Microsoft Office Certification Mastery: From Novice to Ninja

Certification Program: Microsoft Word, Excel, Unlock Macros & VBA, PowerPoint, Outlook.

Microsoft Office Certification Mastery: From Novice to Ninja


29 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Master Microsoft PowerPoint – From Beginner to Advanced

FREE REWARDS upon completion of course: Ready to Use PowerPoint Presentations, PowerPoint Themes, 3D Characters, Icons, HD Backgrounds

Master Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Advanced

Master Microsoft Outlook – Outlook like a Boss

Master Excel Macros & VBA – From Beginner to Advanced

FREE REWARDS upon completion of course: 100+ Ready to Use VBA Codes

Master Microsoft Word - From Beginner to Advanced

Learn Microsoft office from scratch or fill in the gaps to become confident immediately

Explore the potential of Power Query. You will be surprised at what you achieve with a bit of Power Query knowledge

Get lifetime access to all these courses including quizzes, exercises & FREE access to new featured topics


Why to buy individual courses when this complete package will give you everything you need! Boost your career and stand out from others in crowd!!

1. Microsoft Word (Basic course)

2. Microsoft Word (Advanced course)

2. Microsoft Excel (Basic course)

4. Microsoft Excel (Advanced course)

3. Unlock Macros & VBA Programming course

4. Microsoft Outlook - Basic & Advanced

5. Microsoft PowerPoint - Basic & Advanced

Microsoft Excel all-in-one Package - Become a certified Excel Ninja with #1 Excel course:

  • Looking for an online Excel course to improve your skills and save time but don't know where to start?

  • I have picked out the Excel Essential skills and packaged them in a structured course.

  • I will take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything from scratch & to be able to use VBA to improve your work flow, save time and automate your current Excel projects.

Microsoft Word complete Package - Don't use just Word, learn tips and tricks with this course to be a smart user. This course includes basic level, intermediate level and advanced level of MS Word. Enroll now to go from beginning to Advanced user. At completion of this course you will have mastered the Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel:

By the end of the course you'll be confident, writing robust & elegant formulas and functions from scratch, allowing you to:

  • Input Data and Navigate Large Spreadsheets

  • Easily build dynamic tools & Excel dashboards to filter, display and analyze your data

  • Apply Excel hacks to get your work done faster

  • Be able to choose right Excel formula to automate your data analysis (Excel IF Function, ROUND and more)

  • Join datasets from multiple sources with Excel's LOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH functions

  • Get Answers from your Data

  • Organize, Clean and Manage Large Data

  • Create Interactive reports with Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers and Timelines

  • Import & transform data with tools like Get & Transform (Power Query)

  • Manipulate dates, times, text, and arrays

  • Reduce manual routine tasks to the click of button

  • VBA programming & read, write own Macro to automate the tasks

We will dive into a broad range of Excel formulas & functions. Below are some Excel Features & Functions that you will learn:

  • Useful Excel shortcuts for data entry and navigation.

  • Protect your Excel files and worksheets properly.

  • To apply formatting correctly for cleaner and more professional reports.

  • To use important features like drop-down lists and add data validation to the cells. The way you can restrict users to type the data which can be input in each cell.

  • Add Comments & Notes to cells & how to print the same if needed.

  • Add Data & time Stamps to your reports.

  • Lookup/Reference Functions.

  • Statistical Functions.

  • Logic Functions.

  • Text Functions.

  • Date & Time Functions.

  • The most useful & powerful functions such as COUNT, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, Nesting IF functions by nesting AND and OR within them and many more.

  • Excel features that will help you to organize and structure data so it makes (Sort, Filter, Search & Replace Go to Special, combine text with & character.)

  • Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts so that you can quickly get insights from your data.

  • What Excel Power Query can do for you and how easy it is to combine data from different spreadsheets

  • Use Power Query to unpivot the data drive another Pivot Table, transform messy data to tabular data.

  • Join Multiple Tables & create long table using Power Query that can be used to feed business intelligence solutions & Pivot Tables.

  • Import data from Text File.

  • Three different ways to run the Macro i.e. from Macro Dialog, Using Keyboard Shortcuts & using buttons.

  • More than just Excel! VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) from Scratch to advanced.

Microsoft Word:

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular and sought after Microsoft Word tools and come away with confidence to complete many Word tasks with efficiency and grace. Below are just a few of the topics you will master.


