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Making music with AKAI's MPK Mini & MPD 218 Controllers

Are you looking for a way to create music for your Instagram, Podcast or YouTube videos?

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

I will share my learning journey of how to create music with MPC beats that you can use for your videos


I'd like to share my learning journey of using Akai's MPK Mini & MPD 218 to create music!

  • Here are some questions you might have...

    • What software can I use to get started on my music making journey?

    • How do I play music on my laptop or desktop?

    • How do I access music to play?

    • How do I use the software to create music?

    • How do I load music in the software?

    • You can record a video using a screencast tool like OBS and then how do I add music to it so that I can upload it to Instagram, Youtube or to a Podcast?

    • How do I record a podcast?

    • How do I record and add some music elements to it like drums, flutes, violins, and guitars?

    • How can I get access to professional musical instruments and music samples created by others who know what they are doing?

    • How do I edit the recordings I make and how do I adjust the volume?

    • How do I use the midi-controller that I purchased?

    • Where do I go to get help when I am stuck when creating music?

    • What is LoopCloud Music and does it help us get access to nice music samples that we can use?


Making music with AKAI's MPK Mini & MPD 218 Controllers
Making music with AKAI's MPK Mini & MPD 218 Controllers
Making music with AKAI's MPK Mini & MPD 218 Controllers
Making music with AKAI's MPK Mini & MPD 218 Controllers


Welcome to MPC Beats


Program pads, virtual instrument, load samples, program knobs, chopping samples

Samples overlap & hold, loopcloud for samples, sampling from youtube & exporting

Oneimage video, starting the track, add drums & creating an intro & podcasting

Programming the q-link knobs (toggle & momentary), drum kits and looper function

Song mode, virtual instrument knobs, harmonize & creating background music

Creating a beat process I am using for IGTV Videos

Creating a multi-instrument, adjust volume, auto-sampling and put audio to pads


Ralf6 July 2021

Mixtrure of voice and sound makes it difficult to understand. Explanations are not very good. No clear learning path.

Gurvinder11 June 2021

Incomplete knowledge You can't hear the lessons because music at background is equally high to the tutors vocal.


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