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MikroTik LABS for Beginners

This course guides you to work on MikroTik RouterOS and discover the essential features in it.

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Jan 2020

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What you will learn

Understand what is MikroTik and where it is located

Understand the difference between RouterOS and RouterBOARD

Know how to get 1st access on the MikroTik router using WebFig

Understand how to use Quick Set to make your router working

Understand the usage of the Winbox utility to connect to the router via MAC address

Understand the difference between Telnet and SSH and how to use them to connect to the MikroTik router

Understand the basic command line syntax's on MikroTik terminal

Know how to connect the MikroTik router to the internet

Understand how to configure DHCP client

Understand how to share internet to the LAN PCs using the NAT

Be able to troubleshoot internet connection problem on your MikroTik router and your LAN PCs

Know how to upgrade the RouterOS via 3 different ways

Understand the function of the RouterBOOT & how you can upgrade it

Understand how to create users and custom groups

Understand how to use Public and Private keys to connect via SSH

Managing RouterOS Services

Understand the difference between the Binary and export backup

Understand how to reset the RouterOS configuration from Winbox

Understand how to do Hardware reset on RouterOS routers

Understand how to use Netinstall to reflash the MikroTik RoutersOS

Understand the different type of licenses for RouterOS and CHR


Do you want to configure MikroTik RouterOS and you don't know how to start? Is your task to do basic configuration on the MikroTik Router but you don't have experience how to use it? If yes, then this course is for you.

I have designed this course to help you having first hand contact with MikroTik products. This is for beginners who don't have any previous experience or knowledge on MikroTik products.

You will learn in this course many different topics such as knowing the different type of RouterBoards products, what is RouterOS, how to get 1st access to the MikroTik router using Winbox, Telnet and SSH, how to configure the router to provide internet access to inside users, how to do backup and restore of the configuration, how to re-flash the MikroTik RouterOS, what are the different licenses levels available in MikroTik and much more than that.

To be able to follow this course, it is ideal to have 2 MikroTik Routers, alternatively you can use GNS3 with CHR images.

If you are looking to start learning MikroTik, this course is the best place to start with.

I look forward seeing you in the course.


MikroTik LABS for Beginners
MikroTik LABS for Beginners
MikroTik LABS for Beginners
MikroTik LABS for Beginners


Introduction to MikroTik

What is MikroTik and what are its products?

First Time Access to the MikroTik Router

Introduction - First Time Access to the MikroTik Router

Quick Set & WebFig (Part 1)

Quick Set & WebFig (Part 2)

Connecting to the MikroTik Router via Winbox on MAC and IP

Connecting to the MikroTik Router via Telnet and SSH

Command Line Interface on MikroTik

Introduction to the CLI on MikroTik

Basic Command Line Syntax on Mikrotik

Internet on the MikroTik Router

Introduction - Connecting R1 and the PC to the internet

Connecting the MikroTik Router and the PC to the internet

Troubleshooting internet problems on the MikroTik Router and the LAN PC

Upgrading RouterOS

Introduction - RouterOS upgrading

RouterOS package types and ways of upgrading

RouterOS Auto Upgrade and RouterBOOT firmware upgrade

Router identity, login & services, backup, netinstall & license levels


Router identity on MikroTik Router

Managing RouterOS Login - Users & Groups

SSH connection to the MikroTik Router via Private and Public Keys

Manage RouterOS Services - www, www-ssl, FTP, Telnet, SSH, API, API-SSL, Winbox

MikroTik Configuration Backup and Restore

Resetting RouterOS Devices

Reinstalling a RouterOS device (Netinstall)

RouterOS license levels


Deepak30 August 2020

I had only rough knowledge of Mikrotik Routers as I have my own Router which i learnt myself but these course has cleared by Numerous Doubts and learnt alot from it . Mr Maher Kudos to you doing a great job.

Rick27 July 2020

I appreciate that the instructor had a wealth of knowledge in the subject matter. The course was very informative.

W30 June 2020

So far pretty easy. Was worried it might be over my head. Really need a bit more than this. Did learn some good information, just not enough.

