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Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep

Complete, hands-on guide to passing the DA-100 Power BI Exam and becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Develop the exact skills you need to ace the DA-100 Power BI certification exam

Extract, profile, clean, transform, and load data from different sources

Build and optimize data models and DAX measures

Publish reports and dashboards to Power BI Service

Create and manage datasets & workspaces to deploy across your organization

Learn from a best-selling instructor and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst


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This course is designed to help you build the exact skills you need to ace the Microsoft DA-100 exam, guaranteed.

With hands-on projects, downloadable study guides, and a full-length practice exam, this is the ONLY course you'll need to prepare for your Power BI certification!

Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of Lead BI Analyst for Maven Cycles, a boutique cycling shop. You’ll use Power BI Desktop and Service, along with the skills you learn throughout the course, to design and build an end-to-end business intelligence solution from the ground up. We'll guide you each step of the way, with crystal clear explanations and pro tips to help you build expert-level Power BI and DAX skills.

Our project will incorporate all of the skills covered on the DA-100 Exam, including data prep, modeling, visualization, and analysis, along with deploying and maintaining reports and deliverables:

  • Data Prep: Getting Data From Different Sources

    • Connect to data sources, choose a storage mode & define data source parameters

  • Data Prep: Profiling

    • Explore the view menu & data profiling tools like column quality and distribution

  • Data Prep: Cleaning, Transforming & Loading

    • Clean data, apply table transformations, merge & append queries, and modify custom M code

  • Data Modeling 101

    • Design data models, identify keys, establish table relationships, and review model optimization tips

  • Data Modeling: DAX Calculations

    • Create calculated columns & measures with DAX, including aggregation, table, and time intelligence functions

  • Data Visualization: Creating Reports & Dashboards

    • Insert & format visuals, edit report interactions, add filters & tooltips, and create reports and dashboards

  • Data Analysis: Enhancing Reports

    • Review chart analytics options, natural language queries, filtering options, and AI visuals

  • Deploying & Maintaining Deliverables

    • Implement scheduled & incremental refresh, configure row level security, explore sharing options, and more

We’ll also walk through everything you need to know about the DA-100 certification process itself, including:

  • Exam structure & details

  • Question Types & examples

  • Measured skills

  • Exam rules & results

  • Tips for success

Finally, we'll wrap things up with a full-length practice exam, with knowledge-based and case study questions designed to mirror the actual exam experience and make sure you're ready for the real deal.

If you're ready to level-up your Power BI skills, increase your earning potential, and become a Microsoft Certified Analyst, this is the course for you!


Join today and get immediate, lifetime access to the following:

  • 7.5 hours of high-quality video

  • DA-100 Certification Prep study guide

  • Downloadable Power BI project files & solutions

  • Quizzes + full-length Practice Exam

  • Course Q&A forum

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See you in the course!

-Aaron (Lead Power BI Instructor, Maven Analytics)


Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep
Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep
Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep
Microsoft Power BI Certification: DA-100 Exam Prep


Getting Started

Course Structure & Outline

READ ME: Important Notes for New Students

The Course Project

Maven Cycles Data Model

DOWNLOAD: Course Resources

Setting Expectations

Preparing for the DA-100 Exam

Exam Structure

Skills Measured

Exam Question Types

Example | Knowledge-Based Questions

Example | Case Study Question

Exam Rules

Helpful Resources

Tips for Success

Setting Up Power BI Desktop & Service

Installing Power BI Desktop

Creating An Account & Free Trial

Power BI Service Interface

Creating Your First Workspace

Data Prep: Getting Data from Different Sources


Connecting to Data

The Query Editor

Example | Connecting to JSON Files

Example | Connecting to PBDIS Files

Example | Connecting to the Microsoft Dataverse

Example | Connecting to SSAS

Example | Connecting to SharePoint Online

Storage Modes

Data Source Settings

PRO TIP: Dynamic Sources with Parameters

QUIZ: Getting Data from Different Sources

Data Prep: Profiling


The View Menu

Column Quality

Column Distribution

Column Profile


Data Prep: Cleaning, Transforming & Loading


Basic Table Transformations

Index Columns

Conditional Columns

Columns from Example

Grouping & Aggregation

Pivoting & Unpivoting

Merging Queries

Appending Queries

Modifying Queries

Intro to M Code & Editing Applied Steps

The Advanced Editor

Common M Function Categories

M Code Syntax

QUIZ: Cleaning, Transforming & Loading

Data Modeling 101


What is a Data Model?

