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Traders Money Management Course, Scale Up Reverse Martingale

Turbo Charge Your Trading Account by Scaling Up Trade using Reverse Martingale Without Take On Additional Risk

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Mar 2019

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What you will learn

A Unique Money Management Strategy to Grow Your Account

Martingale Strategy a way to disaster

Reverse Martingale - Your key to exponential growth


Money Management Course for All Trader

This is not your usual money management course.

It is not about risking 2%, 3%, 5% per trade. That is risk management and it is important but not the focus of this course

What this course is about

How to exponentially grow your account faster without taking too much risk

This is not a course that teach you a trading method. Rather it is a compliment if you already have a good working trading methodology and have a positive expectancy.

Your win rate of the trading system has to be at least 50% (higher will be better)

Your risk reward should ideally be 1 to 1. If you are risking 2 to make 1 and your system has better than 67% it will work as well.

Consider a scenario

Trading 1 contract for every $10,000

Mr Rich has $100,000 and is trading 10 contract. Assuming the trade win $1000 for each contract. Mr Rich now has $110,000 and is able to trade 11 contract

Mr Poor has $10,000 using the same system, he make $1000 on his first trade and his account is at $11,000, he still can only trade 1 contract because his account will need to have $20,000 before he can trade 2 contract.

The course is focusing on how to make Mr Poor to speed up his growth so he can join Mr Rich faster without taking extra risk.

Learn about Martingale and Reverse Martingale (focus of the course)

Martingale system is a popular betting strategy in gambling and forex when you keep doubling up your losses until you win. Learn why it appeal to gambler and even thou it is a disaster way of going burst. Many trader and gambler are still using this strategy

Reverse Martingale is exactly the opposite of the Martingale strategy in which you double up after a Win. You are using your profit to double up your bet. But why isn't more trader using it? Learn it in this course

This Course is for you

If you already have a profitable system.

You want to grow your capital

This money management strategy will work in a casino too

Still interest? Then .... ....

Enroll Now and join me in this journey


Traders Money Management Course, Scale Up Reverse Martingale
Traders Money Management Course, Scale Up Reverse Martingale
Traders Money Management Course, Scale Up Reverse Martingale
Traders Money Management Course, Scale Up Reverse Martingale



Promo Video

Money Management

Successful Trading, Risk and Money Management

Meeting Mr Rich and Mr Poor

Mr Bullish, Mr Bearish and Mr Market

Stop Loss and Profit Target

What is a Martingale Strategy

Martingale on Roulette Table

The Reverse Martingale

Postive and Negative Expectancy Trading System

What is a Cycle in Martingale and Reverse Martingale

Martingale or Reverse Martingale

Money Management - Your Key to Doubling your Account

The Unrealistic Trading System of 67 / 33 With a Risk Reward of 1 to 2

50% Win Rate with a 1 to 1 Risk to Reward System

The Complete Reverse Martingale Trading Plan

Bonus Section

High Win Rate - Risk 2 To Make 1

Improving the Accuracy of Your Trading System

Reducing Risk - Revise Version of Reverse Martingale

Never Be Afraid To Betting Big


William2 May 2021

The system presented is interesting but not as much as the teacher induce us to think. The final sum up of Reversed Martingale, the Revised one or the flat bet is the same with 50% chance of win and 1 to 1 risk/reward = zero. But anyway it has advantages: 1) it makes us to bet bigger when we are lucky. 2) It makes us be familiar with bigger bets earlier. 3) So because of these factors, I believe it indeed increases our account faster.

Brian15 October 2020

Very informative course about the way the Reverse Martingale staking method can accelerate your profits. Exact trading systems are not discussed, but the staking method is presented very clearly.

Demetrius19 June 2020

Course should have been: 1 slide to explain Martingale strategy 1 slide to demonstrate how it is risky 1 slide to show how it behaves with streaks of wins and losses Then same pattern with anti-Martingale strategy *Then* show modifications to anti-Martingale strategy improves it

Neeraj21 February 2020

If you have a trading system in which you can earn $100 for $100 invested, then this will help you. It is good for gambling, betting scenarios where you have 1:1 win lose ratio. Normally in stock trading, option trading if you invest $300 you don't get $300 profit which trainer gives in example. So, this methodology cannot be applied to stock trading, index trading, future or option trading. If you go to casino, then of course this strategy will work. The example of roulette wheel was presented through out the course and there was not one example how you can do that in trading because that is not possible. The content was quite repetitive and it was possible present the whole content in less than half an hour.


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