Messages that Motivate

Moving people to make a difference

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Messages that Motivate


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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Getting specific with calls-to-action

Clarifying target audiences

Identifying barriers that prevent audiences from taking action

Identifying motivators that spark and drive action

Converting motivators into compelling messages

Selecting compelling images that support key messages


We need more people to do more things to protect the planet.

Yet, we regularly struggle with how to communicate our causes and calls-to-action in a way that truly resonates with our audiences.

And it's frustrating when those messages don't get through and produce results.

This introductory training will help you make immediate, strategic shifts to your messaging approach that will motivate audiences to take action.

Over the course of 7 lessons, we'll explore:

  • Getting specific with our calls-to-action

  • Clarifying target audiences

  • Why people don't take action

  • What motivates people to do things

  • Translating motivators into messages

  • Tips on using supporting images

Each lesson video is between 10 & 20 minutes long, for a total course length of ~80 minutes.

The course includes a downloadable workbook where you can practice applying the concepts to real-world projects, and additional resources for learning more.

And you'll have lifetime access to the course so you can complete the lessons at any time, and watch them over and over again.

Over 500 people have received this training and found it to be a great primer for making small, yet important, shifts in how we communicate so we can motivate more people to make a difference.

Thank you for joining and I can't wait to see what you create next.




Getting started

Lesson #1: Define your "ask"

Define your "ask"

Lesson #2: Identify your audiences

Identify your audiences

Pop Quiz: Narrowing the Target Audience

Lesson #3: Determine barriers to action

Barriers to action

Lesson #4: Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Diffusion of Innovation

Lesson #5: Explore drivers of change

Drivers of change

Lesson #6: Bringing it all together

Bring it together


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