Data Tables vs. Lookup Tables

Creating Table Relationships

Relationship Cardinality & Filter Flow

Active & Inactive Relationship

Creating "Snowflake" Schemas

Automatic Date Tables

Date Table Requirements

Model Optimization Tips

QUIZ: Data Modeling 101

Data Modeling: DAX Calculations


Meet DAX

Calculated Columns


Quick Measures

Common DAX Function Categories

Basic Aggregation Functions

Iterator Functions








Time Intelligence Functions

QUIZ: DAX Calculations

Data Visualization: Creating Reports & Dashboards


Power BI Report View

Objects & Basic Charts

Editing Report Interactions

Drill-through Filters



Importing Custom Visuals

R & Python Visuals

Accessibility Features

Creating a Dashboard in Power BI Service

Dashboard Interface

Web vs. Mobile Layout

QUIZ: Creating Reports & Dashboards

Data Analysis: Enhancing Reports


Chart Types Based on Analysis

Chart Analytics Options

Q&A Visual

Filtering Options


Key Influencers Visual

Decomposition Tree Visual

QUIZ: Enhancing Reports

Deploying & Maintaining Deliverables


Scheduled Dataset Refresh

Static Row-Level Security

Dynamic RLS

Apply RLS in Power BI Service

PRO TIP: Azure Security Groups


Sharing Options

User Roles & Permissions

Publishing Apps

Deployment Pipelines

Data Lineage

Incremental Refresh & Query Folding

Configuring Incremental Refresh

Large Dataset Storage Format

Endorsing Content

Sensitivity Labels

QUIZ: Deploying & Maintaining Deliverables

Practice Exam

Practice Exam Intro

DOWNLOAD: Practice Exam Resources

DA-100 Practice Exam

CASE STUDY #1: Introduction

CASE STUDY #1: Questions

CASE STUDY #2: Introduction

CASE STUDY #2: Questions

Wrapping Up

BONUS LECTURE: More from Maven Analytics


Aaron21 August 2021

Again another first class Maven course that is well organized and clearly delivered. The content is all relevant and helpful to know in preparing for the DA-100 exam.

Deovrat14 August 2021

Aaron is so good at teaching. His slides are to the point and contain all the info you need. It would have taken a lot of time to gather that data and presenting it so brilliantly. I have my exam planned on 20th of August. Hoping to ace it with the help of such an amazing instructor. fingers crossed.

Paul12 August 2021

Not clear how or when to use course material. Number of mistakes in quiz questions, script. Material not covered appears in quiz. Presenter not always very concise. On the upside length and scope are appropriate for a review course.

Frederick30 July 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The instructor stroke the right balance between taking the time to explain every concept meticulously, and not rumbling on too much. Clear explanations that make the journey really enjoyable. 5 stars for these lads. They really deserve it!

Sohail29 July 2021

Very well decribe. Easy to understand this difficult subject. Love the way he is teaching, that creates desire to learn.

Gaurav29 July 2021

I cleared the DA-100 and full credits to this course. Got some common Qs from the Quiz itself in the exam. In fact this is a must do course for beginners Power BI analysts! Thanks Aaron!

Mohamed26 July 2021

This course helped me pass the DA100 certification exam with flying colors! I found the content of this course very relevant; concisely covers all the required skill areas. Throughout the course, the instructor works on demystifying the exam, while maintaining a positive tone “You’ve got this”

Virginie26 July 2021

Thank you so much for this great course! It really helped me and I don't think I could have passed the DA-100 certification without it. The practice exam is a HUGE plus. I really recommend this course!

Praveer20 July 2021

Great in depth explanation by perry...covers all aspects of da-100..would explore more courses by him.. great sir...

Jorge15 July 2021

Very well structured. I really enjoyed this prep class, I've taken a few others that were just a joke. There's a lot of material to cover and the instructor compacts it into a format that is easy to follow, shares nuances that you may encounter, and really dig the pro tips.

Christine9 July 2021

not really adding. already know this.... so looking forward questions and a good overview of what to know!

Amol8 July 2021

that is really really deep information but would be great if get an idea about the gateway to connect through SSAS

Swami3 July 2021

I passed DA-100 and credit goes to this course. Try the method of Pre-During and Post lecture. Prior to taking a lesson test your knowledge by doing, learn from Aaron, and practice. The concept will become clear. Actual Exam is loaded with so much Text that 50% of time will go to understanding text and the question itself. As you read, eliminate, and look for keywords and Aaron teaches them to recognize. His slides on structure of DAX, command and classification was critical in recognizing the knowledge being tested in exam. Do Practice and do not stop with listening to lessons as this is a skill based exam.

Souvik26 June 2021

Perfect course! Arron Parry and team Maven they are just wonderful and will take your skills and expectations to a new level. Detailed design, each and every concept is clearly told.... Thank you team !!! You saved me...

Adam25 June 2021

Going to be taking the DA-100 Exam in 2 months. Really looking forward to this course helping me prepare!


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