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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

You should be able to add a little "extra" to you designs to make more sales

You should know better how to make your listings stand out to Amazon search

You should know how to tier up and how to get the 60 day sale to keep you designs active

You should know a few trick for sending traffic that doesn't break the bank.


This course has one purpose: 

To help you succeed on Merch By Amazon

In this course I discuss

  • Trademark and copyright issues
  • How to find text and graphics you can use commercially for free
  • How to title shirts to show up better in the Amazon search algorithm
  • Simple tricks with design programs to make your shirts stand out
  • How to price shirts to tier up and avoid the "90 day" rule
  • So some free or low cost ways to drive traffic. 
  • Much, much , more

I show that you don't have to be an artist, a master of graphic design programs or create super fancy designs to make passive income on the Merch By Amazon platform. 

I use GIMP and Inkscape ( open source and free) graphic design programs and Merchantwords for keyword research.

You do need to have an approved Merch By Amazon account to get the most out of this course but I do show other Print On Demand (POD) t shirt websites that you can use to generate extra passive streams. 


Merch By Amazon Secrets
Merch By Amazon Secrets
Merch By Amazon Secrets
Merch By Amazon Secrets


The Basics ( Boring Stuff)


Trademarks and Copyrights

Software Options To Design With

Setting Up Templates

Fonts For Better Shirts

Image Basics: Stay Out Of Trouble

Making Sure Your Fiverr Designs Are Legit

Tips And Tricks For Using Design Software

Using A Color Wheel To Pick Better Colors

Making Designs With MerchDesigner Even If You Have No Skills

Outlining Text: Adding Some Bling

How To Make Curved Text

Distressing Designs For More Sales

Drawing With Inkscape

Using Image Trace To Create New Images

Using Image Trace To Turn Real Pictures Into Graphics

Quick Way To Make Faded Look

Making Flaming Text

Coming Up With Designs

Work Backwards When Looking For Design Ideas

Example Searching For Niche With Merchantwords

Hot Sheets For Niche Research

"Pocket" Logo Designs For More Sales

Creating Word Cloud Designs

Poster Tees

Seasonal And Odd Holiday Designs

Selling More Shirts

Titles That Sell

Shirt Pricing Strategies

The Truth About Keywords For Listings

Reddit Adverstising


Partnering For Traffic

Selling On Other POD Sites: Using Your Assets

Selling Your Shirts As Physical Products

Odds And Ends ( Added After Course Was Created)

Niche Research Without Merchantwords

Easy Way To Find More Keywords And Tags

Tool To Make Multi Platform Listings Easier

Creation Of A Small Niche Shirt Part #1

Creation Of A Small Niche Shirt Part #2


Michelle2 February 2018

The course was interesting in respect of a general overview of the subject with some golden nuggets, it's to the point and basic. Despite being updated this month (January 2018), the course is substantially outdated throughout. I thought the section regarding marketing was particularly weak, outdated and the instructor seemed unsure in his presentation. On one lesson he suggests an article on how to advertise on Reddit, however, the first paragraph of the article says.... don't advertise on Reddit? " Update as of 9-14-2017. Reddit has changed their ad platform to drastically reduce ROI for advertisers. For example, new subscribers used to cost me $10 now they cost me $100 in Reddit ads. To put it bluntly, don’t run Reddit ads. They don’t work. Your energy is better spent on Facebook ads or other acquisition strategies. You can see a full discussion on this here. Sorry to to have to report this. – ryan " The creator will do well to update his whole course.

Jane28 December 2017

The instructor does not seem focused. There is a lot of, what seems to be rambling, and there is a lot of slurring of words. Some parts are informative and useful but there is a lot of unnecessary conversation.

Sergio15 September 2017

I found exactly what I was looking on this training and then some more. Greatly explained as well, thank you Jason!

David23 June 2017

Great course with the full range of info from starting to creating to submitting t-shirts to Merch by Amazon.

Edward9 June 2017

I have never endured so much rambling for a simple course. Please understand that I get that the instructor if I may call him that put a lot of time into this. The Audio is very abrasive to my brain as it obviously was recorded without care for quality through an air funnel it seems? People spend time listening to these courses I wonder if instructors take time to listen to it themselves. Some good information is here but it's painful for me to get through all the story telling and most times hearing that the instructor is not an expert on the apps he speak of (self admission) Take this we'll as I'm not knocking the instructor but his delivery this course under its current offering should be for free. I have a star for his time I'm sorry.

Nicholas16 May 2017

I felt like it wasn't put together that great. It seemed that the instructor was very tentative about several things.

Barry18 April 2017

Really informative course. Gives me the information that I need in a well thought out straight forward manner. Highly recommend this course.

Eric8 April 2017

The course is clear and concise; no fluff, just solid advice and information that every aspiring Merch by Amazon t-shirt creator can use to make their products appealing.

Mira22 March 2017

Jason is an excellent instructor! Lots of fantastic ideas to launch your t-shirt business that would probably take years to discover on your own...He shares so many ideas and "insider secrets" on how to launch a successful t-shirt business! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to "cut to the chase" and slash years off your "learning curve"... Ok, I have just finished the entire course...and...I just want to say, BUY THIS COURSE! EXCELLENT INFO... May 3, 2017 Update: Jason added 5 more videos to make this workshop even better. I am really impressed with Jason because he always seems to go the "extra mile" to enhance his course by keeping his students "up to date" on everything! Stellar instructor!

Jeff7 March 2017

The tips on outlining text and distressing shirts are more than worth the price of the course. Great ways of enhancing my designs and separating from the crowd


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