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MERN Stack with Blog Project

Learn, Apply, Build a Blog Project using NodeJs, Express, MongoDB & React

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MERN Stack with Blog Project


2 hours


Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Build a full stack Blog application with React, Redux, Node, Express & MongoDB

Integrate React with an Express backend in an elegant way

Create an extensive backend API with Express

React Hooks, Async/Await & modern practices


Welcome to "MERN Stack with Blog Project". In this course, we will be building an in-depth full-stack Blog project application using Node.js, Express, React, and MongoDB along with ES6+. We will start with a blank text editor and end with a deployed full-stack application. This course includes...

  • Building an extensive backend API with Node.js & Express

  • Extensive API testing with Postman

  • Integrating React with our backend in an elegant way, creating a great workflow

  • Building our frontend to work with the API

  • Get and Post Request using MongoDB

This course project is probably the biggest and most exciting project you have built so far. It is packed with hundreds of tips and tricks that can help you build almost any type of full-stack app (not limited to this blog project).

Master the art of building FullStack/MERN Stack apps by enrolling in this course and never look back. What you are now and what you will become after completing this course is going to be a groundbreaking step in your web development career.

You can build the biggest and most complex apps of your dream or as required at your job. Master the stack of all stacks and become the most productive and innovative developer of your team. I welcome you to be a part of this incredible journey.




Installing Dependencies

Creating a React Front End

Setting up React Project

Configure Tailwind.css with React

Creating the app component

Creating blog pages

Creating NabBar component

Git Hub links

URL parameters with react-router

Creating and linking the articles list

Making article list as reusable component

Creating a 404 page in React

Creating a Node Back End

Setting up an Express server

Testing an Express server with Postman

Route parameters in Express

Automatically updating with nodemon

Adding comments functionality

Setting up MongoDB

Installing MongoDB

Adding MongoDB to Express

Rewriting the comments endpoint

Connecting the Front and Back End

The Fetch API

Adding React hooks to fetch data

Displaying comments

Adding an Add Comment form

Git Hub links


Arka3 August 2021

Didn't find this course very beginner friendly. A lot of parts need more explanation, and I feel the instructor should offer alternatives for commands like sleep which dont work on windows

Samuel27 July 2021

Fast, easy and simple. It helped me a lot to understand how to connect React based-front end and nodejs based back-end. Thank you!

Lautaro27 July 2021

It would be awesome this course without using create-react-app (configuring react, webpack, express, etc...) and packing everything in a shareble Docker image!

Jayraj25 July 2021

Good Course for you if you wanna make project with MERN stack and have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Erasmas16 July 2021

Amazingly beautiful ?. combining react with tailwind is a bomb.It enabled me to focus on React more.Tutor is great, content rightly sized and to the point.I bet this blog tutorial is the best for those learning React first time.


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