Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network

Learn to code from scratch by building your own Social Network with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Meteor

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Web Development
6.5 hours
Apr 2020
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What you will learn

Create websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Create web applications using Meteor.js and MongoDB

Add user registration to web applications


Learn to code from the ground-up by building a fully functional social network with real-time capabilities.

Sounds crazy right! But it’s not beyond what you can do these days! and this course will guide you step-by-step through the process.

This course is made for absolute beginners. No prior programming knowledge is required to take this course. The main goal of the course is to give you a quick exposure to the full development stack, using JavaScript, as opposed to the usual approach of learning one thing at a time and never getting a “big picture” view.

These are the exciting topics we teach in the course:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Responsive web design
  • JavaScript
  • DOM access and manipulation
  • Meteor to build web applications
  • MongoDB to store and query your data

The course follows a project-based approach. Concepts are introduce as we need them to build our social network project. We strongly believe this is the best approach for people who are starting web development and want a quick look at the entire process, instead of covering each topic in depth right away.

Pablo Farias Navarro is a software developer and founder of ZENVA. Pablo has been programming since 1996 and has taught programming to over 100k students. By following our usual project-based approach, by the end of this course you’ll have the skills to create solid web applications.

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Course Intro
Course Intro
HTML Basics
HTML Intro
HTML Source Code Files
Titles and Paragraphs
HTML Template for our Social Network
HTML Structure
Project Structure
CSS Basics
CSS Intro
CSS Source Code Files
Selecting by Tag with CSS
Selecting by Class
Selecting by Id
Styling Fonts
Pseudo Elements
Box Model
Styling the Social Network
Styling Form
Comments Area
CSS3 Transitions
Let's Make it Responsive
Floating Elements
Media Queries and Responsive Web Design
Phone View
JavaScript Basics
Module Intro
JavaScript Source Code Files
Hello JS
Arithmetic Operations
JavaScript Arrays
Accessing and Removing Elements
Multidimensional Arrays
Arrays and Objects
JavaScript Functions
Nested Functions
Function Expressions
Conditionals and Loops in JavaScript
While Loops
If and Else Statements
Boolean Variables
Boolean Operations
DOM Access and Manipulation
Introducing the DOM
DOM Access and Manipulation
Form Submission
Other JavaScript Topics
Starting with Meteor
Intro to Meteor.js
What is Meteor
Where to Get Help
Creating a Meteor Project
Updates from version 1.2
Overview of Default Code
Posts Collection
Add Post
Meteor and MongoDB project Source Code Files
MongoDB Crash Course
Intro to MongoDB
What is MongoDB
Inserting Documents
Adding Fixtures
Find Queries
More Operations for Find
Options in Find Queries
Update and Remove
Preparing our Social Network Project
Special Folders and Loading Order
Project Folder Structure
Implementing Existing Template
User Accounts
Adding User Accounts
Template-Level Security
Saving Post Author
Meteor Methods
Completing and Deploying our Social Network
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10 November 2021
The content is ok to a point, the problem is it is outdated and there's no available support if you get stuck. I'd recommend another course if you can. EDIT: I adjusted my score after I realized it was free
11 April 2020
things really get missed up in the meteor part, the instructor skips and comes back I guess that's the main issue
30 March 2020
The instructor has a good grasp of the subject content as is fully capable of explaining the points of each module.
28 March 2020
he is a wonderful tutor. but i cant see anything on the he is coding. why blur the images? how is a student suppose to the code tags or understand what is being taught? i had to stop the video to give this review. please do something about it thank you.
13 January 2018
Overall I liked this course very much, I loved the approach based on making a functional project. The instructor's accent was clear. The sound quality could have been better (reduce the static noise in the background and unify the volume across every video), but it was in no way experience-ruining. An idea to make this course even better would be adding assignments that students would have to work on on their own. This would make us work through the material again and practice more. Thanks for making this course. I think it is a good and practical starting point for web-development.
5 December 2017
Overall it was a good course. Would prefer to see an instructor answer a student's answer rather than telling them to search for it on the 'net, but perhaps that is just a personal thing. Do not think teaching a facebook type social app using mondoDB is very good, its not a very scalable application and cannot handle massive quantities of information like MySQL, MariaDB and others can.
23 July 2017
Is too basic, I thought I would try some things like the socialize package, or go in depth to what is the user accounts package, I find a simple html and meteor tutorial right with a very complex topic as is the concept Of social network, even so there are things that I could see.
15 February 2017
Each video contains clear explanation of concepts that contributes to the overall project for building a social network site. Thank you. My understanding of how MeteorJS works now has improved tremendously.
11 January 2017
Great course, the instructor does a great job of explaining each detail, rarely did I ever miss a single detail, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about web development and server programming, this is one of the best courses that I have seen because it doesn't matter where you are at with programming you can be an absolute beginner and this course will teach you everything you need to know!
13 October 2016
Well its great for people who are new at html. This might have been a wrong buy for me, since im a advanced html and css coder. Great content and clear voice, with easy and understandable content
22 May 2016
I appreciate the thoroughness of this course. I would much rather they over-explain than under-explain. #kudos
29 April 2016
Instructor explains concepts clearly and follows up with an example of executable code. Reviews lesson content before and after the in-depth portion. Learning great concepts which will help me build great web pages.
11 April 2016
I enjoyed this course, creating the social network. Admittedly, I wasn't sure how it was going to come together so quickly, but it did. Working with Meteor and MongoDB was easier than I thought in the beginning, although some of the steps, I had to review a few times. Overall, I think the steps and frameworks used are explained clearly. I didn’t know anything about Meteor or MongoDB before this project, and feel it is a good introduction to what both can do fairly easily. I would like to see additional deployment options outside of the free option of meteor covered, still, a great course I think.
7 April 2016
To me, this course was like a box-set of a TV series. You know that I mean... "I'll just watch one more episode..". I just wanted to consume the content. I never got annoyed by the presenter and I really enjoyed the structure. I really liked the "breadth first" approach. I'm giving 4.5 rather than 5 because it wasn't perfect, but all the same, really good for my learning style. I've just bought another course on the same subject and I'm probably going to get a refund because nothing is explained and it's all a bit haphazard, totally different to this course which is much better planned and a lot more structured. I'd love it if you'd do another course in the same style, going into more depth to help me get to the next stage. I'm now super keen to learn more about meteor.
24 January 2016
I was trying really hard to pick a course that was a little more advanced than usual. This is a good intro to programming course, but doesn't really go through the fun stuff of social networks that I was hoping for. So I'm not going to be unfair: Good presentation Good instructor Good pace A lot of information if you're a true beginner for the price you're paying. I would have liked this course last year when I first started with MongoDB, Meteor JS, and responsive UI. Good luck everyone!


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