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Negotiate Salary: Increase/Double Your Pay In 3-12 Months!

Negotiate Salaries - Use simple strategies to negotiate and increase or double your salary in the next 3-12 months!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Negotiate and increase your salary

Increase your value in the market place

Spot real opportunities

Become a valued employee

Identify those you need to help you along the way Keys to successful negotiation

Understand why you need to negotiate everything

Use the 3 questions that will ensure your success

Know role your boss plays in your career and income level

Navigate around bureaucracy

You will become the “Go To” person

You will be able to do more than expected without breaking your back!


Updated: March 2015

Start on the path to increase your salary from today. Join those I have taught who have achieved results just by applying these “Everyone Can" simple techniques.

Please – if you are looking for some instant double your income, get rich quick scheme then this is not the course for you. You will need to put into action the methods taught in this course over a short period of time and then you will get the results you want to experience.

Depending on what stage you are; you can start experience an increase in your income in the next 3 months


About this course:

  • Unlimited questions & guidance from me
  • Full, free lifetime access
  • Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – my promise of your success
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How I used these techniques to increased my income from $15,000 - $100,000 in 18 months when I was in employment!

Other people have used the same strategies too and got excellent results

Just by hearing what is shared you will be persuaded on the results you can generate!

Today, you can start using these methods. Your initial goal may be to generate just 10-20% increase in your current pay. As you apply the techniques you will see yourself surpass that.

I can confidently tell you that most people in the workplace are not applying these strategies that will put you above the rest, cut your learning curve and move you forward.

Why do you want to keep earning less than you deserve?

Come Along & You'll learn

  1. How your original salary was set
  2. The 3 most important goals to have whilst in employment
  3. How to earn what you deserve
  4. What you need to do consistently to increase your value
  5. Why you need to improve for the sake of your business
  6. Those you need to help you along the way
  7. Keys to successful negotiation
  8. Why you need to negotiate everything
  9. Why you need to ask the 3 questions that will ensure your success
  10. The role your boss plays in your career and income level
  11. How to navigate around bureaucracy
  12. Why you need to be the “Go To" person
  13. How to do more than expected without breaking your back .. and much, much more!

So, you've read this far! Thank you.

One final very important point.

I have spent a lot of time in the course giving you some foundational information that are crucial to the whole system, please do not skip them

You can simply start working the action plans laid out in this course and instinctive realize – “Yes I Can Earn More". It will no longer be a dream but a reality!

Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you money you should be earning ...

Boomy Tokan


Negotiate Salary: Increase/Double Your Pay In 3-12 Months!
Negotiate Salary: Increase/Double Your Pay In 3-12 Months!
Negotiate Salary: Increase/Double Your Pay In 3-12 Months!
Negotiate Salary: Increase/Double Your Pay In 3-12 Months!


Why I Created This Course

Reasons Why I Recorded This Course

An Important Announcement

Course Introduction

Who Needs This Course

The Foundation

Achieving The Basics

Everything Is Negotiable

How Salaries Are Set!

Any Questions?

The 3 Primary Objectives

Your Unique Opportunity

What You Need To Do To Increase Your Value

Double Your Productivity - The Secret Of How To Do More Than Is Expected

Conduct A Monthly Evaluation

Your Job Is To Please Your Boss!

Think 5 Years Ahead

Solve Big Problems

Get A Mentor

How To Find A Mentor

Any Questions?

The Process Of Negotiating Your Salary

Recognizing The Signals To Ask For More Money

Prompt An Evaluation

The 3 Stage Process

Any Questions?


What Next?


The 80/20 Rule

Bonus Lecture!

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Max13 May 2018

Best insights of corporate world and general focus what really matters. This is great training modules for any individual seeking a career growth.

Ahmed19 February 2017

Absolutely not worth the time and money (if you paid for it, I got it for free). Half of the time is a total "beating around the bush". No concrete strategies or techniques were told, just mentioning some "No brainers" like "get to work on time".

Sergey4 January 2017

first 2/3 is trivial. Most of this content is covered by BambooHR system. The situation where pay rise request may be declined is not covered.

Corina17 November 2016

I can just listen to the course without the need to watch, and i'm still getting value and learning. Plus the subject really interests me right now.

Jeremi12 July 2016

I've been taught about the process of negotiating my salary and the preparation at work before I come into negotiating for better pay. I will put it into practice and hopefully I will double my increment in the next 3-6 months.

Paul27 June 2016

This course is a good insight into how to prepare yourself and get yourself into a position to negotiate your salary. It is like anything, practice. However the course lays down good guidelines on what to consider and how to implement.

Steven4 June 2016

Lot's of good advise both in working well as an employee, and what is needed to truly be WORTHY of an increase in wages. Also how to truly become someone who can and deserve an increase. Solid information.

Veera1 June 2016

This undoubtedly a superb course. Great insights are shared. Put them into practice and you will be successful. Thanks a lot for making this course.

Ken20 September 2015

Great guide with no-frills materials to point us to the right direction in getting raises. Have to implement the steps to really see the results.

Amarilys23 August 2015

I loved how you mentioned getting a mentor/coach and tips on how to seek one. That is something I am going to work towards. Great tips. I am a bit nervous to ask for a raise but I will take action and do so! Thank you!

Mohammed27 June 2015

This course was quite informative. I have learned some techniques & tactics that I'm going to use in the future.

Renato20 June 2015

At first I found funny the way you were talking Boomy :) By the way, the contents are clear and organised, so the course gives ideas about how to do a better job. I personally think that an improvement can be made adding something about how to let your boss face your actions and your improvements because not all the businesses are ruled by numbers or percentages. Thank you anyway, I loved it!

Roman1 June 2015

This course definitely got me on the right track in my job and I changed my habit. I can recognize that my bosses appreciate my improved attitude a lot.

Supinpan26 February 2015

I love this course because Boomy make it short / direct / easy to understand and really get to the core of how to raise your income. Recommend to buy it and you won't be disappointed!!

Paula22 February 2015

I found this program to be extremely helpful as well as thought provoking! A few of the key points the instructor mentioned are as follows: everything is negotiable (even if you can't negotiate your salary, perhaps you can negotiate a schedule which is more compatible with your lifestyle), do more than what is expected, become more valuable to your company/organization by solving small problems and/or asking, "What can I do to help?", as well as, conduct a personal monthly assessment rather than waiting for an annual review (because by then it's too late to effect a change). Also, I encountered a sound quality issue with one of the lectures which the instructor promptly corrected. Another positive I found to this program is that the individual lectures are delivered in little "bite sized pieces" (all under ten minutes), so that you can easily listen to a lesson and thus assimilate the instructor's suggestions even when you only have limited time to do so. I plan on using the info from this program to negotiate a higher than "average" raise 6 months from now, as my recent 6 month "probationary" eval serves as an example of what my boss is looking for in terms of an exceptional employee, as made much more obvious to me after reviewing this particular course. Thanks Boomy for creating this outstanding program!


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