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Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence

Master Power BI Desktop & learn advanced Power BI analysis & data visualization w/ a top Microsoft Power BI instructor

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up

Blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards

Design and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists

Showcase your skills with two full-scale course projects (with step-by-step solutions)

Understand the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end

Learn from a best-selling instructor and professional BI developer


Hear why this is one of the TOP-RATED Power BI courses on Udemy:

"Instructor is top notch - moves at the right pace and keeps it interesting. Best Power BI course on Udemy!"

-Adam Edwards

"Resources are awesome. Presenter is brilliant. I found this course more useful than the offical Power BI course from Microsoft. Things are easy to follow, and presentations are of high quality."

-Jacobus M.

"Chris is a skilled communicator and does a great job of explaining a complex tool like Microsoft Power BI. His 'pro-tips' are great for new user productivity and gaining a sense of the big picture, and I value his best practices on building and managing Power BI queries and reports. I'm feeling much more confident to dig in and use Power BI on my own projects!"

-Bill Jerrow



If you're looking for a comprehensive, hands-on guide to learning Microsoft Power BI Desktop, you've come to the right place.

Power BI is quickly becoming the world's most powerful self-service business intelligence platform, and an absolutely essential tool for data professionals and beginners alike. With Power BI you can connect to hundreds of data sources, build complex relational models using simple and intuitive tools, and design stunning, interactive dashboards from scratch -- all for free.



In this course, you'll be playing the role of Lead Business Intelligence Analyst for Adventure Works Cycles, a global manufacturing company. Your mission? To design and deliver a professional-quality, end-to-end business intelligence solution, armed only with Power BI and a handful of raw csv files.

But don't worry, I'll be guiding you through the ins-and-outs of Power BI Desktop, sharing crystal clear explanations and helpful pro tips each step of the way. We'll follow a steady, systematic progression through the Power BI workflow, and break down our project into FOUR KEY OBJECTIVES:


POWER BI OBJECTIVE #1Connect & Transform the Raw Data

  • Intro to the Power BI Query Editor

  • Types of Power BI Data Connectors

  • Basic Table Transformations

  • Text, Number & Date Tools

  • Index & Conditional Columns

  • Grouping & Aggregating Data

  • Pivoting & Unpivoting

  • Modifying, Merging & Appending Queries

  • Connecting to Folders

  • Defining Hierarchies & Categories

  • Query Editing & Power BI Best Practices


POWER BI OBJECTIVE #2: Build a Relational Data Model

  • Intro to Database Normalization

  • Data ("Fact") Tables vs. Lookup ("Dimension") Tables

  • Creating Power BI Table Relationships

  • "Star" vs. "Snowflake" Schemas

  • Active vs. Inactive Relationships

  • Relationship Cardinality

  • Connecting Multiple Data Tables

  • Filtering & Cross-Filtering

  • Hiding Fields from the Power BI Report View

  • Data Modeling & Power BI best Practices


POWER BI OBJECTIVE #3: Add Calculated Fields with DAX

  • Intro to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Calculated Columns vs. Measures

  • Row Context vs. Filter Context in Power BI

  • DAX Syntax & Operators

  • Common Power BI Functions

  • Basic Date & Time Formulas

  • Logical & Conditional Statements

  • Text, Math & Stats Functions

  • Joining Data with RELATED


  • DAX Iterators (SUMX, AVERAGEX)

  • Time Intelligence Formulas

  • DAX & Power BI Best Practices


POWER BI OBJECTIVE #4: Design Interactive Power BI Reports

  • Intro to the Power BI Report View

  • Adding Basic Charts to Power BI Reports

  • Formatting & Filtering Options

  • Matrix Visuals

  • Slicers & Timelines

  • Cards & KPIs

  • Power BI Map Visuals (Basic, Fill, ArcGIS)

  • Treemaps, Lines, Areas & Gauges

  • Editing Report interactions

  • Adding Drillthrough Filters

  • Linking to Report Bookmarks

  • Using "What-If" Parameters

  • Managing & Viewing Roles

  • PREVIEW: Publishing to Power BI Service

  • Power BI Data Viz Best Practices


By the end of the Adventure Works project, not only will you have developed an entire business intelligence tool from the ground up using Power BI, but you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these same concepts to your own Power BI projects.

For those looking for more opportunities to test their Power BI skills, I've also included an additional set of project files for a bonus Final Project. This is your chance to showcase all of the skills you've developed throughout the course, and apply them to a brand new data set from Maven Market, a global supermarket chain.