  • Creating Dynamic Microsoft Word Documents

  • Effectively Formatting a Document with Styles

  • Prepare Documents for Printing and Exporting

  • Manage Large Documents

  • Working with Page and Section Breaks

  • Control Page Orientation

  • Create and Manage Table Layouts

  • Work with Tab Stops to Align Content Properly

  • Insert Media and Images

  • Perform Mail Merges to create Mailing Labels and Form Letters

  • Manage Templates

  • Protect Documents from Edits

  • Track and Accept/Reject Changes to a Document

  • Build Dynamic Table of Contents

  • and much, much more...

Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is an essential office software and understanding it fully is the best way to keep your daily correspondence running smoothly. This online course will help you learn tips and tricks for sending and organizing email, reducing inbox clutter, how to manage your calendar, contacts and tasks to maximize efficiency.


  • Office management tips to monitor inbox size, set up auto-archive, search for and organize email in folders and groups.

  • Best practices for sending, receiving, and saving attachments.

  • Set up email signatures and explore options such as read receipts and delayed send.

  • Stay organized by using the calendar to schedule appointments, meetings, and events.

  • Add and group contacts; create, assign, and filter tasks.

  • Design Quick Steps to save time on repetitive yet unavoidable office tasks.

  • Use mail merge to send personalized emails automatically to an entire list.

  • Back up your Outlook file, export contacts and set up additional email accounts.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Material was recorded using Microsoft PowerPoint 2019  but is relevant to PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016. MAC users, since the videos are recorded with the Windows version of Microsoft PowerPoint, the interface will be a bit different.

This Course Includes 3 Sections

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 101 - Introductory Level

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 102 - Intermediate/Advanced Level

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 103 - Tips and Tricks

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular and sought after Microsoft PowerPoint tools and come away with confidence to complete many PowerPoint tasks with efficiency and grace. Below are just a few of the topics you will master:

  • Build and Deliver Effective PowerPoint Presentations

  • Integrate Data from other Microsoft Office Applications

  • Pick the Proper PowerPoint Slide Layouts for your Content

  • Animate PowerPoint Content without Distracting the Audience

  • Automate PowerPoint Formatting and Slide Layouts with Master Slides

  • and much, much more...

So, what are you waiting for, enroll now and take the next step in mastering Microsoft office essential tools and go from Newb to Guru!

What differentiates this course from other Courses?

Yes, there are many Microsoft Office Courses out there teaching you the important functions and features you need to master. BUT, do you get step-step-step learning with of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint with Quizzes, Exercises and VBA programming all in one course?

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll Today and take the next step in mastering Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and VBA Programming. Boost your career and stand out from others in crowd. Go from Novice to Ninja in all this complete package of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, Macros & VBA! Become a certified Microsoft Office specialist and be a Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint & VBA Ninja Today.

The course comes with lifetime access. Buy now. Watch anytime.


Microsoft Outlook: An Introduction to Outlook

A Tour of the screen elements and ribbon

Office Management

[Trick] Drag and Drop - Trim Redundant Clicks for most repetitive tasks

Second Window - Shuffle between your Calendar and Inbox

Emails - Sending and Receiving

Emails Do's and Don'ts

Learn the Office Protocols - Autofill, Importance and Email Format

Time Saving Tip - Email Signatures

Handling Attachments

Recall a Message

[Trick] Quick Steps Gallery

Email - Organizing

Email Options

Voting Buttons

Set your own preferences and customize - View Ribbon, Layout Group

Groups and Conversations

Search for and Color Code Emails - Color coding to make it stand out in a crowd

Inbox Sticky Notes

Follow-up Flags and Categories

Folders and Search Folders - Gather Category of Emails

[Trick] Rules and Alerts - Perform time-saving tasks

Microsoft Outlook: Calendar

Various ways of Calendar Views

Calendar Display Options

Appointments, Meetings and Events

Schedule Resources and Schedule View

[Trick] Recurring Appointments - Awesome feature

Color Code Appointments

Search the Calendar quickly

Printing and Calendar Best practices

Test Yourself!

