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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2021

Pass your Microsoft AZ-104 exam. Labs plus over 250+ Practice questions for each exam

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Students will learn all there is to know to be confident when taking the Microsoft Azure Administrator exams

Students will learn the important aspects for what is required from an exam perspective


Release v6.0 - March 2021

  • Added more quizzes across the course

  • Added newer test questions to the Practice Test section of the course

  • Refreshed videos on various chapters which includes the following

  1. Point-to-Site VPN connections

  2. Site-to-Site VPN connections

  3. Network Security Groups

  4. Azure Standard Load Balancer

  5. Azure Backup and Restore for Azure Virtual Machines

  6. Azure Firewall

  7. Azure Storage Accounts

  • Added new videos which includes the following

  1. Azure Kubernetes - Adding disks and file shares

  2. Azure Web Apps - Backup, Custom domains, SSL

  3. Azure Application Gateway - Working with multiple sites

  4. Azure Storage Accounts - Object replication, Private Endpoints

Release v5.0 - December 2020

  • Added new contents including the following

    • Creating VM's with Premium Disks

    • Lab on using an Azure Load Balancer with Virtual Machine Scale sets

    • Deployment slots for Azure Web Apps

    • Integration of Azure Web Apps with Azure Virtual Network

    • Usage of various tools available with Network Watcher

  • Refreshed chapters to reflect changes in Azure services

  • Added 100+ new practice questions

Release v4.0 - April

  • Added contents based on AZ-104 skills outline

  • Students can use this course to pass either the AZ-103 or the AZ-104 exam

  • There are separate practice tests for each exams.

Release v3.0 - Februrary

  • Released newer version of section "Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)"

  • Released newer version of section "Configure and manage virtual networks"

  • Released newer version of section "Implement and manage storage"

  • Updated section "Manage Azure subscriptions and resources"

  • Updated section "Manage identities"

Release - v2.12- August 2019

  • Added 100 additional practice questions to the course

Release - v2.1 - July 2019

  • Added end of Section Quizes

  • Added actual exam lab based scenario's as part of the exam section

Release - v2.0 - July 2019

  • Fresh new look to chapters that explain key concepts on the Azure platform

  • Added more chapters on concepts - Resource tagging , storage accounts , Virtual Machine SLA

  • Mention on new az powershell

  • Added chapter on Availability Zones

  • Added chapter on implementation of the Azure Standard Load Balancer

Release - v1.1 - June 2019

  • Added optional chapters for students who are new to the Azure platform

  • Added chapter on Azure subscriptions based on students request

Release - v1.0 - May 2019

  • Course contents updated to align with AZ-103 objectives

This course is designed for students who want to attain the Microsoft Azure Administration Certification

This course has contents for the Exam AZ-104

The objectives covered in this course are

  • Manage Azure identities and governance

  • Implement and manage storage

  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Configure and manage virtual networking

  • Monitor and back up Azure resources


AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2021
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2021
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2021
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator - UPDATED 2021



Important Course Instructions

Quick Look at the Exam objectives

AZ-104 Exam updates

Starting with Azure (Optional)

Azure Free Account

Tour of the Azure Portal

Resources and Resource Groups

Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs) - UPDATED 2020

The Virtual Machine Service

Deploying a virtual machine

Lab - Building a virtual machine

Lab - Installing Internet Information Services

Lab - Build a Linux Virtual Machine

Lab - Setting up PowerShell for Azure

Lab - Setting up PowerShell - Practice commands

Lab - Setting up the Azure command line interface

Lab - Setting up the Azure command line interface - Practice commands

Lab - Azure Cloud Shell

Lab - Adding data disks

Lab - Azure virtual machines - CLI and PowerShell

Lab - Azure virtual machines - CLI and PowerShell - Practice commands

Creating a storage account

Lab - Adding Data Disks - PowerShell

Lab - Adding Data Disks - PowerShell - Practice commands

Lab - Adding a secondary network interface

Lab - Custom Script Extensions

Lab - Custom Script Extensions - Practice commands

Lab - Custom Script Extensions for Linux Virtual Machines

Lab - Custom Script Extensions for Linux Virtual Machines - Practice commands

Lab - Linux Virtual Machines - Cloud init

Lab - PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Lab - Other ways to run scripts on virtual machines

