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Lumen Microservices: Create Services and APIs with Lumen

With Lumen by Laravel, build a complete set of PHP microservices and APIs and its security layers using Lumen and OAuth2

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Build multiple different microservices using Lumen de Laravel

Create a service-oriented architecture from scratch using the Lumen microframework

Implements a complete security system to control access to internal and external architectural services

Feel confident to create and implement service-oriented architectures using Lumen de Laravel

Master the best practices of construction and implementation of a complete architecture oriented to services


Implement from scratch a complete service-oriented architecture with PHP, using Lumen by Laravel.

Lumen is a PHP microframework based on Laravel (a PHP framework), which makes it ideal to implement microservices along with rapid and light systems.

During this course, I will show you the whole process to implement a service-oriented architecture with PHP and using Lumen;  implementing a set of microservices and its interactions. Build the entire security and interaction systems between each microservice. All of that using PHP with Lumen.

So, do not wait any more, and enroll now :)

Why should you take this course?

  • Because it gives you a detailed view, as in no other course, of a service-oriented architecture that is fully functional and secured using PHP and Lumen.

  • Because you will be able and confident enough to implement your microservices and architectures using Lumen and PHP.

  • Because it not only shows you the benefits of microservices and their architectures but also shows you how to solve the challenges that microservices represents

  • Because it shows you how to secure all the microservices in the architecture and control the access to them

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?
In general, you will be able to implement any microservices architecture you need using PHP and Lumen. You will have a clear idea of ​​how to implement each microservice with Lumen, as well as how the interaction between each of these microservices should be structured, how to build a complete security layer that protects and restricts access to each microservice in the architecture using OAuth2 with Lumen/Laravel Passport along with authenticate users and use different grant types of OAuth2.

You will feel confident to take your path and carry out your projects with all the microservices and components you want with PHP and Lumen.

What will you learn exactly?

  • Create projects in Lumen by Laravel

  • Configure and use Lumen easily in your system without complex processes

  • Use Lumen properly for its ideal purpose: the microservices

  • Build a fully functional service-oriented architecture from scratch

  • Use OAuth2 to protect access to your architecture, through Lumen/Laravel Passport

  • Install and adapt Laravel Passport to Lumen projects

  • Create access tokens associated with users to handle users data and authorization flows

  • Authenticate users credentials and restrict access to only valid users if needed

  • Authorize and use different kinds of access tokens to restrict the action over your resources

  • Create a complete system of interaction between microservices through HTTP requests with GuzzleHTTP from Lumen

  • Build fully functional and adequate services with Lumen

  • Returns and builds standardized JSON responses with Lumen

  • Separate the components of a service-oriented architecture appropriately

  • Handle errors and exceptions appropriately to ensure the consistency of the entire architecture

  • Build and implement, correctly, an API Gateway for your architecture

  • Centralize the consumption of your service-oriented architecture through an API Gateway with Lumen

And a lot much more. You will have access for life to each class that makes up the course and those that will come later. You also have direct access to me, so you can ask me questions and solve all your doubts.

Do not wait any longer, cheer up and join the course and give free rein to all the possibilities that Lumen offers with a service-oriented architecture.


Lumen Microservices: Create Services and APIs with Lumen
Lumen Microservices: Create Services and APIs with Lumen
Lumen Microservices: Create Services and APIs with Lumen
Lumen Microservices: Create Services and APIs with Lumen



About the instructor and the course

About the microservices architecture and Lumen

The source code of the course

Make sure you have understood the architecture you will implement with Lumen.

