Minute Taking at Meetings

Minute Taking: making the taking of notes/minutes at formal and informal meetings easier

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

After this workshop, you'll be able to:

determine what to record and what to ignore

understand how privacy legislation impacts minutes

convey information in succinct, effective sentences

organize yourself before, during and after the meeting

watch for the hidden variables


And you'll take the minutes.

This is a statement that often sends fear into the minds of meeting attendees. Why? Because too many people consider the role boring, stressful, and non-important.

This three-hour Minute Taking course: How to Take Minutes at Meetings will change your mind.

I have been involved in the meeting process -- both as a minute taker and as a chair -- for many years.

In fact, I have written one of the first books exclusively on minute taking -- The Minute Takers Handbook -- now in its 4th reprint. Since then I have taught minute taking to all sorts of groups. And I have learned even more techniques to help you.

Whether you are taking minutes for boards, committees, weekly meetings, volunteer groups or your condo association, this workshop will make you more confident and enable you to produce professional minutes.

Take this ultimate Minute Taking course right now and learn how to take minutes at meetings.


Minute Taking at Meetings
Minute Taking at Meetings
Minute Taking at Meetings
Minute Taking at Meetings



The importance of minutes

What Every Minute Taker Needs to Know

The role of the minute taker

The definition of minutes

The impact of privacy legislation

The Minute Taker's Toolbox

What Every Minute Taker Needs to Know

Organizational Tips

The agenda

Consent Agenda

Before the meeting

At the meeting

After the meeting

Organizational Tips

What to Include/What to Ignore

Set Up of Minutes

Guidelines for What to Include

Motions and Resolutions

Exercises for What to Include

Answers to Exercise

What to Include

Writing Tips

Writing guidelines

Exercises to download

Answers to Exercise

Additional Aids

Hidden variables

Listening Skills


Final Quiz

Guidelines for a Note Taker

Final Handouts - 10 Suggestions for Preparing Minutes + Examples + BONUS Booklet


Brianna28 September 2020

The beginning is VERY basic and seems like common knowledge. This seminar doesn't seem quite as promising as I thought.

Junice20 September 2020

Thank you. I enjoyed doing this course. It was easy to understand and follow. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone needing more information on minute taking.

Valerie12 September 2020

This course was a good match for me as I have limited experience taking minutes and I wanted a thorough course to support my knowledge and confidence in this area.

Sahodra3 September 2020

On section 2 the last two quiz questions did not get a correct answer, tried with all 3 answers and it still turns our wrong. Something is wrong here?

Karen30 August 2020

Some of the content thus far, doesn't really pertain to my situation. Hoping to get further tips along the way though.

Monique13 February 2020

You can always learn some great tidbits and form new habits. I am not clear on what I should put in minutes and what should simply be left alone. I feel more organized and able to complete the task in a much more timely manner.. Goal of 24 hours as suggested!

Louise26 January 2020

I have learnt a lot, but i think my problem with minutes is as much about understanding the topics being discussed, as with the mechanics of if taking the minutes.

Shelley-Ann1 January 2020

This course assisted me in confirming what I do know and can implement. Thanks for the refresher course Jane. I would recommend this course.

Joshua24 November 2019

The instructor clearly outlined what a minute taker should do and why. She drew on her own experience of taking minutes and being a chair. This allowed for a well-rounded short course that left the student confident that they have the right tools going forward.

Leslie14 November 2019

Course gave very detailed and good tools and preparations for minute taking. Caught myself falling asleep, due to the monotone speaking.

Donna7 October 2019

I think so far it has given me a better understanding of the expectations of the minute taker and the chair

Katelyn17 September 2019

Really hard to engage with the instructor. Having a hard time understanding thus far. Lessons are long before a quiz is given.

Jacqueline27 August 2019

Yes this course was helpful. The best part were the assignments and the answers to those different exercises. Seeing the examples of the better form of writing/taking notes made me feel more prepped for the next meeting that I attend.

Claudia14 August 2019

it does not provide enough real life experience and case scénarios and explications on some concepts - if i dont know for ex what short or long hand are, i dont understand the whole lesson

Anita25 June 2019

Would highly recommend the course as it was clear, concise and covered every aspect of taking minutes at a meeting.


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