Microsoft Planner: Planner Essentials for the workplace

The ins and outs of Microsoft Planner: from Planner basics to real world examples of Microsoft Planner in practice

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May 2021

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What you will learn

The essentials of Microsoft Planner

Planner Basics

How to create a plan in Microsoft Planner

How to create tasks in Microsoft Planner

How to assign tasks in Microsoft Planner

How to use labels in Microsoft Planner

How to use check lists in Microsoft Planner

How to filter tasks in Microsoft Planner

How to upload files in Microsoft Planner

How to add comments in Microsoft Planner

Where to find support for Microsoft Planner

How to provide feedback about Microsoft Planner

How to leverage on the power of Microsoft Planner

How people use Microsoft Planner in the real world


[EXCLUSIVE] Double Degree, Badges & Community. Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion, a Microsoft Planner Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn Profile or any other online profile & access to the most dynamic Agile Community in the world.

This Microsoft Planner course will help you get you up and running quickly with Microsoft Planner. Think of it as a Planner fundamentals and essentials crash course for the workplace.

As part of the Office 365 suite of applications, Microsoft Planner is one of the most important and widely used Microsoft productivity apps in businesses around the world. It is also intuitive, easy to use and modern.

At the workplace, I use Microsoft Planner on a daily basis, multiple times a day every single day. And that's not a coincidence. Planner is a great tool for managing projects, tasks and people.

Microsoft Planner allows you to plan tasks, control and coordinate jobs, communicate, collaborate, share files, work on files concurrently, make business decisions, solve business problems, manage your projects and more, a lot more.

The sky is the limit when it comes to Microsoft Planner. It's just that powerful, trust me. But beyond that, allow me to show you why it's so powerful and fun to use. And why so many businesses and people use it. 


Microsoft Planner: Planner Essentials for the workplace
Microsoft Planner: Planner Essentials for the workplace
Microsoft Planner: Planner Essentials for the workplace
Microsoft Planner: Planner Essentials for the workplace




Why use Microsoft Planner?

Getting Started

The Official Planner Website

Initial Tour of Microsoft Planner

Planner Support and Feedback

How to Access and Use Support Documentation for Microsoft Planner

Providing Feedback on Microsoft Planner

Planner in Practice

A Real World Example of Planner in Action

Bonus Lecture

Thank You & Goodbye!


Nick17 May 2020

I’m looking to get into the learning material quickly. The start has too much ancillary information. Although relevant, this information could be put at the end of the lecture.

Top11 May 2020

The course has nothing to be taught, just wasting time. Every thing is there, there is no need of any class for what he is teaching. Spending so much of time is waste. MS Planner is wonderful. The person teaching drags it too much, wasting lots of time.

Glenn26 April 2020

This course on Microsoft Planner in presented in such a way, that it is very easy to understand, and follow the instructor.

Rohit12 April 2020

This course is meant for purpose 'Planner for Agile Kanban project' which is an apt title. This is not illustrating generic use of MS Planner for day to day tasks and tracking tasks assigned to multiple users, sending reminder emails for tasks not completed. Would like to see another course covering general aspects of MS planner

Gary5 April 2020

An excellent course! It concisely shows the parallels between Jira and Microsoft Planner, as well as shows how to work with Planner in detail. Thank you, Mauricio and Udemy!

Veronica2 April 2020

I felt the first half of the course lacked value, and could have been covered in a shorter amount of time, or bypassed altogether.

Julian28 March 2020

Limited content, limited views, limited examples. It could have been done in 15-20 minutes. Painful to make it to the end. Too many words to say nothing and too much rambling. Sorry Mauricio, if you are serious about education, then raise the bar otherwise try to make a living in social media instead.

Stephanie26 March 2020

It goes into the fundamentals of Microsoft Planner well. Very helpful! I think I can start using the software and learn more as I go!

Yiqi23 March 2020

A very good introductory course with lots of tips for resources that one can explore after this. It would be better if the instructor can touch a bit more on charts (only a quick flash shown in the course) and schedule (not covered at all). I would like to have them covered because I do not have access to Planner yet and would like to see all features now. It is absolutely okay as the course is now - it is free! Will explore further in Planner Help Center, as the instructor suggested. Thank you, Mauricio!

Alex31 January 2020

Very basic introduction to Planner. Delivery is rambling at times. And LOTS of repetition of basic, common sense items. Could probably be condensed into 30 minutes, instead of 1.5 hours.


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