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Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!

Discover the Secret Access Key to the Wisdom of the Body and Subconscious Mind: Applied Kinesiology for Better Choices

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Jun 2019

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What you will learn

Have a complete understanding of what Muscle Testing is

The importance of being grounded before you start

Four effective ways of muscle testing


Do you find that you make poor decisions?

Do you feel indecisive? Are you second guessing yourself?

Magical Muscle Testing via Applied Kinesiology. Listen to your body!

Your body does not lie. Unfortunately,we rarely listen to it. Our Egos are dominant to the point that our subconscious (your body) rebels. There is an old saying: "I have met the Enemy and it is I." Many times our poor results, our crises, our challenges in life come from decisions and actions we take and not some foreign, faceless enemy.

In this course, Joan Kaylor teaches you Not one, not two, not even three, but four powerful techniques to put you back in touch with your subconscious mind and making decisions congruent with your life purpose and a better life. 

Easy to do in seconds, these ancient, proven techniques will change your life... if you listen.

Stop making poor decisions. Register today!


Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!
Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!
Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!
Applied Kinesiology for Successful Marriages, Joy & Wealth!




What is Applied Kinesiology

Why learn Muscle Testing?

The Importance of Being Grounded

Using the Pendulum



What is a "Yes" and What is a "No"

Using the Pendulum

Pendulum for Wealth


The Finger Pinch Method

Proper Use of Your Fingers

Find the Love of Your Life.


The Sway Method


Knowing Your Body

What is a “Yes”and What is a “No”

Swaying for Food and Nutrition


Taking off the “Training Wheels.”



Hearing "Yes" and Hearing "No"

Wrap Up

Next Steps

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Paola27 June 2020

I'm in the healing field for kind of 35y. The presented method were already familiar to me, for that l have to congratulate for how clearly and powerfully were introdiced and explained. I did loved this course and JK style. Highly advised!

Skye24 April 2020

I enjoyed learning about the different ways to muscle test and how to apply them. I really do want to practice and make this part of my life from now on.

Lara18 April 2020

I have done muscle testing for a few years now when it comes to food, supplements, and my health, so I'm no novice to this. It's interesting how it took this course to make me see I can use it with different life decisions which I will be doing from now on. Hoping it will clear the path in the areas where I can make better decisions.

Inguna2 April 2020

Thank you. That is perfect begining in kinesiology... And Joan explained everything clear, in good tempo,... I felt - it comes from her heart. :)

Esoterica28 February 2020

I have been reading and watching a lot of videos on muscle testing but i really cant understand how to do it properly. I felt i wont learn it . I attended 2 workshops still not successful i thought. Now im so happy its so simple theres just a technique which no one explained it. Its the grounding and feeling free. Wow ! how can i ever thank you . I started trying to master this 8 yrs ago until i lost my interest. Madam you gave me a new life and inspiration. I already sent u a message on FB ,thank you also for your sincere concern for your students. Please help me , pls take me deeper to this .More power and God bless !

Jiri12 January 2020

I liked this course, it helped me to learn something else than economics and accountancy. However, I may need some more practice for these methods, for example the finger test shows me so far always a No.

Helen18 September 2019

I have been curious about kinetic exercise since hearing about it when I was in high school— tightening and releasing muscles. It seems like this applied kinesiology is similar. I am eager to learn more and start using it.

Helen27 August 2019

Joan explained the concepts and demonstrated clearly the methods that one can use in decision making. Found the last part of the course very helpful, as it taught how one could connect with their inner guidance system to make decisions that are in alignment with who you are and what is best for you. Thank you

Gina24 July 2019

Course was great--it was amazing learning the techniques and also seeing them work for myself. Wish there was elaboration on the 'arm' method as I would like to use AK on clients as well. Other than that, great into course!

Moni12 June 2019

so far it is a great match. Love her patient spirit and easy flow of explaining. I can feel that she is experienced.

Peter10 June 2019

The course is excellent very practical and full of valuable helpful information which can be life changing. Thank you Joan Kaylor Professor Dr Peter Harrison

Huey9 June 2019

So far I'm finding the course super fascinating and it's a great match for me. The teacher is very sweet, humble and enthusiastic. I can't wait to learn more.

Regula20 May 2019

These first few lectures definately could have been combined.. that was barely 1min each... with very minimal info..disappointed...to say the least

Sir10 May 2019

bloody guid easy understandable instruction tis a plesuir fir me this duncan scottish single dad o' 2 wee disabled lads which will help even me deal wi them an life circumstancial situations an even wee bit o' maladaptive behavioral issues an decisions o' life an tae help ithers i counsell wi while doan me reflexology and massage combination therapies.. ;-)

Aida4 May 2019

It's so so curious! A few days ago Just popped into my mind the idea about I really needed to learn Kinesiology. I think it's the perfect combo with my others skills and holistic therapist. I know about this technique because of my first chiropractor, I was just 9 years old and that was exactly 30 years ago. Well , this morning I was speaking by phone with my mum, and I told her about this, about I really wanted to learn how to use kinesiology and TaDam! Suddenly I've opened my Udemy courses and I didn't remenber I got this course a couple of months ago. Nothing is a coincidence. Just came in the right moment. It's amazing how all the techniques work , truly work, believe me, hahaha and so excited and happy! So 100% recommended. Thank you so much for this awesome course


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