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Microsoft Windows 10 - MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349

Helps you pass the MTA Windows 10 exam. Learn how to install, manage, and configure Windows 10.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Install Windows 10

Perform updates and back-ups

Use basic system tools

Understand virtualization

Manage files and shares

Change settings and features


This is a new edition of the MTA course - covers Windows 10. Join now!

Learn how Windows 10 works. Master the installation process, editions, settings, and lean more about new cool features of Windows 10: Edge, Cortana, and more!

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a recommended entry point into IT certification.

Pass just one exam and you’ll earn a certification! 

The main benefit of earning a Microsoft  Certification is that it shows potential employers/hiring managers that  you have the necessary requirements and skills to be the perfect  candidate for the job. 

In this course you will learn all you need to know to pass the exam and apply your skills in real world scenarios. 

  • Overview of Windows Operating System

  • Windows 10 - features and editions

  • Real-world examples

  • Labs with step-by-step instructions

  • Detailed lectures on installation, folders and shares

  • Troubleshooting tools and tips

  • Quizzes to help you pass the exam

The course is perfect for anyone who  seeks to learn the fundamentals of Windows Operating System concepts. 

  Contents and Overview 

In over 3 hours of content including 30 lectures this course covers the basics of Windows Operating  System Fundamentals. Each chapter closes with a quiz to make sure you  can practice exam questions and test your knowledge before moving to the  next section. 

We start from  scratch discussing managing applications, files and folders, how to  install and upgrade Client Systems and manage devices. This course  discusses security, malware protection, remote access and visualization.   

Join now!. 


Microsoft Windows 10 - MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349
Microsoft Windows 10 - MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349
Microsoft Windows 10 - MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349
Microsoft Windows 10 - MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349



What to Expect in This Course

How to Play with Windows 10 for free

Installing Windows 10

What to Expect

Basic Configuration

How to Prepare for the Exam

One More Thing

Understanding operating system configurations

Control Panel - part 1

Control Panel - part 2

Control Panel - part 3

Configure Desktop Settings

More Options for your Desktop

Native Tools: Edge and Cortana

Important Tools

Other Features and Tools

Management Tools

Quiz 1

Installing and upgrading client systems

Editions of Windows 10

System Requirements and Upgrade Paths

Installation Types

Operating Systems Architecture

Drivers and Services

Quiz 2

Managing applications

Configure Applications

UAC in Action

Antivirus in Windows 10

Quiz 3

Files and Permissions

Overview of file systems

File Permissions

Mapping a Drive


Bitlocker and Security

Managing Devices and Backups

Storage and RAID

Printers in Action

System Devices

Backups and System Recovery Features

Extra Lectures

NTFS and permissions

Cortana... Let's Have a Chat!

Remote Access Tools - RDP, VNC...

Applications you Should Know


Anneliek9 October 2020

Great course, explains all terms well. I really know a lot more of what is needed for the exam, but would have liked a bit more in depth discussion of certain topics.

Jonathan19 September 2020

It's easy to understand and I've learned a couple things about the computer I never knew I needed to do until now.

Moises15 September 2020

The course was pretty straightforward. I am not planning on doing the certification exam, but if this course covers it all, then the lector did a good job.

Zia11 September 2020

It is a good lecture on Windows 10, being a Network Administrator I consider that Share Folder (Share Permission & NTFS Permission) and Backup topic should be explained a little more/better. Other than that I find it good and what I expected it should be.

J30 July 2020

Good overall coverage of the guidelines for the MTA Windows Fundamentals exam. There were some topics that were covered in-depth, and other topics that felt like they were skimmed over that could maybe have used some more clarification or exploration (there were multiple examples throughout the course, but I can't think of a specific example at this moment). I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is a beginner in IT (like myself) and is preparing to write the MTA exam for Windows Operating System Fundamentals. There are not many prep courses available currently for this MTA exam, so thank you Marius for making this course available!

Adam5 February 2020

After the first video or so the course seems to not be planned out but rather just a guy narrating his installation of Win10

Elizabeth3 February 2020

Thanks for providing this course. I intend to use this course as a framework for my study for the exam. I also intend to take more courses tutored by Marious this year. This course is worth the course fee.

Michael18 January 2020

Some good information, but very rambling and conversational as opposed to being direct and to the point. Found myself losing interest often. Was looking for detailed information on managing network shares for a small business. There was some useful information but again very rambling talk and doesn't go into great detail on why Microsoft does what it does, which I feel is important to understand if you are going to troubleshoot issues.

Bilash9 January 2020

I have went through this video few times. I took the test January 2020. They was not a single question from this lecturer. I didn’t learn any single this new from this video. I was better off youTube!!!!! Yes have taken other instructors video and learning new and useful things but this video is absolutely zero rated! I waisted my $10

Carl1 January 2020

Great content! I can tell you have spent a lot of time researching all this data/content. Thank you!! Also, some of the courses were kind of blurry. Other than that, great content. Well worth the money!!

ITD28 December 2019

Perfect course. Been working in IT for 3 years but still seen new things. Really explaining every detail. Loved it!

John25 October 2019

The videos were very good iam hoping to sit the exam this year and will then be in a position to give more feedback

Tyler17 October 2019

The videos were pretty decent... but that's about it. I was hoping for better quizzes or some more in depth information. This "course" does not prepare you for the test. It's more of an introduction.

Karen5 October 2019

Gives only basic information on exam topics. You will need a lot of outside research and information before taking the exam.

Samer2 September 2019

Very Basic, language barrier made it boring for me but this was the only course available for this exam which is obviously not enough source to get ready for the exam Review update : After my review regarding this course being basic , the Instructor contacted me and apologizes for being not happy with that course , Really appreciate his honesty and kindness , great instructor to deal with Thank you and best of luck


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