Mixed Media Tile Class

Create a Mixed Media Art Piece using Alcohol Inks, Texture Paste and Leafing Wax

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1 hour
Apr 2022
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What you will learn

How to Clean and Prep your Tile before Creating on it

Tips for adding Texture paste with stencils and why different pastes are used.

How to Create a simple and Beautiful Alcohol Ink Background on Tile

How to add Leafing wax accents to really enhance your piece


Welcome to the Mixed Media Tile Class!

I this class we will be using several different mediums such as Alcohol Inks, Texture paste and Leafing Wax as well as Die cuts and Stamps to create a beautiful piece of Mixed Media Art! We will be creating our art piece on top of a Ceramic tile. Tiles are a great and forgiving surface for beginners to work on using Alcohol Inks.

This Class comes with a Supply List PDF. Each item used to create the Mixed Media Art piece in this class is listed on the Supply list and is linked to where you can purchase the supplies if you choose. You can find the Supply List PDF with the Introduction Video

In this Class you will Learn:

1 -How to Clean and Prep your Ceramic Tile before starting to create your Art Piece.

2 -Tips for adding Texture Paste to your Surface.

3 -How different types Texture paste react differently with Alcohol Inks creating amazing visual texture.

4 -How to Enhance your Texture Paste and Art Piece with Leafing Wax

5 -How to Stamp & Emboss a Sentiment on a Tile

6 -Adding Die cut focal points to your Mixed Media Tile

7 -How to Create Accents that Coordinate and enhance your Piece

Note - In this class we are Creating our Mixed Media Piece on a Tile because it is a very Beginner friendly surface to work on with Alcohol Inks. A Wood panel can also be used but it needs to be prepped first with Gesso or Primer to be able to accept Alcohol Inks.


Mixed Media Tile Class - Screenshot_01Mixed Media Tile Class - Screenshot_02Mixed Media Tile Class - Screenshot_03Mixed Media Tile Class - Screenshot_04



Mixed Media Tile Class Introduction
Cleaning Tile and Adding Texture Paste
Alcohol Ink Layer
Adding Verse and Leafing Accents
Prepping Butterfly and other Accents Part 1
Prepping Butterfles & other Accents Part 2
Stamping Background Texture & Adding Accents
Final Leafing Accents
Mixed Media Tile Class Thank You

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