Whether you're a casual Power BI user, aspiring analyst, or data science professional, this course will give you the tools you need to become an absolute Power BI ROCK STAR -- guaranteed.


Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 100+ page Power BI ebook

  • Downloadable Power BI project files

  • Homework exercises & quizzes

  • 1-on-1 expert support

  • Course Q&A forum

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See you in there!

-Chris (Founder, Maven Analytics)


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Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence


Getting Started

Course Structure & Outline

READ ME: Important Notes for New Students

DOWNLOAD: Course Resources

Introducing the Course Project

Setting Expectations

Introducing Microsoft Power BI Desktop


Meet Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Downloading Power BI & Adjusting Settings

IMPORTANT: Regional Settings

Exploring the Power BI Desktop Interface & Workflow

Helpful Power BI Resources

QUIZ: Introducing Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Connecting & Shaping Data with Power BI Desktop


Types of Data Connectors in Power BI Desktop

The Power BI Query Editor (aka Power Query)

Demo: Basic Table Transformations in Power BI

Power BI Demo: Working with Text Tools

Power BI Demo: Working with Numerical Values

Power BI Demo: Working with Date & Time Tools

PRO TIP: Creating a Rolling Calendar in Power BI Desktop

Power BI Demo: Generating Index & Conditional Columns

Power BI Demo: Grouping & Aggregating Records

Power BI Demo: Pivoting & Unpivoting Data

Merging Queries in Power BI Desktop

Appending Queries in Power BI Desktop

PRO TIP: Appending Files from a Folder

Configuring Power BI Data Source Settings

Configuring Power BI Query Refresh Settings

Additional Data Types & Categories in Power BI

Defining Hierarchies in Power BI Desktop

PRO TIP: Importing Models from Excel to Power BI

Power BI Data Connection Best Practices

QUIZ: Connecting & Shaping Data with Power BI Desktop

HOMEWORK: Connecting & Shaping Data with Power BI Desktop

HOMEWORK SOLUTION: Connecting & Shaping Data with Power BI Desktop

Creating Table Relationships & Data Models in Power BI


What is a "Data Model"?

Principles of Database Normalization

Understanding Data Tables vs. Lookup Tables

Understanding Table Relationships vs. Merged Tables

Creating Table Relationships in Power BI Desktop

"Snowflake" Schemas in Power BI

Managing & Editing Table Relationships in Power BI Desktop

Managing Active vs. Inactive Relationships

Understanding Relationship Cardinality

Connecting Multiple Data Tables in Power BI Desktop

Understanding Filter Flow

Two-Way Filters in Power BI Desktop (USE WITH CAUTION!)

Hiding Fields from the Power BI Report View

UPDATE: New Power BI Desktop "Model" View

Power BI Data Model Best Practices

QUIZ: Creating Table Relationships & Data Models in Power BI

HOMEWORK: Creating Table Relationships & Data Models in Power BI

HOMEWORK SOLUTION: Creating Table Relationships & Data Models in Power BI

Analyzing Data with DAX Calculations in Power BI


Meet Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Intro to DAX Calculated Columns

Intro to DAX Measures

RECAP: Calculated Columns vs. DAX Measures

Adding Columns & DAX Measures in Power BI Desktop

Implicit vs. Explicit DAX Measures

Filter Context Examples in Power BI

Step-by-Step DAX Measure Calculation

Understanding DAX Syntax & Operators

Common DAX Function Categories

DAX Demo: Basic Date & Time Functions

DAX Demo: Conditional & Logical Functions (IF/AND/OR)

DAX Demo: Common Text Functions

DAX Demo: Joining Data with RELATED

DAX Demo: Basic Math & Stats Functions


IMPORTANT: Order Line Items




DAX Demo: Iterator Functions (SUMX, RANKX)

DAX Demo: Time Intelligence Formulas

DAX Best Practices in Power BI Desktop

QUIZ: Analyzing Data with DAX Calculations in Power BI

HOMEWORK: Analyzing Data with DAX Calculations in Power BI

HOMEWORK SOLUTION: Analyzing Data with DAX Calculations in Power BI

Visualizing Data with Power BI Reports


Exploring the "Report" View in Power BI Desktop

Adding Simple Objects to the Power BI Report Canvas

Inserting Basic Charts & Visuals in Power BI

UPDATE: Conditional Formatting

Power BI Report Formatting Options

Power BI Report Filtering Options

Power BI Demo: Exploring Data with Matrix Visuals

Power BI Demo: Filtering with Date Slicers

Power BI Demo: Showing Key Metrics with Cards & KPI Visuals

Power BI Demo: Inserting Text Cards

Power BI Demo: Visualizing Geospatial Data with Maps

Power BI Demo: Visualizing Data with Treemaps

Power BI Demo: Showing Trends with Line & Area Charts

Power BI Demo: Adding Trend Lines & Forecasts

Power BI Demo: Goal Pacing with Gauge Charts

Editing Power BI Report Interactions

Power BI Demo: Adding Drillthrough Filters

Using Power BI Report Bookmarks

PRO TIP: Testing Scenarios with "What-If" Parameters

Managing & Viewing Roles in Power BI Desktop

PREVIEW: Custom Power BI Visuals (Log-in Required)

