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Practical MySQL for Data Analysis

Go hands-on with MySQL and boost your data analysis career.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Why SQL is important for Data Analysis

How to analyse data with SQL

Which are the most common SQL queries and how to use them for data analysis

Understand the logic between relational databases

The MySQL queries that will solve 80% of your tasks


The human race is now generating more data than all of our history combined. Now more than ever, being able to analyze data quickly is a must-have skill.

And with all the different ways of analyzing data, it's not easy to know where to get started.

How do you start analyzing data without having to invest years in mastering a programming language?

Welcome to the Practical MySQL for Data Analysis.

Here, you'll be not only grasp the ins and outs of MySQL, but also truly understand all the queries that will solve the 80% of all your data analysis problems.

You'll learn not only the logic behind SQL languages and MySQL, but also the most common queries you'll find in any data analysis job.

What's more, each video is broken down into tasks to help reinforce your learning and after the videos there are additional lectures into which you can dive!

So, you'll go through all the fundamentals of what's known as one of the easiest data science programming languages you can learn and exit the course being able to hold your own in the data analysis field.

Are you ready to jump into the data analysis field and hit the ground running?

See you in the classroom!


Practical MySQL for Data Analysis
Practical MySQL for Data Analysis
Practical MySQL for Data Analysis
Practical MySQL for Data Analysis


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Course Overview



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Topic Introduction

Why use SQL for Data Analysis

Why MySQL for Data Analysis

How easy it is to use MySQL

Our projects for this course

SQL Logic

Relational vs. Non-relational Databases

Learn more about RDBS vs NRDBS

Database Management Systems

MySQL for Data Analysis

Installing MySQL on Windows

Installing MySQL on macOS

Getting started with MySQL

Importing a Database

Creating Tables

Read more about creating tables!

Inserting data into tables

Data types in MySQL

Read more about Data Types!

Breaking down the SELECT statement

Get to know the Select statement well

Altering tables

Primary and Foreign Keys

Connecting tables

Breaking down the WHERE clause

Read more about the WHERE clause!

Using the ORDER command

Logical operators

Read more about logical operators!



Learn your LIMIT

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Savio18 August 2021

Brief, robust, but there were unnecessary explanations in my opinion. The second to last part was a duplicate from the one before.

Utkrist12 June 2021

amazingly explained course. all the concepts are so nicely explained and with hands on coding makes it easy to understand.

Belen31 May 2021

Pasaron 8 clases, sin explicar absolutamente nada de su utilización! No creo que muchos de los asistentes al curso, quieran saber la historia o bien por qué se dice: "cuán fácil es su uso". Por ahora un verdadero fiasco.

Davi30 May 2021

Its good for remembering the lessons from college. Its a basic course, but if you are starting now, it may be a little difficult because it's a very fast course.

Fakhre30 May 2021

I love the way of teaching of this guy it's wonderful. It's amazing you will enjoy during learning it's that much clearly explained.


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