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Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 - UPDATED 2021

Beginning your journey on Microsoft Azure + 240 practice questions on AZ-900 certification exam

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Ability to understand how to start working with Azure

Spin up Virtual Machines

Work with Storage options such as BLOB , SQL Server

Basic Understanding of services such as Azure Functions, Azure Web apps etc

Be prepared when taking the AZ-900 certification exam


Course Updates

v5.1 - February 2021

  • Added new chapters to the course including the following

    • Azure Synapse Analytics-Creating a workspace and dedicated SQL pool

    • Lab - Azure Synapse - Setting up Azure SQL and Azure Data Factory

    • Lab - Azure Synapse - Transferring data Azure Data Factory

    • Azure Bot Service

  • Also added a completely new section to serve as a good revision for key concepts discussed in the course

  • Updated chapters on .Net programs for working with the Blob and queue service in Azure Storage Accounts

  • Performed a revision of the practice test questions - Added 30 new questions.

v5.0 - November 2020

  • Aligned course updates based on exam objectives changed in November 2020

  • Added chapters that include

    • Lab on Azure Kubernetes

    • The various tools in Azure DevOps services

    • Shared Responsibility Model

    • Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Refreshed chapters that include

    • Azure Security Center

    • Availability sets and Availability Zones understanding

    • Azure storage accounts - Blob and File service

v4.2 - June 2020

  • Added more practice questions to the Exam section

  • Refreshed the chapters on Azure Regions, Deploying a Windows Virtual Machine, Azure Marketplace

v4.1 April 2020

  • Updated chapters on Network Security Groups , Azure SQL database , Azure Web Apps , Communication within an Azure virtual network

  • Added chapters on Example Invoice, Azure Container Instances, Availability Zones implementation

v4.0 March 2020

  • Refreshed several chapters including the creation of virtual machines, Azure Functions , Azure Logic Apps to reflect User interface changes in Azure.

  • Added chapters on "Important Points" at the end of each section.

  • Added 30 extra practice questions

v3.0 October 2019

  • Refresh on existing topics to reflect Azure changes

  • Added chapters on cloud concepts

  • Added chapters on security, privacy and compliance

  • Added chapters on pricing and support

v2.0 June 2019

Added practice 140 questions for the AZ-900 certification exam

Feedback from Students

"Perfectly what need for beginner's in azure"

"I got exactly what I wanted, an overview of Azure services to the perfect level of details, not too high level and not too detailed. The instructor was methodical and straight to the point."

Cloud Computing is the next big thing , just look around you at how the digital world is evolving. Big players such as Amazon , Microsoft , Google are working towards the goal of allowing customers to embrace cloud computing. 

Microsoft has made big strides in this domain , and its no surprise as to why they are one of the leaders when it comes to Cloud Computing. 

This course is designed to help students get themselves familiar with Microsoft's Cloud platform , Microsoft Azure.

In this course you will learn the following

1. Creating a Free Account in Azure

2. Working with Virtual Machines

3. Working with Azure Storage - BLOB , Table , Queues , Files

4. Introduction to Azure SQL Databases and CosmosDB

5. Basic Networking concepts in Azure

6. A Basic understanding on various services such as Azure Functions , Azure Logic Apps , Azure Scale Sets etc.

Don't get left behind. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is the need of the hour and Cloud computing is one of the backbone for empower the world towards this goal.


Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 - UPDATED 2021
Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 - UPDATED 2021
Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 - UPDATED 2021
Microsoft Azure - Beginner's Guide + AZ-900 - UPDATED 2021



Important Course Instructions

Course structure

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Cloud Computing - Example

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Azure Free Account

Azure Free Account - Extra Bits

Tour around the portal

Resource and Resource Group

Resource Location

What are Azure subscriptions

Introductory Quiz

Azure Core Services - Azure Virtual Machines

What are we going to start with

The Virtual Machine Service

Lab - Deploying a Windows Virtual Machine

Installing IIS on the VM

Virtual Machine Types


State of the Virtual Machine

Lab - Creating a Linux Virtual Machine

Azure Marketplace for Virtual Machines

Availability Sets

Availability Zones

Deleting resources

Section Quiz

Azure Core Services - Networking

Networking - IP Addressing

Azure Virtual Network

Communication in a an Azure Virtual Network

Network Security Groups

Lab - Network Security Groups

Application Security Groups

Site-to-Site virtual private network connection

Section Quiz

Azure Core Services - Azure Storage

Introduction to Azure Storage

Azure storage accounts - service types

Lab - Creating a storage account

More on storage accounts

Azure BLOB storage

Lab - Working with the BLOB service

Optional - Quick look at development - Azure Blob Storage

Azure File shares

Lab - Working with Azure File shares

Azure Queue Storage

Optional - Quick look at development - Azure Queue Storage

Azure Table Storage

Optional - Quick look at development - Azure Table Storage

Azure SQL Databases

Lab - Azure SQL Database

SQL Databases - IaaS vs PaaS option

Azure SQL data warehouse

Lab - Azure SQL data warehouse

Azure CosmosDB Introduction

Lab - Azure CosmosDB

Azure SQL Database vs CosmosDB

A sample architecture - use case 1

A sample architecture - use case 2

Section Quiz

Understand cloud concepts

Benefits of the cloud - High Availability

Benefits of the cloud - Scalability

Benefits of the cloud - Disaster recovery

Benefits of the cloud - Elasticity

Benefits of the cloud - Fault tolerance

Cloud service model

Cloud model types

Economies of scale

Section Quiz

More on Azure Core Services - Part 1

Azure Web Apps

Azure App Service Plan

Lab - Azure Web Apps

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Lab - Azure virtual machine scale sets

