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MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366

Stand out from the crowd, learn the fundamentals networking. Pass our online exam and get an awesome certificate!

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

understand network topologies

set up a small office router or switch

understand VPN concepts

configure basic wireless settings

apply security concepts

explain how firewalls work

understand the OSI model

do basic subnetting

perform simple troubleshooting tasks

your own unique certificate of completion if you pass our online exam!


Did you know, that more than 85% of IT support roles require a good foundation of networking concepts?

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended entry point into IT certification. Pass just one exam and you’ll earn a certification

What's more - pass the exam prepared by us and we will issue an awesome digital certificate of completion for you!

The main benefit to earning a Microsoft Certification is that it shows potential employers/hiring managers that you have the necessary requirements and skills to be the perfect candidate for the job.

In this course you will learn all you need to know to pass the exam and apply your skills in the real world scenarios.

  • Overview of network topologies and concepts
  • Routers and switches
  • Wireless and access points
  • Security, including firewalls and UTM
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Network protocols and services
  • Basic subnetting
  • Real world examples
  • Remote support
  • Quizzes to help you pass the exam

The course is perfect for anyone who seeks to learn the fundamental of networking. Join now!

Contents and Overview

In over 5 hours of content including more than 30 lectures, this course covers the basics of networking. Each chapter closes with a quiz to make sure you can practice exam questions and test your knowledge before moving to the next section.

We start by discussing LAN and WAN topologies, including Virtual Private Networks and security.

There is a section dedicated to network hardware, we talk about routers, switches, access points and firewalls - real network devices in action.

Basic subnetting lectures will allow students to understand IP addresses very well and move to more advanced topics without any problems.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create a network diagram and explain basic networking concepts without any problems. Thanks to some troubleshooting tools and tips it will be easier to apply the skills in real world situations.

Stand out from the crowd, learn the fundamentals networking and pass the MTA exam.


MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366
MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366
MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366
MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366




Will I really get a certificate?

What is MTA all about? Is it worth it?

Understanding Network Infrastructures

What to expect in this section

What is a computer network?

Internet, Intranet, and Extranet

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Local Area Networks

Local Area Networks - part 2

Overview of Wide Area Networks

Let's talk about Wireless and wireless security

Network Topologies

Basic tools and commands that you need

Let's summarize this section

Quiz - Network Infrastructures

Understanding Network Hardware

What to expect in this section

Why do we need switches in our networks?

What is a VLAN?

Routers in our networks. Routing protocols

How to set up a router at home

Access Points and wireless security

UTM devices and network security

Firewall rules - example

Media Types. Cables.

Let’s check a real rack!

How to buy a firewall? E-book

Let's summarize this section

Quiz - Network Hardware

Understanding Protocols and Services

What to expect in this section

The OSI Model part 1

The OSI Model part 2

Let’s talk about IPv4 addresses

Subnetting in action! Let's learn some basics

Subnetting - more examples and questions

Subnetting - all you need to know + examples

Quiz - Subnetting

Let’s talk about IPv6 - the next generation IP address

Names Resolution. DNS concepts

Networking Services, DHCP and IPSEC

TCP/IP discussion and concepts

Let's summarize this section

Quiz - Protocols and Services

Bonus videos

Tips for Your Exam

Cheat Sheets: Network Devices and Connectivity

NEW: Cisco Networking Cheat sheets

Windows Server 2016

Bonus: What to learn next?

It's time to say good bye

A review of a business class access point

Remote Support Tools

Create a network with Windows Server 2008/2012

Wireless Security

Learn more about Virtual Private Networks and encryption


Christopher8 July 2020

Despite having an accent, you will understand what information he's trying to pass across. Nevertheless, you will have to go study some other material for in-depth information if you didn't have prior knowledge of some networking concepts.

Larhubarbe14 May 2020

The course is beyond what i expected. The instructor is very knowledgeable and knows how to break things down for people who don`t know anything like me.

Leszek18 April 2020

Very knowledgeable instructor. He very good English and touch topic networking, subnetting and many others, like RADIUS Windows, as bonus Video, step by step. Thanks.

Zane13 April 2020

It is good, sometimes a bit too simplistic. He did make subnetting extremely easy to understand, which is a huge plus. Only negative, sometimes when the instructor does something to a slide it gets fuzzy for awhile, out of focus.

Cody18 March 2020

Very knowledgable instructor. I had zero knowledge before taking this course, but now I feel I know enough to attempt a test.

Mat23 January 2020

Drawing out points and not keeping the lesson constructed whilst speaking is a downfall to this course. There are often points of tangent that do not benefit the student at the time. Other than that all the information is here it just needs to be sifted through in order to find. At no fault to the instructor the accent is a bit hard to follow at times.

Bret9 January 2020

The information is OK, but initially I thought the presentation was pretty awful. As I got used to the presenter and the information got a little more meaningful I was less bothered by the presentation.

Jason3 January 2020

Really enjoying the information given, tutor is going a little more in-depth to specific areas where needed but reeling it back in to stop users getting lost. Very informative and easy to follow so far.

Stephen19 October 2019

The instructor is very easy to follow and I’m able to absorb everything he is talking about effortlessly.

Scott9 July 2019

Overall the course was delivered in an engaging way, with good, solid information, and sound explanations regarding protocols etc. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a solid foundation on Networking concepts and principles

Clay5 June 2019

It was great I love his videos and I'm in school and getting ready to take my exam in 2 weeks hope to past it.

Jordan4 April 2019

I've really enjoyed your lectures and learnt a lot from listening in. Your explanations are easy to follow and entertaining! Thank you

Adewale21 December 2018

The lecture sessions are very detailed. You can rarely have the sessions explained out there as here!

Paul18 December 2018

This course is a great resource for working to obtain your 98-366 certification although it is not a one stop shop for all information that the exam will cover. I suggest that you use this course as well as at least one other resource to prepare for the exam.

Fabio17 December 2018

This has covered everything I am covering in class for my MTA + made it easier to understand and simplified things with real-world examples like for example comparing the OSI Network Layer to a driver taking a car and its passengers to a destination


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