Azure Backup Service for Azure Virtual Machines

Lab - Azure Backup Service - Azure Virtual Machines

Soft Delete for Azure Virtual Machines

Availability Sets

Availability Sets - Review

Lab - Availability Sets

Lab - Availability Sets - Extra bits

Azure virtual machine scale sets

Lab - Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set - Scaling conditions

Lab - Azure virtual machine scale sets - Command Line

Lab - Azure virtual machine scale sets - Command Line - Practice commands

Availability Zones

Availability Zones Review

Lab - Availability Zones

Lab - Creating a virtual machine image

Lab - Resizing a virtual machine

Lab - Resizing a virtual machine - Practice commands

Terminating resources

Quick Note on ARM Templates

Section Quiz

Configure and Manage Virtual Networks - UPDATED 2020

Introduction to Virtual Networks in Azure

The network interface

Notes on Azure networking

Quick note on address spaces

Lab - Working with Azure virtual networks

Lab - IP Addressing

Network Security Groups

Lab - Network Security Groups

Lab - More on Network Security Groups

Application Security Groups

Lab - Application Security Groups

Pre-requisite for PowerShell commands for Virtual Machines

Lab - Virtual Network and Virtual Machine - PowerShell

Lab - Virtual Network and Virtual Machine - PowerShell - Practice commands

Azure Resource Manager templates

Lab - ARM Templates - Creating a virtual network

Lab - ARM Templates - variables

Lab - ARM Templates - parameters

Storage account for ARM Templates - Virtual Machines

Lab - ARM Templates - Virtual Machines

ARM Templates - PowerShell deployment

The Azure Load Balancer Service

The Azure Load Balancer - Additional points

Lab - Azure Load Balancer - Basic SKU

Deleting your Basic Load Balancer

Lab - Azure Load Balancer - Standard SKU

Lab - Azure Load Balancer - Use case scenario

Virtual Network Peering

Virtual Network Peering Notes

Lab - Virtual Network Peering

Point to Site VPN Connection

Point-to-Site VPN connection notes

Lab - Point to Site VPN Connections

Site to Site VPN Connection

Site-to-Site VPN connection notes

Lab - Site-to-Site VPN Connection

Network Watcher

Lab - Network Watcher Tools

User Defined Routes

Lab - User Defined Routes

Azure DNS

Lab - Azure DNS - Public Zones

Lab - Private DNS Zones

Private DNS Zones - Points

Lab - Private DNS Zones - Use case

Deleting your Private DNS Zones

End of Section Quiz

Implement and manage storage - UPDATED 2020

What are storage accounts

Storage account service types

More on storage accounts

Lab - Creating a storage account

Lab - Working with the Blob service

Storage Account replication

Lab - Using the Azure Storage Explorer

Lab - Access tiers

Lab - Using Access keys

Lab - Shared Access Signatures

Azure File shares

Lab - Working with File shares

Lab - File share backup

Deleting your Recovery Services vault

Service Endpoints

Azure File Sync

Lab - Azure File Sync Service

Transfering data to Azure storage

Lab - Transfering blobs to a storage account

Lab - Transfering blobs to a storage account - Practice commands

Lab - Azure Data Factory prelude

Lab - Azure Data Factory

Azure Content Delivery Network Service

Lab - Azure Content Delivery Network Service

Manage Azure subscriptions and resources - UPDATED 2020

Different types of permissions

Azure Subscriptions

What is Azure AD

Manage Azure Subscriptions

Lab - Manage Azure Subscriptions

Azure AD Roles

Lab - Multiple directories

Introduction to Role Based Access Control

Lab - Role Based Access Control

Lab - Custom Roles

Lab - Custom Roles - Practice commands

Monitoring Azure Resources

Lab - Monitoring Azure Resources

Lab - Log Analytics

Introduction to Resource tags

Lab - Working with Tags

Lab - Costing in Azure

Moving Azure resources

Lab - Azure Policies

Lab - Locking Resources

Section Quiz

Implement and Manage Storage - OLD

What are storage accounts

Account Storage - Service Types

More on storage accounts

Lab - Creating a storage account

Lab - Working with the Blob service

Lab - Using Azure Storage Explorer

Lab - Shared Access Signatures

Storage account replication

Azure File storage

Lab - Azure File Share

Lab - Azure File Share Backup

Azure File Sync Service

Lab - Working with File Sync

Lab - Working with Azure File Sync- Part 2

Lab - Cloud Tiering

