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Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks

Master on Mobile Automation Testing (Android/IOS) from basics to Framework CI/CD with real time examples

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

By the end of this course you will be able to automate any (Native,Hybrid,Web) Apps in Android/IOS using Appium

Thorough Understanding on Appium best practices and reusable utilities for automating Apps on both Real devices and Emulators

Design the Industry Standard Mobile framework from Scratch which is compatible for both Android and IOS Platforms

Implement end to end CI/CD pipeline from scratch using Appium with all framework features like logging, reporting etc

Design Appium Framework with open source technologies like Learn Maven, TestNG, Jenkins, JUnit, Git, Extent Reports and Apache Log4J2

Automate Mobile Browsers like Chrome & Safari with Appium WebDriver Library under hood

You will know the coding standards in writing the most optimized Mobile Automation Scripts

You will be able to create GREAT LOOKING REPORTS using the best advanced REPORTING TOOL

"Last but not least" you can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Appium Automation Project from Design Stage


**Course Last Updated - August  5th -  Appium Parallel execution on Cloud Servers ***
***Top Rated/Ranked Popular APPIUM Course with Life time Q/A Support on Udemy with highest Students Enrollment

"Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Automation (Android+ IOS) Even If You've Never Programmed Before.

50,000+ Potential students already enrolled and 5 start reviews all the way
On course completion You will be Mastered in Mobile Automation Testing in both Android&IOS and can implement Successfully it in your workplace or will surely land on High Paying Job ."Decide the Quality of Course by watching Preview Lectures and Students  Reviews" 

What makes this Course  Unique in the Market?

  •   Videos will be updated on regular basis based up on latest released versions of APPIUM 

  • This is the most Popular Appium course ever you will find online with Top User ratings

  • I have explained every concept in great details from Scratch so that any one can master in this tool on course completion

  • We will be designing and implementing Industry Standard frameworks using Appium  with TestNG Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports

  • Detailed demonstration on end to end CI/CD implementation using Appium for both iOS and Android

  • Understand parallel execution on real Android and iOS devices using Cloud Infrastructure

  • Only course which explains many  Appium tips and tricks needed to clear Interviews or complete the Assignments given in the projects

                                              High level Topics Include: 

Appium Features   
Appium Internal Architecture 
Configuration setup for running tests on Android and IOS Simulators/Emulators
Configuration setup for running tests on Android and IOS real devices
 How to Automate Native (Android&IOS) Apps  using Appium
 How to Automate Hybrid (Android&IOS) Apps  using Appium
In Depth explanation of Appium API's/comands and their usage
Mobile Gestures Automation scroll,swipe, longpress, tap, Touch Actions using Appium                                          
Automating Browser Apps using Appium                                            
Tips in inspecting objects on Apps and Mobile browser with uiautomatorviewer and APpium Inspector 
Appium Hybrid Framework from Scratch with top design patterns
designing and implementing Industry Standard frameworks using Appium  with TestNG Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports
Appium Framework CI/D Integration
Appium Cloud Automation on Browserstack



                                                                                      Happy Testing!!!!!!! 


Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks
Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks
Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks
Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks


Appium Introduction

Course Agenda

Appium Features

Appium Internal Architecture

Appium Installation on WINDOWS for Android Automation

Important Note on Player settings

Installing Android Studio and Java

Configuring System variables for both Android SDK and Java

Configuring Virtual Mobile device for running tests

Downloading Node.js and install Appium via npm

Configuring Appium Java client jars for frontEnd execution

15 steps Installation Guide download

Brushup Java concepts -1

Brushup Java concepts -2

Brushup Java concepts -3

Appium Installation on MAC for IOS Automation

What is Xcode? Install Xcode

Validating IOS Simulator and Downloading Java

Installing Eclipse IDE for MAC

Downloading Appium/Selenium Jars

APPIUM first program

Android App download for practise

What are Desired capabilities? How to talk to appium server

Invoking Android Driver- Creating base program

IMPORTANT NOTE ON Desired Capability Step

Execution of Appium first program on Mobile Native APP

Appium desired capabilities code download

UIAutomator tool usage-Inspection of elements

Native APPS Automation

Automating app UI Using Xpaths and text attributes

Appium API's for UI interaction with id's and classNames

Handling Mutiple similar objects of Apps with indexes

AndroidUIAutomator usage in identifying objects of Apps

TouchActions in Appium (Gestures Automation -1)

Tapping and longpress events (Gestures Automation -2)

