent those pesky mistypes we all get. The course is a superb introduction to Evernote. Organization - here I come!

Margaret15 February 2017

This is a great course on digital organization by using the various features of Evernote. I already use Evernote, but I definitely need to clean up what I have on there. This course gave me additional ideas on how to use the application.

Victoria1 February 2017

I have been using Evernote for a few years...but this training did give me some tips for personal use --things that I hadn't considered, I started organizing right after the video.

Louis30 January 2017

It's more about Evernote than about being organized but nothing wrong with that. Some more detailed examples of using Evenote at work would be appreciated.

Moses26 January 2017

Excellent introduction, with a series of questions to acquaint the student of what they are looking for. This course has answered my question of "how to be better organised" and I searched for filing systems, cloud systems until I stumbled onto this course. In essence, it was the need that prompted the search, and as I grow more confident in using Evernote it will assist me as I prepare for my masters preparation.

Tony17 January 2017

Well laid out so far. Video and audio quality clear. Looking forward to the rest of the course. Even more impressed after completing the course. I am in love with tags and stacks and feel I have the tools to be more organized and thus, less stressed. This was a very useful and worthwhile course to take and would highly recommend it. I am amending my rating because the video said there was a valuable resource showing advanced search features included but I see that it is not. I will reach out to the instructor on this.

Dacia7 January 2017

This course has just improved my life and made the task of organizing so much easier. Thank you for introducing Evernote to me. The instructor has a pleasant voice that kept me engaged.

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