Azure Content Delivery Network

Lab - Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Import/Export Service

Other tools

Lab - Using Command Line - Powershell

Lab - Using Command Line - Azure CLI

Lab - Using Command Line - Cloud Shell

New az powershell

Section Quiz

Manage Identities - UPDATED 2020

Azure AD Pricing

Azure AD Custom Domains

Azure AD Join

Device Settings - Notes

Lab - Self Service password reset

Conditional Access Policies

Lab - Conditional Access Policies

Lab - Access Reviews

Lab - IdFix tool

Azure AD Connect - Pre-requisites

Lab - Installing Azure AD Connect

Azure AD connect -Password Hash Synchronization

Azure AD Connect Pass through authentication and Azure AD Connect Health

Lab - Multi-Factor Authentication

Lab - Management Policies

Exam Practice Section

The Exam structure

Solution Based Quiz

Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

AZ-103-Practice Test 1

AZ-103 Practice Test 2

Lab Tasks

Lab Task 1

Lab Task 2

Lab Task 3

Lab Task 4

Lab Task 5

Lab Task 6

Lab Task 7

Lab Task 8

Lab Task 9

Lab Task 10

Lab Task 11

Lab Task 12

Lab Task 13

Lab Task 14

Lab Task 15

Lab Task 16

Lab Task 17

Lab Task 18

Lab Task 19

Lab Task 20

Lab Task 21


Felix9 October 2020

This is by far the best course to prepare for this exam. He explains every concept very well before moving on to the labs. It's not the usual boring power point presentations that I see on most courses. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Magnificent work.

Elio9 October 2020

Alan, thank you for the course. Because of it, I just passed Az-104 with 853/1000 without any previous experience in azure. I am a security analyst looking to change careers to the cloud in the future. I am moving on to az-303 and 304. I will be getting your courses again. Thank you.

Varsha4 October 2020

it's very good AZ 104 course for beginners clear concepts and practical lab demo for deep understanding. Trainer is professional and awesome knowledge to Az 104.

Rishabh1 October 2020

One of the best way to teach . I really liked the concept of getting through theory part fist and then lab part. It really helps to get the things in better way .. Keep rocking thanks..

Ranadheer28 September 2020

So far it is very good. Concepts are short and simple. One thing to add in the Deploy and Manage VMs section, Kubernetes concept could have been more in-depth.

Vishal22 February 2020

Very well elaborated tutorial among all the online materials I have gone so far for azure fundamentals.

Shabina20 February 2020

The course is so monotonous, there is no scenario covered. Just shown as to how to navigate the portal. Pathetic.

Infaz17 February 2020

HI Alan Thanks for the excellent course and lab session. I was able to pass the exam today. I notice some questions from your practice question and other past paper question. I did not get any labs on my exam.

Michael15 February 2020

right from the start i see the instructor is paying attention to the detail that will be needed to actually pass the exam! the pass is nice , not fast not too slow!!! I am now much further along. About to take a practice test. VERY VERY GOOD I strongly say BUY!

Pankaj5 February 2020

Its very informative and practical knowledge to give certification exam. I highly recommend this course! Thanks you!

Anish27 January 2020

Very poor video quality can hardly make out anything on the screen, despite playing the video at 720P.

Naeem25 January 2020

I really liked the way the course is organized and the way it was presented by the instructor. I learned more about Azure in this course than the one week expensive course that was provided via my employer

Ahmad24 January 2020

it was an amazing experience doing this course and Thanks a lot Alan for covering all aspects of ( Microsoft Azure administrator exam ).

Ranganath22 January 2020

Lack of Information. Tutor explaining theory it’s like reading a book. No real time scenarios explained with the topic. Nobody can pass AZ-103 exam by selecting this course as a core learning material because there is so many things there in the module which this course do not cover.

Sultan20 January 2020

This is the best teaching method and the trainer is very gifted in delivering his material with clarity and meticulosity.


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