Creating a first microservice for authors with Lumen

Obtaining the Lumen structure for the authors' service

About the development environment to use in the course

Preparing the service for its correct operation

Building the authors table with a migration of Lumen

Creating the authors' model

Creating a factory for authors and building test values

Creating the controller for authors

Creating the routes for CRUD operations on the authors

Normalizing the authors' microservice responses

Make sure you understand several essential concepts and components

Implementing the functions of the authors' microservice in Lumen

Showing the list of authors from the Lumen controller

Allowing creating author instances from the controller

Allowing showing an author with a given id with Lumen

Allowing editing an existing author

Allowing deleting an existing author

Handling important errors and exceptions with Lumen

Creating the book microservice with Lumen

Getting the structure of Lumen for the book microservice

Preparing the books microservice

Creating the table for books with migrations

Creating the model for books

Creating a factory for books and generating random values

Creating the Lumen controller for books

Creating the Lumen routes for CRUD operations on books

Standardizing the responses across the services

Implementing the microservice functions for books in Lumen

Showing the complete list of books

Allowing creating new instances of books

Allowing showing a specific book

Allowing updating an existing book

Allowing removing an existing book

Handling relevant errors and exceptions with Lumen

Creating and preparing the API Gateway with Lumen

Creating the Lumen project for the API Gateway using Composer

Preparing Lumen for the API Gateway

Creating the controllers for the authors and books Lumen microservices

Unifying Lumen responses for the API Gateway

Registering routes for microservices in Lumen from the Gateway

Preparing the Gateway in Lumen to consume services

Preparing the Lumen components to consume the internal services

Implementing the functions of the Gateway with Lumen

Obtaining the list of authors from the authors' Lumen microservice

Creating an author instance with the authors' service

Showing an author instance using the authors' Lumen microservice

Editing author instances using the authors' service

Deleting author instances using the authors' Lumen service

Implementing operations for books based on the authors ones

Checking the existence of the author before creating a book

Controlling errors obtained from services

Implementing the security layer of the microservices architecture with Lumen

Installing and enabling Lumen Passport components

Preparing and configuring Lumen to use Passport

Protecting the Gateway routes with Lumen Passport

Obtaining and using access tokens for the Lumen API Gateway

Preparing the API Gateway to authenticate its requests

Authenticating direct access to the Lumen authors microservice

Authenticating direct access to the microservice of books

Authenticating user access with access tokens

Creating the migration for the users table in Lumen

Creating the controller and the routes to manage users in Lumen

Fixing some details related to user operations

Creating users and creating access tokens associated with users

Identifying an authenticated user through access token

Conclusions and recommendations

Considerations to keep in mind with your microservices

Thanks for getting here


Aykut5 October 2020

It is what it is as in the description. You may need to make little changes in the Laravel/Lumen 8.0.x, but its clearly seen from the app's structure and fits well on the 8.0 too. The only half a point downside is, the lecturer is going too fast at the first courses (I need to look up what does it mean facades, eloquent in Laravel in to the web). Otherwise this course is well enough for the creating microservices with Lumen.

Ahmadi10 September 2020

Very help full course, it give me knowledge about microservices and give me basic structure of microservices's project

Emilio7 September 2020

Excellent course! sometimes it's a little repetitive duplicating the same structure/behavior between component but it is a good point to start. Thank you

Trnikon2 September 2020

Good basic, brief, practical class in implementing microservices with Lumen. If you are a beginner and are interested in 'how' but not 'why', this course is for you.

Ioannis27 August 2020

It was a clear view how to build an ApiGateway ,several microservices along with OAuth and access tokens implementation. Very nice. However, some patterns like model validation should have been presented in a different way following the framework's capabilities (model rules should have been used inside the model instead of the controllers, validate method should have been executed within-before the models save(), update() etc) keeping the separation of concerns clear. In general, the course was good and the instructor was understandable and contagious. Good job!

Tridib29 November 2019

I am having a great experience by taking this course and this course is very content-specific and easy to understand.

John20 November 2019

What made me decide to buy this course is because of the shown architecture image. Plus the instructor is a contributor of passport itself. Great course btw.

Damien23 October 2019

Too much duplicate content, to much time passed to explain basic concept. I mean it's not an course introduction to lumen but how manage microservice with lumen. More time and other way to authenticate would be fine (like manage permission in internal services)

Srikanth8 October 2019

The course is good and reader can take good inputs from this.. this can be more on api gateway than general laravel stuff.. that is only the concern i saw by the way thankyou this course

Matthew7 October 2019

The course met my expectations. It taught me what I set out to learn: how to set up authentication in a micro-service architecture.

Stein22 September 2019

Was hoping for some more explanation of the Lumen Framework and what can be done with it.... but guess that's for another course. Please go a bit slower when adding the typical "use" statements - this goes a bit quick and seems you have some sublime plugin to automatically add. Missed out on that part a few times and had to jump to the git code to get it all right. Thanks for a great course.

Mark20 September 2019

The course material has been good so far, but it is very difficult to understand what the instructor is saying due to the accent. I've had to go back and replay the same videos a few times to comprehend.

Fedro19 September 2019

TL;DR: it covers only the bare essentials of the microservices architecture. About 75% of the course is mostly a walk-through about how to create routes, controllers, etc... which will surely give beginners a firm grasp of those topics. This however left me a little disappointed as I was expecting the course to give some more in-depth analysis of the architecture, maybe some design patterns and tradeoffs and/or just how to deal with more complex stuff in general. And the proposed Books and Authors example is very basic (no relationships, etc).

David30 August 2019

I found this to be a good introductory course in Lumen and covered many of the features that I was expecting.

Ardiono22 August 2019

The explanation was so detail, and I also like guided step by step in following this course, but the auto-generated subtitle was so weird. I don't know it's because of the tutor's pronunciation or the subtitle generator itself. I think it's because the subtitle generator because sometimes the tutor's pronunciation is pretty clear, but the generated subtitle is still weird. One thing, maybe the tutor should give additional info about what plugin that he used in his Sublime Text wkwk.


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