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Modern B2B Prospecting: How to Get More Meetings

The A - Z guide of finding the right leads and securing meetings

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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

Develop your own "story" (sales pitch)

Identify your true target market

Set up meetings with qualified buyers

Build rapport during the prospecting process

Increase likelihood of success

Effectively engage target prospect

Become more relevant in your conversations


Prospecting is the ability to create opportunities from nothing - the hardest part of the B2B sales cycle. This training program will teach you modern, practical tactics to make you more effective at finding, engaging and meeting with qualified prospective buyers. This is achieved by building your sales approach around your prospects, building trust and rapport in all your prospecting activities.


Modern B2B Prospecting: How to Get More Meetings
Modern B2B Prospecting: How to Get More Meetings
Modern B2B Prospecting: How to Get More Meetings
Modern B2B Prospecting: How to Get More Meetings




How To Create a Relevant Story (Sales Pitch)

Identifying Your True Target Market

Adapt Your Sales Pitch To Your Target Market

How To Find Your Leads and Contact Details

How To Engage Your Prospects ("Cold Initiatives")

Bonus Content and Feedback


Brendon16 August 2018

I took this course to help me to find new clients for my own business. Martin is very articulate and his fresh, practical approach to sales is refreshing. Thank you Martin!

Heath5 June 2018

Very relevant. Highlighting the true aspects of sales and the fundamental mistakes made by salespeople and entrepreneurs.

Fabio1 April 2018

I found this course very real in the sense that you can appreciate the examples provided and the approach taken with each. Martin seems to be very genuine and did not once try to upsell anything to me during the course, which I find refreshing compared to other courses!

Eric11 March 2018

I found the information to be well presented in a clear and articulate manner.The subject material is applicable to my business thus I found it very useful.

Mario7 March 2018

The course enlightens you on ways of prospecting the right customers. With business sales nowadays we forget the A;B;C's of going about to creating sales. I find that the instructor is well spoken and his explanations are clear, I look forward to continuing the course and completing.

Sarah1 March 2018

Really enjoyed the approach, attitude and valuable information in this course. I benefitted from the structured breakdown of how it works and the logical way it is explained. It is easy to understand and quick to absorb and think about. Really recommend it.

Anonymized28 February 2018

Solid, pragmatic and real ... I like the way you call a spade a spade. This has helped me calibrate my approach to lead generation to better engage prospects with a much higher engagement rate.

Linda28 February 2018

Very applicable and valuable to all kinds of businesses, including my own. I have no prior sales experience so this course is so beneficial to me.


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