Microsoft Outlook: Contacts

[Trick] New Contacts - Quick tips to add new contacts

Contact Groups aka Distribution Lists

Search Contacts & People Pane - Best way to find contact & people activities

Contact Folders and Groups - Keep your Contacts organized

Contact Categories - Keep your Contacts organized

Contact Views - View your contact data to get desired results & make decisions

Contacts Backup

Test your Knowledge with this Quiz

Microsoft Outlook: Task and Notes

Tasks - New and Recurring

Task Assignment to assistant or co-worker and Change View with simple click

Task To-Do Bar

[Trick] Using Notes - Tips to make the most of your notes

Test your Knowledge with this Quiz

Microsoft Outlook: Advanced Features

Email Merge

Email Merge - Personalized

Email Merge - Full Color Flyers

Backup Outlook Folder

Store Emails Outside of Outlook

Test Yourself!

Microsoft PowerPoint: Interface and Basics

Launching PowerPoint & Choosing a Theme

Adding Slides, Changing Layouts & Exploring the Outline Feature

Exploring PowerPoint's Views

[Trick] Clever Location to add extra text to a slide

Customizing the PowerPoint Interface

Changing Themes & Colors

Microsoft PowerPoint: Adding Text and Shapes

[Trick] How to quickly add content to your Slides

Formatting Text

Adding and Manipulating Shapes

Duplicate and Add Multiple Shapes

Align and Distribute Shapes

Group and Ungroup Shapes

Microsoft PowerPoint: Pictures

Working with Pictures

Remove Picture Backgrounds

[Trick] How to quickly add multiple pictures in presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint: Info-Graphics and Media

[Trick] SmartArt Graphics to quickly add diagrams to your presentation

How to select right chart for your data and quickly add, edit and format Charts

Advanced Chart Options

Add Tabular Data to your Presentation

Adding Audio

Adding Video

Microsoft PowerPoint: Animations and Transitions

[Trick] Less is More

Basic Animation Types

Events and Speed

Motion Path Animations


Microsoft PowerPoint: Slide Tasks

Duplicate & Reordering Slides - Reuse existing slides in your presentation

Reusing and Copying Slides - Reuse existing slides from another presentation

Working with Slide Sections

[Trick] Reset - The Magic Button

Microsoft PowerPoint: Deliver your Presentation

[Trick] Printing Slides - Quickly print your slides professionally

Practice makes perfect - Rehearsing Slides

Exploring Slide Show Options - Setup your show to present in variety of ways

Presenter View - Use a Special PowerPoint View

Microsoft PowerPoint: New Design Features

Morph Transitions - Move objects when presenting a slide show

Insert Icons Seamlessly

3D Animations

Pre-Animated 3D Models

[Trick] Zoom - Game Changer Feature

20,000+ Ready to use PowerPoint Slides

Ready to use PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Themes presentation material

Microsoft Excel 101 - An Introduction to Excel

The Ribbon Commands

The Work Surface - Workbook and Worksheets

Navigation Tools with 100+ Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting to Know Excel Step-By-Step

