Inspire, Perspire & Motivate: Leading Exceptional Teams

Rocket Fuel for Leading Exceptional Teams--Lessons from NASA What to DO & Stop DOing

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Nov 2017

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What you will learn

Motivate employees

Get people to invest emotionally in your projects

Influence people to do what you need them to do


In this course you will learn strategies to motivate your team and employees to achieve faster results and to want to perform at their best.

You will learn psychological and emotional strategies to get your team to buy into your greater vision and get behind you as their leader. When people get emotionally invested, they begin to naturally want to do great work, and perform at their best. That is great for you as their leader because you will inspire optimal  performance from your team members, which will make your project or business grow to its full potential.

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Inspire, Perspire & Motivate: Leading Exceptional Teams
Inspire, Perspire & Motivate: Leading Exceptional Teams
Inspire, Perspire & Motivate: Leading Exceptional Teams
Inspire, Perspire & Motivate: Leading Exceptional Teams


Course introduction

Course introduction

Instructor introduction

Leadership --What You Need To Know

Stop Broken Practices, Start Getting Results!

Leadership--What We Know About You


Emerging leaders for 21st century Leadership

Leadership Disciplines That Drive 90% of Performance Results

B.O.S.S. Leadership System

B - Bring Out The Best In People

O - Operating for Results

S - Solving Problems

S - Stakeholder Consultations

Measuring our Progress

Learning Leadership

Values -- Why knowing what we care adds $$ directly to the bottom line.

When to lead and when to manage

A.R.I.A. : What you need to know

Values Excersize

Identify Competing Values

Listen to Values List Activity

Fill in the Blanks

Rank Your Top 5 Core Values

Using emotional intelligence to connect with your employees and motivate them

Designing Your Roadmap: Rocket Fuel for Rapid Results

Introduction to the RRR Map

Planning Tool Overview Vision Statement

Desired Outcome

Current Reality

Keystone Results and Action Plans

Rapid Results Roadmap Review

RRR Map Strategic Plan

RRR Map Worksheet Steps

Vision Statement

Identify Leaders


Write Your Personal Vision Statement

Life's Big Question

Vision, Values, Voice: Aligning Power with Momentum

Nano Practices

Completing Leadership Vision Statement

Voice: Congruent Communications

NASA Space Program

Hubble Space Telescope: Blind Cyclops

Challenger Space Shuttle

A Beautiful Idea

Beautiful Lessons from the Hubble Telescope Project

The Challenger's Beast

You Cannot Solve a Problem

Personal and Corporate Leadership Failures as Fuel for Success

Fatal Flaws

Breaking Bad Behaviors

Learning from NASA's Failings

NASA: Lessons and Structure

Just in Time Learning

Build a Timeline In-the-Moment

Essentials to Creating Your Timeline

Closing the Loop of the Learning Review

Breaking Bad: Habits

Unrelenting Need to Win (At Everything, All The Time)

High Cost of Adding Your 2 Cents

The Information Scrooge

Believing Your Own Press

Engagement Killer

Toxic Shock, Anger that Feeds the Beast

Leadership is Listening

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Obsession and Final Questions

Validate, Verify, and Accountability Coaching

The Challenge of Feedback

Cognitive Dissonance

Insight for Continuous Improvement

Peer to Peer Accountability Partner

Self Accountability Questions

Holding Other People Accountable


Leadership and Motivation Strategies

Leadership and motivation strategies to lead your team in the best way

How to give employees feedback in a way that would help them improve

Strategies to influence people to manage relationships

Importance of having your employees fully trust in you

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