MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266

Learn Micro Python , ESP8266, Home Automation, Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Actuators: Relay

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Program IoT devices using MicroPython (Python for Microcontrollers)

Build IoT

Sensor Interfacing with ESP8266: Light, Temperature and Humidity Sensing

Actuator Interfacing with ESP8266

Hardware (Electronics) Interfacing

Use IoT Cloud to Upload Data (Collect)

Use IoT Cloud to Apply Condition (Analysis)

Act on IoT Data (Act)


Learn MicroPython from Scratch, No prior programming knowledge is required.

In this course, you will learn to Program ESP8266 with Micro Python Programming Language to

  1. Access GPIOs (Blinking LEDs, Using Pull Up resistors, Interfacing Button)

  2. Handle Interrupts

  3. Use Inbuilt Analog to Digital Converter

  4. Read Temperature, Light, Humidity Sensors (LDR, LM35, DHT)

  5. Manipulate Environment with Actuators

  6. Upload Data to IoT Cloud

  7. Read Data from IoT Cloud

  8. Control Devices using IoT Data

  9. Implement Home Automation   


MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266
MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266
MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266
MicroPython Mega Course: Build IoT with Sensors and ESP8266


Hello MicroPython and ESP8266

Overview of MicroPython

What is ESP8266 ?

Components on ESP8266

Setting Up MicroPython and ESP8266

GPIOs and Interrupts: LEDs, Pull up Resistors, Switch, Interrupts

LED Interfacing: Learn to Write the first code to blink LED and more

Pull Up resistor and Button: Enable Pull Up resistor & Interface Button

Interface Switch and LED

What are Interrupts?

MicroPython Program to Handle Single Interrupt

Writing Multiple Interrupts

ADC, Light and Temperature Sensors

Analog to Digital Conversion

Reading Inbuilt ADC of ESP8266

Interface LDR: Learn LDR and Interface LDR with ESP8266

Temperature Sensing: What is LM35?

Interface LM35 with ESP8266

MicroPython Functions: LM35 Function

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): Learn PWM, PWM generation and Control using PWM

What is Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

PWM Generation

Controlling Brightness of LED using PWM

WEBREPL: Program NODEMCU with wireless connection



What is Relay Actuator

Bulb Control: Interface Bulb with ESP8266 using Relay and other Electronics

Temperature and Humidity Sensor: DHT Sensors

DHT Sensors: DHT11 and DHT22

Read Temperature and Humidity using DHT11 Sensor

Internet of Things - IoT

What is Internet of Things (IoT) and What are its Application Domains

IoT Technology Stack: Components of IoT

ESP8266 is able to connect to WiFI Access Point (HotSpot)

The IoT Cloud Platform - ThingSpeak

Introduction to ThingSpeak Cloud Platform from Mathworks

Creating ThingSpeak Account

Create ThingSpeak Channel to Upload Data

Channel Dash Board: Navigating Through ThingSpeak Channel

Upload data to ThingSpeak Channel using Computer Browser

ESP8266 Talks to ThingSpeak IoT Cloud

Program ESP8266 to Upload Data to ThingSpeak IoT Cloud

Program ESP8266 to Upload Temperature & Humidity Data (DHT) to IoT Cloud

Program ESP8266 to Read data from IoT Cloud

Implement IoT Close Loop

Home Automation

Scenario Explantion

Program ESP8266 to Upload Temperature data to IoT Cloud

Create TalkBack Command Queue

Bulb Control: Program ESP8266 to receive commands from TalkBack Command Queue

Making web requests using ThingHTTP Service to update TalkBack Command

React: Applying Conditions on Channel Data and Taking Actions

Home Automation: Demonstration


Nmalhajraf1 March 2021

Mic quality is not the best and so is the English but I was looking for a tutorial on micro python with no experience and this is great I recommend it to beginners

Carlos12 December 2020

Terrible! I can't even understand what he is saying. Sound quality sucks and content is not what I expected. Really disappointed with this course, might be my last one on this platform.

Amit24 October 2020

Best way to getting started with Micro Python and ESP. Good for the beginners and researchers who want to extend their work in this field.


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