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Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6.

A complete guide for beginners to learn the essential topics of ES6 which are required to learn React JS

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Modern JavaScript for React JS - ES6.


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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Learn the basic concepts of modern javascript - ES6

Learn variable creation using 'let' and 'const' keywords and their scope

Learn where to use 'rest' and 'spread' operators

Learn what id destructuring

Lean functional programming in ES6 using map,filter,reduce,find, etc functions

Learn in detail about 'callbacks' and 'promises' along with chaining promises


Are you looking to extend your knowledge in Javascript programming by learning the concepts of modern javascript - ES6?
If you want to start your journey to become a React or Angular developer, then this is the perfect course for you.

What's this course about?
This course is specifically designed for those who want to get a quick start with Modern Javascript, especially ES6 concepts. It covers all the basic concepts of ES6: how the javascript has evolved, how to use its latest features that come under ES6 topics, what is babel, and how it is used to compile the ES6 code to make it browser compatible. You will get all the behind the scenes of how the ES6 works in the introduction part of the course.

More details, please!
modern javascript programming is becoming an essential part of the web development industry, as most companies are shifting towards using various popular web frameworks like Angular JS, Vue JS, or React JS. The demand for Developers with knowledge of ES6 is also on the rise. This course will help you get all the essential knowledge from the get-go and you will be a master in the concepts of ES6 by the end of this course.

In this course, we have covered :

  • All the basic to advanced concepts of ES6 right from variable declaration using 'let' and 'const' keywords, what is the difference between them and where to use them to the advanced topics like how to make asynchronous requests to servers using async-await and how to use promises to handle the requests more efficiently

  • What are arrow functions and how to use them

  • All about functional programming with the help of functions like map, reduce, filter, etc.

  • How to deep clone the objects with help of rest and spread operators and also about the scenarios of where and how we should use them most effectively

By the end of this course, you will be ready to learn any latest web framework like React JS, Angular JS, or Vue JS.

Who's teaching you in this course?

I am a Computer Science graduate highly rated instructor with a rating of 4.3 and more than 200k students on Udemy, I have been part of the corporate circle since my college days. In my early days, I was part of a startup team delivering production grid android apps. Currently, I am a lead developer at EdYoda. I’m responsible for the entire front-end development & integration with the back-end. React, Python, Django is my areas of expertise. I have been delivering corporate training for Android, React, JavaScript, Python & Django. I have an eye for detail & which makes me suited for delivering a finished product. I’m a fitness freak & working out is the favorite thing to do in my spare time.

I want everyone to enjoy the learning process and I have shared my knowledge that will be helpful for you.

After completion, we recommend you watch our React JS course which is the continuation part of this course where we have explained React JS frameworks in and out with some simple explanation along with assignments and projects.

Enroll now!! See you in class.

Happy learning !!
Team Edyoda



ES6 - Introduction

ES6 - Variable Creation using "let" and "const"

ES6 - Template Strings

ES6 - Arrow Functions

ES6 - Rest Operator

ES6 - Spread Operator

ES6 - Destructuring

ES6 - Array Functions: map()

ES6 - Arrow Functions: reduce()

ES6 - Arrow Functions: filter()

ES6 - Arrow Functions: find() and findIndex()

ES6 - Introduction to Classes

ES6 - Inheritance in ES6

ES6 - Callbacks and Promises

ES6 - Working with Promises

ES6 - Chaining Promises


Anand25 March 2021

Course was made simple by relating it to the old practices in javascript which gave a better understanding of ES6 in quite a quick time. nice job

Leandro6 February 2021

Las lecciones son simples y se entienden perfectamente. Pero las últimas 3 lecciones (promesas), no están bien explicadas y debería hacerlas sin jQuery, es decir, usando javascript puro. En general el curso es bueno.

Arnav12 January 2021

Just a suggestion, a person who's not familiar with these terms won't be able to understand it much. The explanation provided is quite less. Else the course is good for someone who's re-brushing their skills.

Raghad11 January 2021

it was so beautiful and new experience with ES6, so much and useful information. Very clear explanation of each topic on ES6.

Gamaliel12 December 2020

El curso resultó mejor de lo que yo esperaba. Excelente para quienes apenas están aprendiendo javascript, ayuda mucho a mejorar la forma de programar y comprender muchos conceptos relacionados con la forma en cómo se comportan las variables y objetos.

Win15 November 2020

The sound is a bit echo-y and hard to hear. The examples are ok, but could set some challenges for students to try out so as to consolidate learning.

Aditya2 November 2020

The course is good for beginners and is easy to understandd. I felt the background voice could be made better

Muhammad25 October 2020

Videos are too short, just syntax details & one example. A little bit introduction about the feature plus the implementation details would be plus for this course. For Instructor: Lesson 15 should be before 14, callbacks should be introduced before promises. Lesson 14 starts with promise and code from Lesson 15 is shown there I think a little re-arrangement is required.

Shantanu20 October 2020

The concepts are nicely explained. Just a couple of corrections required.. video no. 14, 15 and 16 are interchanged and the sequence is messed-up which needs to be fixed. Will be a lot helpful for a newbie.

Juan18 October 2020

I will be coming back to this course to refresh things that I don't use frequently. I love the quick lessons and the examples. Videos 14 and 15 are mixed up. People should watch N°15 first and then N°14 (at the time of this commet at least). Promises and Callbacks could use some better examples and a cleaner final version of the code, but they are not bad at all.

Pintu7 October 2020

The title has a misleading reference to React. The course itself has no content related to React, though it does callout the key highlights of ES6 aka modern JS.

Rodrigo19 September 2020

Me gustó mucho, muy explicativo y solamente lo necesario para comenzar a trabajar más facilmente con javascript.

Afzal15 July 2020

Good informative but the topic "promise" should be explained more and the voice is not clear to understand

Mufti9 July 2020

Concise and great. Just if the instructor could have improved the audio quality, i would have rated 5 stars.

P14 June 2020

Very good course to understand JS advance concepts in a simple way by examples. Audio was perfect for me. I will definitely recommend the instructor and his courses.


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