PREVIEW: Designing for Phone vs. Desktop Report Viewers

PREVIEW: Publishing to Power BI Service

Power BI Data Visualization Best Practices

QUIZ: Visualizing Data with Power BI Reports

HOMEWORK: Visualizing Data with Power BI Reports

HOMEWORK SOLUTION: Visualizing Data with Power BI Reports

NEW: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Visuals

Power BI Demo: Q&A Visual

Power BI Demo: Key Influencers Visual (Part 1)

Power BI Demo: Key Influencers Visual (Part 2)

IMPORTANT: Correlation vs. Causation

Power BI Demo: Decomposition Tree Visual

Wrapping Up

REFERENCE: Monthly Power BI Updates

Resources & Next Steps

More from Maven Analytics

Bonus Course Project: Maven Market


PART 1: Connecting & Shaping the Data

PART 2: Creating the Data Model

PART 3: Adding DAX Measures

PART 4: Building the Report


Annee9 October 2020

This course exceeded my expectations - clear explanations, great breadth and depth, very responsive feedback on questions. I appreciate the effort to keep the course current with Power BI updates. Thank you for a great course!

Carolin9 October 2020

This course is learning by doing. It is a great way to learn. I already have learned a lot and I only spend about 1.5 hours.

Ragy8 October 2020

Great instructor , the only take away is the videos are not actually updated with the new look of power BI but instead just a quick indicator message to tell you what has been changed

Reinerio8 October 2020

I love the pace of the course and the instructor is clearly showing expertise with details of information being shared.

Rohit8 October 2020

The course was great. The lectures were easy to understand and the instructors always made sure you got the full benefit of the course, answering questions to confirming your understanding of the video.

Eric26 February 2020

I am learning a lot, especially those Pro-Tips, I know they will come in handy as I become a Master Data Analyst.

Kevin26 February 2020

Chris Dutton does an awesome job at teaching this class. He goes over important functions in Quey editor and talks about complex joins and sets up a real company performance dashboard. Thank you Chris and when is the next class? Would love to see some more advanced features you are using and complex models you are creating!!!!!

Debi25 February 2020

While the instructor is clearly knowledgeable, he's basically reading the slides, which is a terrible practice.

Jorge25 February 2020

The best course I've taken here so far. The instructor explain concepts in an easy way without becoming boring. I really appreciated the new videos on the recent additions to Power BI.

Swati23 February 2020

As everyone already knows, this is not a live course but Chris makes us feel as if it is a live course by answering any questions you think. Being new to Power BI, many times new questions comes to my mind but before even I finish my thought, I hear Chris say, "You might be wondering but...". It's truly amazing how deep he gets into each concept and explains it. He makes it easier by relating the functions to Excel. I have decided to take all courses by Maven Analytics even if I know the topic already as it's a very good refresher.

Elizabeth23 February 2020

This course will not make you an expert but will leave you confident you could start your own project. The downloadable course resources cover all the basics of Power BI Desktop, giving you reference data for e.g. DAX formula. The course pacing is such that you can build your 'homework' BI model as you go or as you re-watch (note due to constant updates to Power BI you do need to watch for screenshots where new changes are pointed out)

Samir22 February 2020

Great course! Maven Analytics is the go-to course when you wann start and/or dive deeper into Excel and Power BI and Chris is a great instructor! Thanks for the great guidance Chris! PS: Not my first and not my last class I am taking with Maven Analytics.

Laura21 February 2020

Great course, it has been a good experience so far with my Maven Analytics purchases. I enjoy the pace, the instructor's feedback if you cannot find your answer in Q&A section and how the updates in the tools are constantly called out for reference.

Anthony21 February 2020

Well Structured and Articulated Course. Expose one to Core fundamentals and gives you exercises to cement those concepts

John21 February 2020

Really liking the pace and detail of this course. I have a strong spreadsheet background and this course is easy to following and build on those skills. Great balance between explaining and example and actually doing it alongside the course. Thanks


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