Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon allows anyone with a computer to offer their designs for sale on Amazon as print on demand shirts.

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Dec 2015

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What you will learn

Create a Merch by Amazon account

Understand the digital file requirements for shirt designs

Use the Merch by Amazon platform to create their own shirt designs available for sale on Amazon

Become familiar with all of the Merch by Amazon account settings

Forward and mask domains

Create their own Amazon Associates account

Create their own Amazon aStore to market their Merch by Amazon shirts


Merch by Amazon is Amazon's newest platform for content creators. It allows anyone to create and sell shirts right on Amazon's website with no upfront costs or minimum print runs. Anyone can now easily create custom branded shirts that their fans will love to wear. This course will help you get started and learn how to use the platform both optimally and creatively. This course includes video demos of shirt designs in Adobe Photoshop as well as actual creation of an Amazon product page for a new shirt design. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this incredible new platform to not only create awesome shirts but to also make money along the way, then this course is for you.


Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon
Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon
Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon
Advanced: Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon


Introduction to Merch By Amazon


Merch by Amazon is Still Developing!

10/24/15 Merch by Amazon Changes

QuickStart Guide - Creating a Shirt with Merch By Amazon

QuickStart Video

Merch By Amazon - Dashboard

Setting Up Your Account

Merch By Amazon - Dashboard

Merch By Amazon - Resources

Merch By Amazon - Resources

Merch By Amazon - Best Practices

Merch By Amazon - Royalty Calculations

Merch By Amazon - Content Policy

Merch By Amazon - Promotions Policy

Merch By Amazon - FAQs

Merch By Amazon - FAQs

Using the Merch By Amazon Image Template

Amazon Template VIDEO

Shirt dimensions

Creating Shirts on Merch by Amazon

Uploading a Shirt Design - Detailed Process

Shirt Design Best Practices - 12" x 12" Image Size

Amazon PRIME and a Powerful Example - GDFR

Advanced: Creating a Branded Website

Domain Forwarding vs. Domain Masking

Domain Name Forwarding

AStore, Amazon Associates

Domain Masking

Adding a Website to your Shirt Designs

Sharing a Specific Amazon Link

Sharing a Specific Link for a Shirt Design, Size, and Color

Additional Resources to Create Designs

Fiverr and DollarPhotoClub

Stock Photos - Adobe Stock

Buying Fonts and Designs

Idea Creation - Getting an Idea and Turning into a Finished Product

Game of Loans Shirts from a Buzzfeed List

Game of Loans - Next Morning Follow Up

Developing Shirt Design Ideas - Searching Amazon

Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon Keyword Search + Reviews: Fantasy Football

Amazon Alphabet Search

Halloween/Seasonal Shirts - Getting Ideas

Viewing Designs and Gauging Popularity from other Sellers

Spotting other Merch by Amazon Shirts

Branding Your Shirts on Amazon - Pros and Cons

Developing Shirt Design Ideas - Pop Culture and Trends

Searching Amazon for Existing Merch Designs

Other Funny Graphic T Shirt Sites

Pop Culture - Buzzfeed and Yahoo

Shirt Idea Goldmine - Buzzfeed Lists and Search "Shirts"

Trends - Facebook

Trends - Twitter

News & Politics

Democratic Debate Recap - Damn Emails

Damn Emails Shirt - Late Night Hustle

Democratic Debate Recap - No Is A Complete Sentence Shirt

Trends - Google

Sports - ESPN

Sports Recap - ESPN, Chicago Cubs

Making the Blue W Shirt

Blue W Shirt Approval Process

Internet Memes

Bacon Jalapeno Mac N Cheese Shirt

Hashtag Shirts - Example #LGM

Promotions - Ad Campaigns

Seasonal Facebook Campaign Example from TeeChip

Getting your Merch By Amazon Shirts on Deal Sites

More Updates Coming Soon!

Updates on Chrome Extensions and Paid Ad Campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, Google)

Shirt Ideas and Designs - Bacon, Drake, Ramblings

Photo Editing Programs

Photoshop CC, Paint.net, GIMP

Learning Photoshop and other Photo Editing Programs

YouTube, Lynda, Udemy

Photoshop Tutorials

Get Photoshop CS2 (older version) for free?

Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)

Using the Magic Wand & Layers

Removing the Background

Fonts - Choosing, Resizing, Changing Color, Outlining

Resizing Images, Cutting, Pasting, Transforming

Screen Capture & Cropping

Take the Crown Shirt - Full Example

Merch by Amazon Business Ideas

Creatively Using the Merch By Amazon Platform

Music Bands




"Hitting the Streets with merch By Amazon" with Mike Gual

Trademarks & Copyrights

Researching Trademarks on USPTO.gov


Erwin16 October 2019

The instructor was thoughtful and thorough is his teaching approach. He would give remarks and recommendations that he thinks will be beneficial and helpful to the student based on the sales results and technical issues he encountered during the whole T-shirt design creation, integration and sales process, which I find extremely helpful.

Amanda14 June 2019

There was a lot of great info in there, thank you for creating this! while it is an older video, the information still applies, and has great resources!

Alessandro14 July 2018

the course is amazing, learned so much from it. the only hickup is that we cannot download it on our PC to access it offline

Stephen7 June 2018

Great course! Absolutely everything I needed to get started with Merch by Amazon. Before starting this course I was nervous and clueless about starting my Merch by Amazon business (even though I've been selling with FBA for years). Now that I've completed the course I'm confident and excited to get started.

Justin28 March 2018

So this course seems to have been created at the beginning of Merch. A lot has changed since its creation and the instructor has not updated the course content to reflect the changes in the platform of the strategies to become successful.

Jeffrie6 March 2018

Really good information that expands beyond first class in the series. Some information is rehashed from the first class and some stuff is out date now. However, lots of valuable information to get you rocking forward on Amazon Merch.

Sammy27 February 2018

This is a great course. So full of real world information and walkthroughs. You can go through videos several times or slowly for many step by step examples. A real roadmap to getting your shirt publishing business started!

Md15 February 2018

I am very much satisfied with this course. Hope to get those kinds of course in future. If any new course launched please send me the udemy link via sobuj.mofs@gmail.com. Thanks, Masuk Sarker Batista sir.

Estelle7 February 2018

Simply just excellent! Chris covered so many different angles to help increase your success with Merch. Time well spent!

Massimo31 January 2018

La persona che parla, è preparata, ma parla molto velocemente e anche i sottotitoli sono ovviamente più veloci nel cambiare, e uno non ha il tempo talvolta di capire tutto perfettamente

Alan30 January 2018

NO fluff or filler, all great info. I will always buy from someone that gets to the point and puts out great information.

Dale5 January 2018

I like the content so far, but much of what I've seen is about uploading and the new Amz updates. I need to know where/how to start making a shirt.

Kaleb14 November 2017

I think this is a great start to the Merch by Amazon adventure. Thank you for all the useful content.

Robert18 August 2017

Answered alot of questions. Learned some stuff. But its outdated. I would have given it a 5 star raiting if it was up to date.

Alex3 August 2017

The information is great. I have learned allot about how to find ideas, list and optimize merch by Amazon t-shirts. The only quam is that Chris could talk a little louder in the videos and there is a bit of background noise but it's really not that big of a deal.


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