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Move from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online

Easy steps to switch and upgrade your bookkeeping software

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

They'll be able to take their Quickbooks Desktop data and convert it to use on the platform: Quickbooks Online.


We've seen the push that Quickbooks has been doing - to encourage it's users to move from Quickbooks (the desktop version) to Quickbooks Online (QBO), but how easy is it? Very! And that's what this course will show you how to do. Follow expert instructor and author of Quickbooks Online: The Handbook, Lisa Newton in this specially created course, so that you too, can take your data from Quickbooks desktop (any version) and move it across and over onto Quickbooks Online.

We'll show you two methods.

Your tutor has been working with Quickbooks since 2003 and has been many changes during this time. Initially, QBO wasn't as user-friendly as the desktop, and there were several things that it couldn't do. As time and investment has gone by, it's quite clear that Intuit are taking their online software very seriously, and they're starting to stop the support for older versions of the desktop version. There is a push to get all of their users onto the online version of the software. Once upon a time, this was a complicated, long winded, time consuming and expensive process - not any more!

This course will show you how to jump from Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online. We take it step by step, and show you how to make sure that the data is correct, how to deal with recurring transactions, how to make sure that the opening balances match, and how to connect your bank to the software, how to connect your credit cards to the software, how to reconcile the accounts on the online system and to move forward.

We look at the benefits of the online version, and why you may want to move, and how automation in the online version can save you a lot of time. We take real life examples - and move the accounts over. There are massive benefits to going online. In our case studies example the bookkeeping (which used to take a couple of hours), now takes maybe 5-10 mins per week! (if that)! There is no longer a backlog, and the accounting information is virtually in real time.

This course is for bookkeepers and accountants who are thinking of helping their clients to switch over from the desktop to online. It's for business owners who would like to move their desktop to online, but don't want to spend hundreds of pounds getting someone else to do it, when they could easily do it themselves.

It's never been easier to make the switch. We will consider the pro's and cons of using both systems and we'll look at how you can do this for yourself. Remember, the desktop data doesn't get deleted, so if you really don't like the online version, you can always go back to the desktop - no problem. However, as someone who has switched over many businesses... I can virtually guarantee that once you see how easy, and automated your QBO system is, you'll wish you had have done it sooner.

As a bonus, we'll throw in an app or two, that's worth looking at, that can help you to automate your processes even further!

To your success!


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Move from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online
Move from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online
Move from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online
Move from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online



Overview of the course

The difference between 2006 and 2018 Quickbooks

How to take the course

About your tutor

Online vs Desktop systems Pros and Cons

Example Company 1 - Megzina (internal transfer)

Log into Quickbooks Online to create your account

Step 1: Open Quickbooks Desktop and download updates

Step 2: Restore the back-up file

Step 3: Export the Data file to QBO

Step 4: Open Quickbooks Online after the transfer

Importing a CSV file

Checking re-occurring transactions

Connecting the bank

Connecting credit cards

Reconciling the credit card

Reconciling the credit card to 20 July

Opening bank balance matches the bank statement - step 1

Opening bank balance - upload the CSV file - step 2

Adding the bank via CSV - (going back 60 days +)

Adding bank rules

Starting the bank with the correct opening balance figure

Forex - Opening balance calculation

Uploading a foreign currency using a CSV bank file

Direct Bank Feed - now connected

Reconcile the bank after DF connected

Example company 2 - Booglez (external transfer)

Open company file in QBO 2019

Create QBO company

Move my books

MMB - Destination

MMB - completed

Identify the discrepancy

Trial Balance as at 31 March (year end)

Matching the Chart of Accounts (COA)

Creating New Settings in QBO

Memorised Transactions


Company Settings

Connect the bank

Connecting the Credit Card

Connecting Paypal

Creating bank rules

Paypal Bank Rules

Creating a bank rule for Aviva

Creating a bank rule for MS Society

Starting Again

Purging Data and starting again

Handy Apps

Connecting to QBO

App - RB demo with a credit card

App - RB demo - pubisihing a bill into QBO

App - RB demo - matching bill already paid from bank ex1

App - RB demo - matching bill already paid from bank - ex 2 UW

Useful things QBO can do

Uploading and saving customer record files


Conclusion and Next Steps


Stephanie10 January 2021

This was a disappointing course. The instructor obviously has not proofread the course, I could hear her cell phone ring, the recording included her looking up a phone number, etc. She was not prepared to record the lessons and had to look for information to enter while we waited. She had not reviewed the info and double checked what she was going to train on before recording. Sadly, I was able to learn more from a half hour intuit free webinar on what to expect when converting from QBD to QBO. This course did not add value to the exercise of converting to QBO, there were however, other areas that were helpful. Bank feeds, receipt bank app, entering data into QBO and the set up. It did not deliver on the topic of moving from QB Desktop to QB Online.


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