Touch Actions Sequence Execution

Strategy for automating Swipping event(Gestures Automation -3)

Advanced Gestures Automation with Key Events Handling

Demo on swipping the clock- Practise exercises

How to automate scrolling? Gestures Automation -5

Drag and drop on Native Apps with Appium (Gesture Automation -6)

Miscelleanous key Events handling with Appium

Appium Job Alert

Invoking App with package Activity

Web APPS Automation

Configuring Real device to system for running Appium Tests

Exercises on Real device-Native Apps automation

Desired capabilities for Real device Execution

Mobile Browser Configuration setup for Appium Tests

Code for Mobile Browser capabilities

Automating the Chrome Mobile Browser

Exercises-Mobile Browser automation - 1

Exercises-Mobile Browser automation - 2

code download

Real time Ecommerce App- Practise Exercises

Introduction to App features and test cases to automate

Test Case in Filling the form details for shopping

code download

Verifying toast messages for error validations

code download

Testcase-Scrolling in product list example with Appium Android scroll

Testcase-Dynamically selecting Product by scanning list based on text

code download

TestCase- Validating the orders in checkout page

TestCase- Validating Total amount generated functionality

Code optimization with user defined functions

code download

Testcase - Validating Mobile Gestures of App ( Tap, Long Press)

Hybrid App Automation with Appium

How to handle objects when rendered in Web view?

TestCase -Automate Hybrid App with context Switch

code download

IOS Automation with Appium on MAC

IOS Testing Introduction

Setting up IOS App and Appium Desktop on MAC

IOS Driver Invocation with Desired capabilities

Running IOS first Automation Testcase with Appium Inspector

Desired capabilities code

Exercise 2: Scrolling in IPhones with Appium

Exercise 3: Handling Steppers and page navigations

Exercise 4: Dropdown Scrollers automation with Appium

Code download

IOS Apps Exercises code download

Safari Mobile Browser Automation configuration

Useragent to get Safari Browser objects

Practise Exercise on Safari Mobile Browser

Safari Program code download

IOS Real device Automation Testing

Install software's for real device Automation

UDID, XcodeOrgId Generation for real device testing

Bundle Id generation and running the Tests

***Framework Learning Plan*** (Must Watch)

Framework Plan -How to start learning from this course?

Appium Framemwork- Part 1- Learn TestNG Basics

Important Note

TestNG Installation and Setup in Eclipse

Run Basic TestNG Tests with Test Annotation

Testng Xml file configuration and its importance

Prioritizing the Testcases with TestNG

Include and Exclude Mechanism to control testcases

Executing the Testcases at Package level with regex

TestNg Annotations part - 1

TestNG Annotations part - 2

Usage of Groups functionality in TestNG

Annotations helper attributes with examples

Parameterising from TestNG xml file

DataProvider Annotation -Parameterizing Testcases - 1

DataProvider Annotation -Parameterizing Testcases-2

Listeners Interface in TestNG framework

Running Tests in parallel and generating Reports

TestNg code download

Framework Part 2 -Maven (Build Management tool)

Introduction to Maven

Configuration of Maven

Understanding Terminologies of Maven

Creating Maven Project and importing into eclipse

Understanding POM.xml file and its dependencies

Importance of surefirePlugin in executing Tests

Integration of Testng with Maven

Switching the Tests with Maven profiling

code download

Framework Part -3- Jenkins- Continuous Integration Tool

Importance of Jenkins in Test frameworks

Install and Configure Jenkins

Configuring Jenkin Settings and Workspace

Pageobject Pattern & page Factory

What is Page object model?

Page factory annotations FindBy

Practical Example explaining Page factory Model-1

Practical Example explaining Page factory Model- 2

End to End Framework design from Scratch part -1 (Design Patterns)

Maven Project template creation with workspace setup

Configuring dependencies of the Project in Pom.xml

Creating Driver Base class for Framework

Initializing smart Global properties from Config Properties file

Converting Project into Testng & eliminating hardcoded paths

Implementing Page objects for tests in framework

End to End Framework design from Scratch part -2 (Building Utilities)

make tests objects independent to drive from object classes

Start& Stop Appium Server Programmatically through Java

Building common utilities for Appium server invoke code

Starting Emulator on fly through coded with user inputs

Fixing framework bug by debugging code

Capturing Screenshot on test failures using Testng Listeners

Generating excellent Client html reports for Test Execution

Parameterizing Test Data from external sources using Data provider

Convert Project to Maven compatible by updating pom.xml

Sending Global properties from Maven commands into tests

Integrating Framework repo into Jenkins CI tool

How to showcase your Appium skills with Job tips

Complete framework code download

Understanding Version Control System GIT (Bonus Section)

