How to Set Powerful Intentions and Clear Goals

Discover How You Can Achieve Your Dreams and Purpose Easier and Faster Than You THought Possible

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How to Set Powerful Intentions and Clear Goals


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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Set Powerful Intentions

Make Clear Goals


Where Are You Going? Are you living your life on autopilot or do you want to set the intention and goal to where you want to go?

If you listened to the first course we taught you in how to create and maintain a positive vibration. I took so much time to train you on how to do this because you absolutely MUST be in your happy place before you even think about setting an intention or creating goals.

If you started a journey with no directions and only a vague idea of where you wanted to get to… You’d probably wander around aimlessly… Think about the time wasted, the frustration… Imagine how much LONGER it would take you to reach your destination if your weren’t even sure where you were going… Yet this is how many of us live our lives… And it’s just not worth it!

Just the same as let’s say you have an appointment on the other side of town, at a location you’d never been to before… And you get into your car without any directions on how to get there… What are the chances that you’d arrive at your destination on time, if at all? Pretty much zero, right?

What’s the solution to living life on auto-pilot without any goals?

Before you do anything else, pinpoint the things about your life that you already know you want to change. Yet even if you know what you want to do, getting there without any directions is needlessly hard.

Without a plan, you’ll most likely spend so much precious time wandering through life… not feeling happy or fulfilled… and really truly wanting something different…. but not knowing how to make that happen. Don’t worry, today we’ll get clear on what you really want, and then comes the exciting part. Yep, then we’ll develop your whole strategy, together.

You should act on your feelings of love, hope, and faith to take this course now if you want to learn valuable skills to use in your own life and start achieving your goals and purpose!




Introduce Yourself

Objectives of This Course

Where Are You Going?

Maintaining a Positive Vibration

So why do we need to even set intentions and goals?

What’s the point of living life on auto-pilot without any goals?

[Activity] Choosing a Specific Area To Work On


Map Quiz

Setting a Clear Intention

How will an Intention Help Me?

What is an Intention?

Set Your Intention BEFORE You Ever Set Any Goals for Yourself

[Activity] Set an Intention


Intention Quiz

Creating Clear Goals

So what’s the real difference between an intention and a goal?

How Do I Set a Goal?

[Activity] Set Your Goal For Today

Goal Quiz

Create Powerful Affirmations


How to Write your Affirmation

[Activity] Write Affirmations


Affirmations Quiz

Choose Specific Actions

Why Take Action?

[Activity] Select a Specific Action for Today

Action Quiz

Putting It Altogether

Putting It Altogether


Final Quiz


Next Steps

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Michael19 February 2016

Goal setting is one of the most important skill sets I've ever learned. Thanks for a First Rate refresher,

Charlotte3 January 2016

The course is broken down into chapters easy to digest, it is engaging and informative and easy to apply to your life

Camille2 January 2016

Although I received this class for free I wanted to get excited about it. However this was way to simple and nothing that I couldn't get for free over youtube or in a business blog or podcast. I would have like to see more real activities or examples. Just telling people to get to their "happy place" is not enough when one can sometimes not be able to break through the blocks. Maybe more information on real world tools on how to get through the obstacles that keep us from our happy place.

Nancy2 January 2016

This course shares helpful information for anyone who is trying to figure out how they can manifest more positive into their lives. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your health, self or wealth, Louise Armstrong is here to get you started!


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