Myofascial release massage therapy for low back pain

Discover the power of myofascial release massage for patient's with low back pain

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Myofascial release massage therapy for low back pain
1.5 hours
Nov 2023
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What you will learn

Know the indications, contraindications and precautions

Understand how the fascia works

Learn the mechanisms involved in the creation of fascia restrictions

Learn the benefits of Myofascial Release

Learn how to perform Myofascial Release techniques for the muscles of the back.

Show proper body mechanics to prevent yourself from injuries while practicing Myofascial Release


  Myofascial release therapy is a massage technique that focuses on relieving pain in your myofascial tissues. These are the thick connective tissues that support your muscles. The fascia is a network of tissue that spreads throughout the entire body. It connects muscles, joints and bones. It also provides support to organs, helping to keep them in place.‌ The goal of myofascial therapy is to stretch and loosen the fascia so that it and other contiguous structures can move more freely, and the patient's motion is restored. There is an enormous piece of evidence supporting the efficacy of myofascial release which is included in the course.

  This particular course focuses on the lower back. At first, there is an explanation about indications, contraindications and precautions. Next, the anatomy and physiology of the fascia is cohesively presented. The second part is the demonstration of the videos. It will be demonstrated every single one myofascial release technique that can be applied on the lower back along with tips and clinical gems in narration. Specifically, the student will see the following techniques:

  • Effleurage

  • Lengthening

  • Twisting

  • Muscle spreading

  • Nook and Crannies

  • Sandwich

  • Rolling

  • Skin rolling

  In the end of this second part, there is an extra lecture with more high-end techniques to add to your treatment program. These would not fit to the aforementioned so it was decided to provide them in a separate lecture as a gift for those purchasing the course: diamond release for gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, quadratus lumborum and the iliopsoas!

It doesn't matter whether you have had massage training before or have no experience at all. Learn the secrets and proper body positioning for providing the best myofascial release to your clients/patients and take over your competition in this highly competitive industry!




The theory

What is fascia
Anatomy of the fascia
Anatomy of the fascia
About myofascial release
About myofascial release
Indications, contraindications and precautions
Which of the following is a contraindication?
Before applying the techniques
Langer lines

The techniques

When applying lengthening...
Muscle spreading
Nook and crannies
How deep?
Skin rolling
The gift




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November 15, 2022
A splendid course! It holistically covered every aspect on the subject and I cannot ask for anything more!
November 13, 2022
As a professional, this course helped both theoretically and practically. I've learnt a lot of things I didn't know and I would highly recommend it to newly-practicing therapists as well as more experienced ones.
October 6, 2022
Great background information with facts on Fascia and demonstrations for techniques. Would suit therapists already experimenting with Myofascial releases
June 19, 2022
Like the previous course that I've undertaken from this particular lecturer, I think it's very well organized, the information is finely presented, the videos with the demonstration of the techniques is unique and I honestly believe that this is a real value for money. No other course on myofascial release that I've attended enters so deeply in the "what I do, why I do it" part of the techniques. Good job!!!
June 16, 2022
This is a very well-organized course. The instructor makes a great effort to explain and show as much as possible in just 1,5 hours. Very well done from me!



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