Data Science


50 Must Know Concepts,Algorithms in Machine Learning

Introduction to 50 Must know Topics of Machine Learning,Data science. Understand machine Learning Syllabus.

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50 Must Know Concepts,Algorithms in Machine Learning


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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Combined 50 Modules,Techniques,Algorithms of Machine Learning.

Introduction to must know concepts in Machine Learning which will help you to prepare for interview

You will get an idea of complete syllabus in Machine Learning

Learn how to Learn Machine Learning.

Improve or refresh knowledge in machine learning


This course is designed to give you introduction to syllabus of machine learning. If you want to get started with machine learning then this course will help you. It helps you to get ready for an interview with 50 concepts covering varied range of topics. The course is intended not only for candidates with a full understanding of Machine Learning but also for recalling knowledge in data science.




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How to find optimal parameters using GridSearchCV

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Machine Learning Concepts

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Part-2 Machine Learning Concepts

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Part-6 Machine Learning Concepts

Part-7 Machine Learning Concepts


Itikela16 July 2021

Its very good. By this course I got an idea like what and all should be covered for ML. Thanks for the course. :)

Katarina11 February 2021

This course is not for beginners. Too many informations, no real usage. I recommend https://www.udemy.com/course/what-is-machine-learning/

Srihari17 December 2020

It would have been great if the content majorly focus on high level details rather than simply reading out the techniques.

Alejandro1 July 2020

Techniques are treated too superficially. I would recommend a more extensive course with longer, albeit superficial, explanations of these techniques. Sincerely.

Harpreet6 May 2020

For me , as a begineer to ML, these concepts seems more advanced level and why do we have the resources in this course, what is the use of them?

Narmatha29 April 2020

this course was very useful and informative to gain knowledge about 50 must know concepts and algorithms in machine learning

Adrian27 April 2020

OK, So, this won't teach you how to do or use machine learning but it will give you a very good, brief introduction to the various techniques, methods employed in ML / AI and some of the Python modules used in AI. A very good introductory course to AI. I've no experience of any of these methods since I'm just starting out in AI, but feel I have a basic idea now of some of the methods the could be employed. I'm impressed by the depth of knowledge, shown by the instructor.

Jason27 November 2019

I learned so many things in this course, it's a really nice purchase. The only thing I miss was a better English pronunciation in some parts. If you think that you can learn all of this in only 40 minutes, you are wrong. I spent 3 days watching this course and searching for complementary information for each topic. I am satisfied. Now I know what topics I need to learn to enter this world.

Mohamed13 November 2019

good & quick interoduction to ML it would be better if you can abvaile the list of ML algorithims & Concepts as text within the resources

Vaibhav31 October 2019

This is very quick review of what all things we need to learn or have to know before considering our-self as data scientist. Very helpful and information, some of topics are missed with number ordering, overall this is very quick learning content for anyone.

Arvind29 October 2019

very good course, I have already learned machine learning 6months ago, But i have missed few topics, after watching this course I came to know what topics i have missed and what techniques i need to learn... Thanks


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