Introduction to GIT

Importance of Github and its uses

Creating Git config and repositories

How to push code to remote repository

Understanding Staging and commit in git

Add remote repository and push the committed code

End to end working example on Git commands -1

End to end working example on Git commands -2

Importance of Branching in GIT

How to resolve Merge conflicts with GIT

DataBase connection to Selenium/Appium Testcases

Steps to connect Database to Selenium Testcases

mysql download instructions

mySQL server connection procedure

Creating Database in mysql server

Creating Tables in Databases

Jdbc odbc connection overview

Integration of Database with JDBC API

Steps to conect Database info to Selenium - 1

Steps to connect Database info to Selenium - 2

Java OOPS basics for Appium/Selenium

Java first program basics

Java program principles

Classes, objects in Java

Strings in Java

Interface Concepts

Program code download

Practical Usage of Interface

Runtime Polymorphisim

Inheritance Concepts

Practical usage of Inheritance

Coding Basics-1

Coding Basics-2

Introduction to Arrays

Single dimensional and Multidimensional arrays usage

Examples of Arrays

Array interview questions

Programming example

Reverse string -Interview question

Date class concepts

working with calendar objects in java

Access modifiers basics

How constructor plays a crucial role?

Types of constructor and their usage

Bonus Lectures - Defect tracking tool

Defect Management tool- Bugzilla

Bugzilla features- Logging a bug

Bugzilla features -Search Mechanisim for tracking bugs

Common practises in Bugzilla tool

Bugzilla preference feature

BONUS- Student Special

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Kevin6 October 2020

This training is on an older version of Android Studio and SDK. It makes it hard to follow if you are doing training along with side by side install. Not too happy that I purchased a 3-4 year old course with outdated material.

Tushara5 October 2020

Good start with this course. I like the contents and course design also the explanation of the instructor

Suchi3 October 2020

My Concepts are very clear related to mobile testing and automation. Thank you rahul for making this Course.

Hiren29 September 2020

Everything about mobile automation at one place. Perfectly structured everything from Basic to advanced level. Already have other courses of Rahul and had great expectations and he fulfilled it as expected. Thanks much. Recommended for sure.

Jyotirmai24 September 2020

The course is designed as such who doesn't have coding background also can be able to do automation. The videos are step by step guide to do automation with Appium. Thank you Rahul Sir and Udemy for bringing such a great course near to us.

Abhilash26 February 2020

Its a wonderful course with each and every aspect covered in details. All thanks to rahul and his team for giving this wonderful opportunity to every learner to add this to their skill and gain confidence. Best part is lifetime support and prompt response on any query

Akula24 February 2020

It is great beginning for me to learn and understand, all this concepts in depth and all the concepts are thought from scratch so i hope this course might helpful at my workplace so i recommend to choose rahul sir's course's.

Madhusmita23 February 2020

I was afraid that mobile application testing might be difficult but the fear went away after starting the training. Thank you for making automation learning easier

Salman23 February 2020

The course is good, but if you already have some background in automation, then it might get boring, since the teacher assumes the students have 0 knowledge in programming. Beside this, the teacher speaks very slowly and it also make the course very slow. Beside, these 2 problems, everything else is good.

Cristhian23 February 2020

Rahul is an excellent tutor, he takes you by the hand from a really beginner level and helps you improve your level with every lecture, I totally recommend this course.

Sandeep22 February 2020

This is something "AWESOME" I was aware things on Appium in bits and pieces but but ......After taking this session it's crystal clear . Thank you Rahul.....

Raunak19 February 2020

Thank you Rahul sir and Udemy for this course. This has brought me up to speed with Appium and I am confident in cracking interview questions. This course is very easy to understand and it is good for anyone who is a beginner or experienced person in automation. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Appium from scratch or brush up their knowledge before going to interviews

Rahamthulla18 February 2020

Dear Rahul, I have covered it till section-6. So far the subject and basics are clear. I am appreciating for the good work and patience...!!! Kindly keep updating the appium latest videos. Thank you...!!!

Geoff14 February 2020

Saying the same thing multiple times. As it is not live, if I did not hear it the first time I can re run the recording

Babus10 February 2020

Definitely will be exciting this course. Already had good experience with the selenium and the api courses.


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