Your First File


Work with Alignment and Wrap text

Hiding or unhiding of Rows and Columns

Basic Math

Cell Referencing & Excel Functions

Formula Anatomy

Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing

Functions Anatomy

Math Functions

Statistical Functions

Logic Functions

Text Functions

Understanding Dates & Time

Microsoft Excel 102 - Intermediate Level Excel

Formula Auditing

Lookup & If Family Functions

Conditional Math - SUMIF, COUNTIF & SUMPRODUCT Functions

External Links

Temporal Functions - EOMONTH & EDATE Functions

VLOOKUP with Approximate Match

Using lookup with Large Tables

VLOOKUP with Exact Match

Nesting Lookup Functions

Lookup Functions - Hlookup, Index, Match & Index with Match

Microsoft Excel 103 - Advanced Level Excel

Recording Macros

Optimizing Data: Sorting, Filtering & Tables

Basic & Advanced Sorting

Basic & Advanced Filtering

Naming Ranges

Excel Tables

Quick Insights with Excel Pivot Tables & Data Analysis Tools

Creating Pivot Tables

Formatting Pivot Tables

Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables

Slicers to Calculate & Manipulate Fields

Grouping by date, time and other factors

Pivot Chart

What-If analysis & Data Analysis Tools

Solver in Excel

Formatting including Conditional & Number Formatting in Excel

Cell Formatting


Build own Custom Number Formats

Conditional Formats with Built-in Rules

Conditional Formats with Custom Rules

Working with Excel Charts

Column Charts

Bar Charts

Pie Charts

Line Charts

Waterfall Charts


Combination Charts - Area and Line

Combination Charts - Column and Line

Power Query in Excel

Unpivot Data from Pivot Tables

Build Contiguous Data without Blank Rows & Columns

Import Data from Text Files

Join Multiple Tables & Create One Master Table

Getting Data from Text Files

Getting Data from Excel Tables

Getting Data from Excel Ranges

Getting Data from External Excel Files

Data Validation and Updating

Data Validation

Data Validation Lists

Comments & Notes


Preparing to Deploy and Security Considerations

Custom Views

Page Setup options

Security Considerations

Sharing Workbooks and Tracking Changes

More than Just Excel - Unlock the Power of Macros & VBA

Difference between Macro vs. VBA

Important Compatibility & Setup Information

Macros in Excel

Your First Macro

File Types & Saving

Running Macros: Using the Macro Dialog

Running Macros: Using the Keyboard shortcuts

Running Macros: Using Buttons

Getting started with VBA

Visual Basic Editor: What you need to Know

VBA Objects & the Object Model

Visual view of VBA Object Model

Where Do I Put My Code?

Understanding Code: Macros Syntax

Cleaning Up Recorded Code

Debugging - Entry Level

Step Macro Line by Line & Aid in Debugging

Using Breakpoints

Working with Variables

What are Variables?

Creating Variables

Assign Strings, Values or Objects to Variables & use in code

Role of Explicit vs Implicit Variables

Advanced Debugging

Using the Local Window

Using the Immediate Window

Using the Watch Window

Using the Stop Keyword

Coding Constructs

Working "With" Blocks

Implement If/Then Choices in VBA

Logic Tests - Select Case

Looping in VBA (Control the Flow of Code)

Basic Looping with Do Loops

Do While/Until Loops

Looping - For X to Y loops

Looping - For Each X in Y Loops

Setup Master Macro

VBA Message Box

Creating VBA Message Boxes

Collecting Feedback from a VBA MsgBox

Working with VBA Input Box to prompt user

Forcing User to Enter Data

Error Handling Techniques

Error Types

Setup an Error Trap to Handle errors

Building Error Handlers

User Defined Functions

User Defined Function (UDF) Syntax

Creating User Defined Functions (UDFs)

Calling a User Defined Function (UDFs)

100+ Ready to use VBA codes

Basic codes

Formatting codes

Printing codes

Worksheet codes

Workbook codes

Pivot Table codes

Chart codes

Formula codes

Advanced codes

IF statement codes

An Introduction to Microsoft Word

Word Screen Elements

Quick Access Toolbar

Page Navigation

Your First Document

Formatting Fonts

Basic Letter Layout

Cut, Copy and Paste Function

MS Word - The Home Ribbon

Styles Gallery

Format text with Fonts & Colors

Format Painter Button

Font Group

Paragraph Formats

Functional Paragraph Formats

Bullets & Numbering


Line Spacing

Find & Replace Function

MS Word - File Ribbon

File, New Function

File, Recent Function

File, Share Button

File, Info & Security Features

MS Word - The Insert Ribbon

Insert Page Breaks & Blank Pages in a document

Add a Cover Page

Working with Pages

Insert Pictures & Clip Art

Use of Shapes


Headers & Footers

Page Numbers & File Location Notes

Word Art


MS Word - Page Layout Ribbon


Page Orientation & Size

Fit the Content in less pages using columns

Paragraph Spacing

Print Function

MS Word - The View Ribbon

Document Views

Navigation Pane

Zoom Controls

Work with Multiple Windows

MS Word - Reference Ribbon

Create Table of Contents

Update the Table of Contents

Mark Entry for Table of Contents

Footnotes & Endnotes

Citations and Bibliography


Create an Index

MS Word - Custom Styles

Create & Apply Styles

Rename, Modify & Remove Styles

Reveal Formatting

Selection & Format Pane

MS Word - Mailings Ribbon

Envelopes & Labels

Mail Merge to Labels

Mail Merge to Envelopes

Mail Merge to Form Letters

Mail Merge to Emails

Mail Merge Tips

MS Word - Review Ribbon

Proofing Section

Language & Translation


Track Changes

Compare Documents

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