Six Sigma Statistics with Minitab 19: White and Yellow Belt

Easiest course to learn Minitab and Statistics Six Sigma White Belt Six Sigma Yellow Belt Six Sigma Green & Black Belt

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Six Sigma Statistics with Minitab 19: White and Yellow Belt


3.5 hours


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Students will be able to use Minitab on basic level of statistical analysis

Students will be able to understand the statistical concepts of Six Sigma White Belt (basic) to Six Sigma Yellow Belt (intermediate Level)

Even the hard concepts will be fun to learn with this course

Helpful for aspiring students of Statistics, Mathematics, Project Management, Operational Management, Six sigma White and Yellow Belt (SSWB, SSYB), Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Quality Engineer


Starting with 'WHY'. WHY should you try this course?

Statistics is often considered a difficult and a complex subject to learn. Even professionals deal with many difficult issue when it comes to analyzing facts and coming to a conclusion. This course is designed in step by step learning methodology in increasing order of difficulty for every students interested in statistics and certification level for SIX SIGMA WHITE BELT & SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT. However, this course can be equally beneficial for students interested in statistics and only using MINITAB in general as this course covers almost all the aspects of MINITAB and Statistics in general. This course also prepares you for SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT & SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT statistics.


In this course we will learn

In White Belt (Basic Level) -Students learn Basic Statistics with Minitab along with Graphs and tools

In Yellow Belt (Medium Level)- Students learn Quality tools such as Pareto Analysis, Histograms, Scatter plots, Stratification, Fishbone or Cause and Effect diagram & Control Charts along with Capacity Analysis

In Preparation (Higher level) this course prepares you with the basics of different Hypothesis tests, Design of experiment pathway, Regression pathway etc, which will prepare you for advanced level of Minitab usage.

******Besides this, this course is compatible for all versions of Minitab including Minitab 17,18 and 19.There are practice data files for all these versions inside.For any other version of Minitab, you can copy and paste the data from the EXCEL file to your Minitab file*****

NOTE: This course doesn't need any prior knowledge on Minitab or any advanced level of knowledge of statistics as this course is self explanatory in itself as it is based on step by step learning methodology.

How do I really know that I have learned enough?

There are 3 ways to do so inside the course-

  1. By practicing with practice data files (there are more than 100 practice data files inside)

  2. By checking your knowledge through other Quizzes

  3. By participating in FINAL PRACTICE TEST.

What you get inside the course ?

  1. 20+ Excel Templates to further improve your understanding

  2. Notes and Handouts to make learning easier

  3. 100+ Minitab Practice Files

  4. Practice tests with 20+ questions to help you improve your learning curve

What’s the safety?

With 30 days money back guarantee you can sit back and relax as you learn. Give it a try because this course will change your organizational improvement knowledge and that’s a person promise from the instructor.

Let’s make it a learning celebration and a skill for lifetime. Welcome to the course!



A peek: What can you learn from this course

How do you rank and sort the data with Minitab?

How to use the calculator function in Minitab like in Excel?

How to download a free version of Minitab?

Your Task: Please sort these numbers out

Answer of your Task

How to round off the numbers in Minitab?

Task: Please round off these numbers

Answer of your Task

Minitab Basics I: White Belt Level

Some basic concepts

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Performing Row Statistics

Performing Column Statistics

Task: Please perform these calculations

Answer of your task

How is it going?

Minitab Basics II: Chart Functions (White Belt Level)

Introduction to Graphs

Pie chart in Minitab

Bar chart and their types in Minitab

Simple Box Plot

Task: Please perform these calculations

Answer of your task !

Multiple Box Plot

Box Plot with Groups

Introduction to Pareto Analysis

Pareto Chart with Minitab

Quick Quiz !

Introduction: Scatterplots

Simple Scatterplot with Minitab

Quick Quiz !

Individual Value Plot

Time Series Scatterplot

Scatterplot with Regression


More on Descriptive and Inferential statistics (YB I)

Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Variation

Simple Histogram with Minitab

Histogram for Making Comparisons

Histogram with Fit

Task Please perform these simple calculations

Answer of your task !

Probability Distributions in Minitab: Yellow Belt Level

Checking Normal Distribution in Minitab I

Checking Normal Distribution in Minitab II

Notes on Binomial Distribution

Binomial Distribution in Minitab

Task: Please perform these calculations

Answer of your task

Notes on Poisson Distribution

Poisson Distribution in Minitab

Task: Please perform these calculations

Answer of your Task

Control Charts (Yellow Belt: Level III)

Introduction of Control Charts

Stability of data

Control Chart: Continuous data selection pathway

Pathway for attribute control chart

Quick Quiz !

Individuals chart

X-R chart

p chart

np chart

u chart

c chart

Control Chart for Showing Improvements

Quick Quiz !

Preparing for Higher Levels: Key for Green and Black Belt Certifications

Basics of Hypothesis testing

1 sample t test

2 sample t test

Analysis of variance

Chi square test

Basics of Corelation

Selection of Correlation

Basics of Design of Experiments

Selection criteria of Design of Experiments

Measurement System Analysis

Selection Criteria on Measurement System Analysis

Gage R and R

Process Capability Analysis

Final Test




Mustafa3 May 2020

It was good experience for me. I knew the SPSS, but i have no idea about Minitab before that lecture. Thank you.

Revathi4 March 2020

When I joined the course, I did not know what is minitab, but the trainer explained it in simple terms and made it look very easy. Trainer is awesome and look forward to learning a lot of things from him. Hopefully, he has course to complete green belt certification


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