Motion Graphics Design in After Effects - Motion & Effects

Learn Motion Graphics Design well kept secrets to create top animation and complete full projects in After Effects CC

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Apr 2022
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What you will learn

Top Notch Motion Design Techniques to Advance your Animation Skills

How to Design, Develop and Improve Animations

How to use Visual Effects for Motion Design & Animations

How to Create Continuous Animation from a Single Graphic

How to Create Perpetual Motion

How to use Effects for Reveal Techniques

How to Create Continuously Animated Distortion

How To Use Effects to Create Synced Animated Backgrounds

How to create Portable Professional Transitions


Hi there,

Welcome to Motion Graphic Design in Adobe After Effects.

Most probably you’ve seen some awesome motion graphics and visual effects and you wondered how they create these animations.

In this course you will learn and apply well-kept secret techniques used by professional motion designers to create top notch and amazing animations.

I created this course for the beginners and intermediates in Motion Design in After Effects.

Even if you are an advanced After Effects user you could benefit a lot from this course.

In Fact, whatever your skills level, I promise you, the motion techniques within the course will raise your animations skills to much higher standards.

The concept of each animation technique is to progress to more advanced animation levels, but keeping it simple and easy, yet delivering outstanding motion.

At times we will use complex effects and you will be surprised how you will easily and swiftly achieve astounding effects.

Though the course is loaded with motion design techniques, tips and tricks and you will mainly learn:

  • How to design, develop and improve a motion

  • How to create perpetual motion - cosmic effects and more amazing effects.

  • How to create different continuous distortion

  • How to use effects for reveal techniques

  • How to create a continuous animation from a single graphic

  • How to use effects to create synced animated backgrounds

  • We will go through the best motion design for titles

  • How to create professional transitions

  • And much, much more…

Remember, you will get my premium support and I am always more than happy to help you out to venture into more advanced motion.

If you’re serious in starting an expanding your motion design skills, then you should enroll now. And let’s create some serious motion graphics.

Kp O.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great, this is my second course from louay, his teaching style is the best and gets you taking action right away with practical learning which is the best way to learn especially if you're new to after effects.

Thank you sir

Welcome and have fun


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Welcome to Motion Graphics Design

Your First Project: 3 Animated Scenes with Pro Transitions
Your Bonus Project: Animation Techniques and Systematic workflow

Continuous Distortion & Reveal Techniques

Scene One - What will be covered
Download the resources for the Halloween Project
Check if you Vector Graphics are well done
How to import Illustrator Vector files
Typical Overshoot animation - Part 1
Typical Overshoot animation - Part 2
Reveal technics with mask
How to break and animate a graphic
How to create a dynamic title
How to create a perpetual random animation

Perpetual Motion

How to create a perpetual distort animation
How to create a swing perpetual animation - Part 1
How to create a swing perpetual animation - Part 2
How to create a perpetual wave

Effects to change the video mood

How to add mood effects
How to add more mood effects
Tweaking the whole animation

Cosmic Turbulence, Motion Design Techniques & Replication Workflow

Scene Two - What will be covered
As usual - bring in the graphics
How to create perpetual turbulent animation
How to create continuous distortion
How to identify and animate shapes from Vector Graphics
How to design and tweak a motion
How to replicate a motion
How to replicate group animation
Stick in the title

Effects Based Reveals, Displacements & Group Animations

Scene Three - What will be covered
Verifying and importing your Vector Graphics
How to add an effect based reveal
How to create smooth displacement effect
Group animation techniques and variations
How to create a fading in/out
How to create a forward - backward motion with flips
How to contain a motion within its visual limits
Sticking in the title
How to deal with tweaking and adjusting

Professional Transitions you can use on any cut in any project

Pro-Transitions - what is it about
How to create portable transitions
Tweaking and remapping
Create your video and upload - It's nice to share

Next Project: Animation Techniques and Systematic workflow

The Slideshow Project
Download the resources for this project - Offset-Slider
Motion with serious effects
How to create distorted motion
Color effects
How to create placeholders
How to animate for replication
How to add and link Text animation
How to create more slides
Your webstore animation
And finally - tweaking and more...

Another Bonus you would love

Bonus: Your next step



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