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MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation

Emulate MikroTik RouterOS v7 using GNS3 software and run MikroTik LABS without the need of buying MikroTik routers

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Understand the different ways to connect MikroTik to GNS3

Download and install the right version of GNS3

Download and install the right version of Oracle VirtualBox

Understand the different Tiers provide by MikroTik CHR

Connect MikroTik CHR with GNS3 using QEMU

Connect MikroTik CHR with GNS3 using VirtualBox

Understand MikroTik ROMON and use this feature to connect to all Routers on GNS3

Understand how to install Microsoft Loopback interface to be able to connect to the MikroTik CHR router on GNS3

Configure all GNS3 MikroTik Routers to be connected to the internet


If you are a MikroTik engineer or a student learning MikroTik, you surely require to do LABS in order to understand better what you are learning. Sometimes the LAB can go to over 5-10 routers and it will be very costly in case you want to buy all those routers.

For this reason, I have designed this course to show you how you can create MikroTik LABS to emulate MikroTik RouterOS Version 7 which is the latest RouterOS version and use them to do the LAB scenario that you want to do, and it will work as you are connecting to real MikroTik Routers, and yes it is free of charge solution.

With this solution that I am showing you on this course, you can create the LAB scenario that you want and practice the LAB that you want using GNS3 software combined with VirtualBox or QEMU and of course with the use of the MikroTik CHR image version 7.

In addition of that, you will learn how you can provide internet service to the virtual MikroTik routers which are in GNS3 so in case your LAB scenario requires to have internet service.

The course is based on LABS and I will show step by step with a very simple way how you can build up this solution to work for you.

I hope you will enjoy my course.


MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation
MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation
MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation
MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation


Downloading and installing the needed softwares

Hardware requirement for MikroTik CHR to work on GNS3

Download GNS3, Virtualbox and MikroTik CHR image

Install GNS3 and Virutalbox and connect MikroTik CHR image to Virtualbox

Connect your real PC to the MikroTik Router on GNS3

Introduction - GNS3 settings and MS loopback creation

Setting up GNS3 to work with VirtualBox and MiktroTik CHR image

Connect your real PC to the MikroTik Router on GNS3 via Winbox

Get Winbox access on all MikroTik routers on GNS3

Introduction - Roadmap to connect to all MikroTik Routers on GNS3

Add 2 more MikroTik CHR on VirtualBox and on GNS3

Enable Romon on the new MikroTik Routers and connect to them via Winbox

Internet connectivity to the MikroTik GNS3 Routers - Is it possible?

Introduction - Add internet connectivity to the MikroTik Routers on GNS3

Connect all MikroTik Routers on GNS3 to the Internet

MikroTik on GN3 using QEMU

What is QEMU?

Setting up QEMU to work on GNS3 and MiktroTik CHR image


Mohamed28 July 2021

That course was fantastic, I already bought Mikrotik RB but I just wanted an easy way to test and learn on GNS3 instead on the real hardware. That course helped me a lot and Maher is very understandable and perfectly explain everything.

Deepak9 February 2021

Thanks for Educating me information related to Mikrotik its really going to help me in my professional Life .

Kealeboga12 October 2020

Coming up good so far, Haddad is quite experienced and highlights some information that I used to overlook. very good and insightful.

Kokkinakis12 May 2020

I think this cource is a must before you start your Mikrotik Training. The cource was hardish in the begging; however by the end of the cource you are able to simulate various networking topologies. I definetely reccoment it !!!

Clyde18 April 2020

Would like to have GNS3 and ROS working on current versions of ROS. Doing labs it is tricky to know if a config issue is to do with GNS3 or a Mikrotik config issue. There is a Bug with Switch object in GNS3 - does not want to pass traffic. Could not find answers on forums. Resorted to using Mikrotik object and set it in switch mode.

Mohd31 March 2020

maher you explain concept very well i liked your video and already subcribe two course will subcribe two more

Jonathan27 October 2019

This course is clear and concise, appropriate for learners who would rather "virtualize" their MikroTik RouterOS and do their lab at the comfort of their laptop or desktop without buying additional hardware.

Sasa3 July 2019

The course is pretty straightforward. The engagement and expertise of the lecturer is at a high level.

Stacy16 June 2019

Nice course for getting started with Mikrotik CHR on GNS3! Although I'm using Linux and not Windows, it was full of handy information on how to get Winbox, RoMON and other management tools from Mikrotik working alongside internet connection. For my setup, I've found the latest image of CHR runs perfectly fine using QEMU/KVM native on Linux (and much faster than Virtualbox).

Kurtney16 November 2018

This course provided the information I needed in an easy to follow, step by step fashion. My Mikrotik lab is up and running, I can access all routers through winbox, and my routers can access the internet if i need to. There were 2 things that did not work out as well as they did in the tutorial. 1. Problem: GNS3 would not let me run clone Mikrotik VMs. Solution: Make a copy the vdi, then change the uuid of the copy 2. Problem: GNS3 had an error connecting interfaces on my computer to mikrotik images Solution: Run GNS3 as administrator. These errors came up for me but may not be a problem for you. Overall Great course.

Hernán15 June 2018

Para ser un iniciado en Mikrotik encontré el curso muy interesante y ejemplos prácticos buenos. Quizás a medida de ir avanzando poner ejemplos un poco más elevados, por ejemplo, al usar QEMU, una topología más complicada.

Sanan4 June 2018

I'm getting ready for MCTNA. This course is a really great improvement to the last labs course that was offered in 2017, which was giving me big problems using QEMU VMs on GNS3 2.1.6. With Virtualbox, everything worked perfectly.

Steve1 May 2018

GNS3 is remarkable software but it was developed for Cisco study so the documentation is not very helpful for those of us wanting to learn MikroTik. Maher is a great instructor and he breaks the lessons down into a step by step process that is easy to master. I highly recommend this course as a first stop to anyone studying for the MTCNA.

Chouikhi23 February 2018

this is great because all the professional d' ont give any intersting for make a good platforme ,this course is based to make student travel under a platforme stabe and this is so good i give 3 start and in the finall step in this course i will give 5 starts thanks

Feras16 February 2018

Mr Maher, I am following most of your courses, I am enjoying a lot with the way of you explain it is really amazing how you give idea for more understand wonderful check list and examples. Please go ahead with your courses and looking forward to see new courses in near future.


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