Azure Load Balancer

Lab - Azure Load Balancer

Lab - Azure Resource Manager Templates

Azure Traffic Manager

Lab - Azure Traffic Manager

Using other tools

Using Powershell

Azure Command Line Interface

Azure cloud shell

ARM Template deployment using powershell

Converting your account after a month

Azure Functions - Introduction

Lab - Azure Functions

Lab - Azure Functions - BLOB Trigger

Lab - Azure Logic Apps

Section Quiz

More on Azure Core Services - Part 2

Lab - Monitoring in Azure

Azure Log Analytics

Primer on Docker Containers

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Content Delivery Network

Lab - Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Advisor

What is Application Insights

Application Insights demo

Azure DevOps services

Azure DevTest Labs

Other services

Lab - Cognitive Services

IoT Hub

Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust

Azure Active Directory

Lab - Multi-Factor Authentication

Role Based Access Control

Conditional Access Policies

Lab - Role Based Access Control

Lab - Azure Key Vault

Lab - Azure Policies

Lab - Locking resources

Azure Security Center

Protecting Azure AD Identities

Azure Blueprints

Other security based tools on Azure

Other security aspects

Understand Azure pricing and support

Service lifecycle in Azure

Support options in Azure

Factors that affect the cost

Azure Service Level Agreements

Azure support plans

Total cost of ownership

Creating budgets in Azure

Resource tags

AZ-900 Preparation

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Bonus Lecture - Other Courses


Robert10 October 2020

I like the fact that its being taught as if I were in a class instead of a brain-dump session. I feel engaged to actually learn more.

Neeraj10 October 2020

I cannot believe creating three-four silly questions from one actual question is adding any real value to the students. This is time killing. Revisit you sample tests. There are only 25-30 questions are worth asking. I can give plenty of examples. e.g. An actual question should be like: To get 24/7 support, which plan would you choose ? Basic, Student, Advanced or Premium. But there 3 questions created for the same as True/False. This is silly and killing time of students. Other than this, would like to add, CosmosDB is PaaS offering not Serverless, Azure Monitor can monitor on-premise environements too... Please revisit your questions and their Answers, dont trust the person doing this work for you..

Scott10 October 2020

Fantastic course, came into this course with no hands on experience with Azure, feel extremely comfortable using all the services outlined in this course, will purchase more courses from Adam that's for sure! great teacher!

Seemaht9 October 2020

It is a great course for Azure Fundamentals. I am very happy with the content and the topics covered.

Srinivasa8 October 2020

Explained the concepts very clearly with lab sessions on Azure platform. This series of videos will gives you a good start for individuals who are looking career on Cloud.

Ravi28 February 2020

Good course with detailed explanations and also with clear cut demos. I will definitely recommend this course

Seth.Turnage22 February 2020

Seemed like it taught me most of what I needed to know. Some of the information was repeated; better organization could have made it more condensed. But I played it on double-speed and managed to get most of what I needed out of it.

Prabhjot21 February 2020

Hi Alan Thanks for the course. I was able to clear the exam with 894 today. I am planning to take AZ300 but I dont come from coding background. I hope that will not be an issue. I look forward to your feedback

Dheeraj20 February 2020

Alan courses are very descriptive always. As he focuses to build your foundation first then moves ahead with advanced topics. And the advanced topics as also explained in such a manner with lab practice that a person would understand thatlab end to end. Only thing lagging is the ppt of course as it contains key pointers, I hope alan will publish those soon.

Purna20 February 2020

Practices Exam really helping for clear the exam. Thank you very much. Some of slides are not good (sound quality , course-wise) , can be improved with give some more details. security and network part.

Mumbake19 February 2020

Excellent delivery of concepts. The learning experience and knowledge is further reinforced by practice labs.

kranthi19 February 2020

interruptions while streaming, play/forward bar gets invisible and video restarts again from beginning

NikosG19 February 2020

Great Instructor , clean language , very helpful in terms of theory and the lab . I have also purchased his other lectures and hopefully i ll make it through . Keep pushing us Alan !

Roopali18 February 2020

It definitely is a good match to what I was after. However, I would have given it a higher rating but with such amazing coverage, it would have been amazing if some more practice tests were given and quiz questions were more comprehensive

Surinder18 February 2020

Simply Amazing!!! I would still suggest adding a summary key point section at the end of course for easy recap for learners to use before exam


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