Johan19 April 2020

Thank you, I enjoyed the course. I am comfortable with the way that the instructor explain the topics.

Tinashe23 January 2020

Introduction is great, i am looking forward to learn more because i have a 1 MikroTik Cloud Core Router CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ that i need o set up

Dritan18 January 2020

Except deep knowledge on networking,Maher, seems to like very much what he is doing. By seriously engaging on every topic, rather simple or difficult ones, he make it very attractive for his online students to follow him and get the maximum from his teaching. I believe, Maher, is adding value to online teaching methods as a whole and to the technology brands that he have selected to teach.

Ridewane1 December 2019

Yes so far a good match, good introduction to the router config on winbox, fair introduction to router config via terminal, very good introduction to router capabilities and features.

I11 September 2019

too many givens ... for instance ... the instructor is using ethernet 1 ... is this true eth1 or is this the wan port ... he doesn't really explain his layer1 set up. So when I followed the directions I moved my cable to port 2 since in routing world, port 1 would be the WAN input. Also the instructor makes the assumption that the student will get the exact results he is, he's not offering any troubleshooting steps if say, when you get to pinging and get destination unreachable, he has nothing prepared for that possibility. This type of teaching is great, when everything runs smooth as butter, but from the beginning he's using a different device than I am so there's already confusion, though minor which I can work out. Also, the instructor could slow down. I could tell he was in windows 10, or at least appeared that way, Windows 10 has hosed the UI so that you go from Windows 10 interface, to a tablet interface, to Vista/7 interface. I don't use windows anymore because of these inconsistencies, so a little guidance in getting to the same place he was would have been nice. I ranted and raged at a friend and he helped me out, so I am back to the course, but I don't have a lot of confidence at this point, and had high hopes. Today I can't recommend this course. Tomorrow is another day.

Kimball24 July 2019

This course was a great match for me! It taught me the required basics any tech has to know as well as the critical parts of the MikroTik Router Board that any technician needs to know so he/she can get the job DONE!! Love it!

Nick23 July 2019

This tutorial assumes that you are already using a Mikrotik router with WiFi built in. I am using an RB3011which does not have WiFi built in, so this course is not fully applicable. This should have been mentioned in the overview perhaps. Also the "Bridge" config is already set up from the factory for the RB3011, which is not mentioned here either. This caused a bit of confusion during the lesson. The instructor moves quite fast for those of us trying to follow along and learn while we are entering the menu's in Winbox. Perhaps try to slow down a little bit for the students and do not assume that everyone already knows the details of each menu and setting in Winbox. A little more thorough explanation would be very helpful...just a suggestion. Overall the course was ok, but I had to watch some of the sections more than once to grasp the concepts and labs.

Ron1 July 2019

This part of the lab I know already, however, I appreciate the explanation the instructor gives. These small details are great for understanding the big picture.

Stacy21 June 2019

Another good one for getting started on basic Mikrotik RouterOS stuff! I was able to bumble my way around (very slowly) through RouterOS a bit before this, but the courses from Maher Haddad are really upping my learning of MikroTik's way of doing things pretty fast. Sometimes it would be nice to see a bit more explanation but often there's a method to leaving things out (for example: regular expressions were used in the firewall section - something I sort of understood from Unix-style shell stuff, but didn't know was a "common thing" for firewall configuration - guess I'm a bit of a n00b - would be nice to a little hint in there that it might be something you'd want to look up if you're not familiar!). Thanks Maher, and looking forward to more :)

Anees24 March 2019

It was good and very informative. However, still, need to put some more basic in it like how to change the firmware of the router and the router board. Secondly, if the router is not responding to how we need to use the netinstall to again make the router workable.

Tayzer22 March 2019

If you have some knowledge about basic networking (TCP/IP,..etc), this course is suitable one for next level.

LarryB12 August 2018

Great intro course to MikroTik Routers. Instructor has done a great job of breaking it down to manageable pieces with lots of labs to show you how its done. A little knowledge of the interface helps a lot. Great place to start if you want to expand your knowledge of the MikroTik Router OS beyond the very simple basics.


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