Motivation for self & others-unleash your inner power

Self determination- make a mind-shift- break through obstacles that are holding you back, unlock YOU

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May 2021

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Self Motivation, developing inner strength to overcome adversity and be positive to move ahead in life


Course Introduction: Often in life... we drift off from our goals, we let life take the course for us...we lose control of the steering wheel. This loss of control makes us sad and subject to feelings of dejection, self rebuke, inadequacy, and hopelessness. Basically what is typically called "low levels of Motivation". We become like machines that have controls elsewhere-in someone else or in something else. You start to stagnate and just like water develops a stench when it stagnates, we too lose our charisma and passion.

Are you looking at some eternal factors or events in your life to drive your motivation levels? Don't do that...because that is a wrong association. No one or nothing can drive your motivation levels, because the power to stay motivated lies within you. If you continue to look at external sources you will experience sadness and end up feeling inadequate. Most people have reasonably high motivation levels but have the tough task of dealing with partners, colleagues, friends, teammates, or team members with extremely low motivation levels. People who lack zeal, enthusiasm and are very pessimistic and low on energy.

Audience: This course is recommended for everyone, especially for people who need to enhance their motivation levels, to make motivation a habit, a way of life, and want to derive unlimited benefit in life. Mostly also for people who lead teams, who need to motivate people in their environment and help people change their lives for the better.

Course Description: This course is designed to help you check your inner motivation levels, it equips you with the psyche of motivation, the theories of motivation teaches you to understand the drivers of motivation and empowers you to not only motivate yourself, but also motivate people, teams, and everyone who comes in contact with you or in your environment.

You must have met a lot of people in your life who despite life's challenges display and project positive vitality, inner power, renewed determination each day. They are basically happy, vibrant, jovial people and spend their life making themselves stronger.

Key takeaways: This course will help you to unleash your hidden innate potential and becomes a happy person. It will help you inculcate new habits and change old patterns, it teaches you to set goals, build trackers and also achieve them. This course more than anything beckons you to LIVE YOUR LIFE TO YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL...

The course has 6 short sections, they offer quick and crisp learning of motivation for self and others. The motivation self-test is an insight into your own motivation levels, the case studies help you to derive inspiration from the lives of other people.

The course inspires you to form and change yourself to bring out the best in you... so...LET'S GET STARTED


Motivation for self & others-unleash your inner power
Motivation for self & others-unleash your inner power
Motivation for self & others-unleash your inner power
Motivation for self & others-unleash your inner power


Motivation- defined, theories, inspiration


Motivation- defined

Theories of Motivation- Hawthrone, Maslow, Herzberg, X&Y

Motivation Quiz

What's different in motivated vs demotivated people

Drivers of Motivation

Motivation- drivers

7 habits of highly Motivated people

How to Motivate self & others

Motivational success stories

20 easy tips to keep yourself motivated

How to successfully Motivate others personally & professionally?

SMART GOALS- goal setting & achievement tracker

SMART GOALS- goal setting & achievement tracker

Work Motivation QUIZ

Unleash your Inner power & potential

Have you learnt to tap into your inner power ?


Anisha28 May 2021

This course helped me analyse my internal lack of motivation and taught me to think afresh about my intrinsic motivation levels


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