Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!

Discover the Secret Access Key to the Wisdom of the Body and Subconscious Mind: Applied Kinesiology for Better Choices

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What you will learn

Have a complete understanding of what Muscle Testing is

The importance of being grounded before you start

Four effective ways of muscle testing


Do you find that you make poor decisions?

Do you feel indecisive? Are you second guessing yourself?

Magical Muscle Testing via Applied Kinesiology. Listen to your body!

Your body does not lie. Unfortunately,we rarely listen to it. Our Egos are dominant to the point that our subconscious (your body) rebels. There is an old saying: "I have met the Enemy and it is I." Many times our poor results, our crises, our challenges in life come from decisions and actions we take and not some foreign, faceless enemy.

In this course, Joan Kaylor teaches you Not one, not two, not even three, but four powerful techniques to put you back in touch with your subconscious mind and making decisions congruent with your life purpose and a better life. 

Easy to do in seconds, these ancient, proven techniques will change your life... if you listen.

Stop making poor decisions. Register today!

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What is Applied Kinesiology
Why learn Muscle Testing?
The Importance of Being Grounded
Using the Pendulum
What is a "Yes" and What is a "No"
Using the Pendulum
Pendulum for Wealth
The Finger Pinch Method
Proper Use of Your Fingers
Find the Love of Your Life.
The Sway Method
Knowing Your Body
What is a “Yes”and What is a “No”
Swaying for Food and Nutrition
Taking off the “Training Wheels.”
Hearing "Yes" and Hearing "No"
Wrap Up
Next Steps
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18 March 2021
Interessante l’utilizzo dei diversi approcci al test kinesiologico. Un diverso punto di vista. L’insegnante è chiara e coinvolgente. Grazie
17 March 2021
I really liked the energy of this teacher - she was great! I had dabbled in muscle testing before so I didn't learn a TON of information but it was the perfect refresher to get me back into it. Its the PERFECT course for someone who is just starting to learn about muscle testing.
20 May 2018
Great info!!!! Lots of good tools to help make life easier. Love it I will def look into more of the courses!!!
12 May 2018
Joan comes across as very genuine and passionate about this subject (real intuition and wisdom). I would trust her as a person to turn to, an advisor. I enjoy her speaking style, seems very down to earth.
25 March 2018
This program offered a number of techniques, one of which was, maybe, "Applied Kenesiology". Pendulum work and feeling your "gut" is something else. The techniques demonstrated were very contrived, to show the answers the instructor wanted to show I used my pendulum, to ask if I should send this was a definite yes, my hand did not move at all. because it doesn't have to. I love getting my answers with my pendulum...I really wanted information on muscle testing,and kinesiology...that was not really done in this program. I have wasted my time with this program, for that I am sorry. I have learned that I must not buy, based on the title of the program, so it was not a complete waste of time and money.
21 March 2018
Very slow to really start. On lecture 7 and have not learned anything I did not already know. I am a patient person but not i.pressex so far.
13 March 2018
I had learned the arm technique prior to this course and improvised a self arm testing technique that works but is a bit challenging to do sometimes. The Finger/Thumb Method is a huge breakthrough and much more reliable than a pendulum. Joan's a Fantastic Instructor!
17 February 2018
Hey, i really liked Joan, I thought she was very informative and funny. I loved her enthusiasm. I was able to pause the video and practice the exercises, which did work, I was shown my definite Yes and No signs. It was quick and easy to learn. I will absolutely practic this in my daily decisions in life. Thank you very much, Great stuff.
3 December 2017
Lectures have been very interesting and explained in easy to understand language. This course was exactly what I had been looking for. Penny
19 September 2017
This course was very easy to understand for someone with no experience. I'm glad I chose to try it, and I would recommend it to others. I will also be trying some of the other courses by this instructor.
8 September 2017
I loved it very much. It is very easy, simple tools, easy to practice and remember. Very well explained.
4 September 2017
I can't wait to incorporate this technique daily that I have learned from Joan Kaylor! This course is fabulous & fascinating; everyone in the world needs to take this class with her. I wish I would have known of Joan's work years ago and taken this course before making some of my life's decisions. It would have saved lots of heartache. Joan will forever be my point of contact to confirm any of my future decisions.
7 August 2017
Beginner's level of kinesiology, however thorough survey of basic muscle testing and good real life examples. Nice touch with possibility of 15 min one-to-one.
31 July 2017
Some information I was aware of, but loved the natural way instructor teaches and the detail she gives and her depth of knowledge of the subject. Looking forward to the rest of the course:)
11 July 2017
extremely interesting and beneficial to my health...looking forward to learning more from her. Many thanks Nancy


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