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MOBILE IS NOT JUST APPS! Learn from expert founders how to incorporate mobile for your business and marketing strategy.

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Mobile Marketing Academy


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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

In's and out's of Mobile Marketing

Identify what is right for YOUR business

Planning and Strategy

Use those Strategies to Implement

Long-term Integration of Mobile as part of your Marketing Strategy


Crazy Mobile Stats
•  91% of Adults have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7
•  There are 5X’s as many mobile phones as PC’s in the world
•  90% of Text Messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered
•  9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to an action, and over half purchase.
•  81% of smartphoe users have done product research via a smartphone
•  15% of Mobile Users would interrupt sex to check a text message!!
The Mobile Revolution is here. By 2014 more people will be accessing the web using their mobile device more than on a computer

Remember the stories of millions made with those early to ecommerce and affiliate marketing? Now is the next wave of marketing that is ripe for the plucking for those in early.  This course will teach you to be ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors
Learn from Experts, NOT Gurus

What we did was simple, we brought in 3 of the mobile industry leading experts. These guys have been profiting with mobile for years AND they are going to teach you the in’s and out’s of mobile marketing.

(1) Josh Wexelbaum, Founder & CEO at Leadsmob.com
Mobile Expert on SMS, APPS, and Paid Traffic. Josh got his start in the lead generation industry 12 years ago. He has purchased media across hundreds of sites, spending over $60,000 per day in advertising, and purchased billions of impressions on sites like Hotmail and Google. Josh has consulted with Fortune 1000 companies on lead generation strategies. He's an in-demand speaker at conferences like iDate and has written for industry publications like FeedFront

(2) Rob Keast,  Partner and Head of Mobile Technology at WhatRunsWhere.com.
Rob researches new mobile technologies and develops the best mobile advertising intelligence products in the market. He works closely with agency customers to develop an enterprise mobile marketing and advertising intelligence solution. Rob is the sales and marketing side of WhatRunsWhere in Europe.

(3) Carlos Del Rio, Director of Conversion Analysis & Digital Strategy at Unbounce.com
He has contributed to top marketing blog SEOmoz and has spoken at major events on both SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization. Carlos is the co-author of User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want and A Strategic Framework for Emerging Media.
Remember, 91% of Adults have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7......... Don’t get left out.  


Strategic Planning and Mobile Sites

Intro And Brainstorming

Strategy Walkthrough

Campaign Investigation

Mobile Forms

Mobile Mentality

Creating Mobile Websites

Resources for Creating Mobile Sites

Landing Pages With Unbounce

Landing Pages With Unbounce cont.

Mobile Traffic & Banner Tactics

Mobile Media Buying

Mobile Media Buying Cont

Resources for Creating Baanners

Mobile Ads with Facebook

Mobile Ads on GCN

Mobile with SiteScout

Advanced Using An Adserver

Reverse Engineering Campaigns With Rob From WRW

Using Competitive Research Tools

Lesson 11 1000 Mobile Banner Swipe Donated By Leadsmob

Creating Apps for-or-as a Business

Breakdown Of Mobile Apps

What Is Your App Objective

Options For Development

Ability To Distribute

App Strategies

App Strategies

App Strategies part 3

Successful Text Message Marketing

SMS With Leadsmob

SMS With Leadsmob

SMS With Leadsmob

Beginner Reference Resource

Mobile Landscape

Lesson 2 Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons

Mobile Usage

Mobile Formatted

Click 2 Call

Mobile Email And Search

QR Codes

Mobile Marketing Quickstart

Mobile Marketing Ebook

Mobile Studies Graphs


Damaris29 October 2016

I found it a very informative course with so much value, learnt things I did not know and I will uses these strategies in my future campaign

Martin14 July 2016

keeps referring back to previous courses which I haven't taken, and some of the tools being used such as the SEO for Chrome Extension

Gib6 November 2013

Thrilled with another Knowledge.ly material. I've been formulating ideas ever since I started this course. Recommend for anyone interested in learning about this booming space.

Arnaud14 October 2012

This course is good as an introduction, as the title well says. It covers most areas of mMarketing and gives a good idea of the possibilities. The course would be better if more case studies were used as examples for each topic.

Bobby13 October 2012

Good resources. Some videos are audio webinars - could add some slides along with those. Overall very good course. A++ Must take.


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