Meditation For Beginners

Completely new to meditation? This is the course for you!

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Oct 2020

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Mindfulness of Breathing

Breathwork Meditation

Body Awareness Meditation

Broad Mindfulness Meditation


Meditation is one of the most powerful things that you can do, as a human being. It trains you to be in control of you mind and your emotions, in ways that you never knew were possible. It allows you to be happy just to be alive, even in the most difficult of circumstances; even when you're injured, or suffering a loss, stressed out at work, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious. It allows you to find the basic happiness of being alive, and that pervades everything else, so that you can deal with everything else much better.

Aside from just giving you that unshakeable happiness & joie de vivre, it also gives you control over your mind in ways that are hard to even imagine before you experience it. It gives you the ability to focus on whatever you want to focus on, which can make you extremely productive and successful in life.

Tim Ferris studied hundreds of the world's most successful people: billionaires, celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, and scientists at the tops of their fields. There was only one trait that over 80% of them had in common: a daily meditation practice. That's crazy when you think about it. It's not that they were all super intelligent, hard working, good looking, or born into wealthy families. The single most common trait among the world's most successful people is meditation. Isn't that weird?

To experienced meditators, this is not a surprise at all. It makes perfect sense that the world's most successful people are meditators. Meditation is a meta-skill; it's a skill that improves all of your other skills. It improves your ability to focus, so that you can do everything else better. In that way, meditation improves every aspect of your life, from relationships to health, happiness, productivity, career... everything.

In this course, you'll go from complete n00b to at least understanding the basics of meditation. This course is Meditation For Beginners. It will help you to get a good firm grounding in the basics of meditation, that you'll be able to take with you into daily life, to walk around in a meditative state, and to form the foundations for your own daily practice. All within about an hour and a half of course materials. Very easy, very simple, geared toward you, specifically, the beginner meditator. This will help you be happier in life, feel better, be healthier, and deal with pretty much anything that life will throw your way. The best hour and a half you'll ever spend in the rest of your life is this hour and a half, watching this course, learning to meditate for the first time.

I'll see you inside!



Meditation For Beginners
Meditation For Beginners
Meditation For Beginners
Meditation For Beginners




What Is Meditation?

What Is The Point of Meditation?

Meditation Exercises

Exercise 1: Mindfulness of Breathing

Debrief: Mindfulness of Breathing

What Did You Experience?

Warning: Breathwork Can Be Very Powerful!

Exercise 2: Breathwork / Pranayama

Debrief: Breathwork

What Did You Experience?

Exercise 3: Inhabiting The Body

Debrief: Inhabiting The Body

What Did You Experience?

Exercise 4: Broad Mindfulness

What Did You Experience?

Integrating Meditation Into Your Life

Longer Meditation Periods

Daily Meditation Practice

Sangha: Community

Connect With Your Community

Bonus Modules

Additional Resources


Nisha10 March 2021

It is a very easy to understand lecture on meditation. The examples he gives about the mind and thoughts while meditating resonated with me.

Kishore8 March 2021

Impressed by the way he gave examples of how we are stuck with our day to day problems and not enjoying the present moment. Looking forward for a nice session ahead.

Alexandra8 March 2021

Although I am practicing meditation for a couple of months now, this course made me understand better the techniques and I find very useful to meditate along with the course. If you are interested in meditation, you DEFINETLY should take this course. Kevin has great vibes and you could learn a lot about meditation from his ideas.

ARSH13 January 2021

It is one of the most helpful one and half an hour of my life. I am happy to be enrolled in this course.

Nick12 January 2021

This course is great. It doesn't just say do this meditations. Kevin starts at the true beginning and explains the What and Why to meditate.

William11 January 2021

This course is exactly what I have been looking for. Section 1 has already answered so many questions and Im excited to take the rest of the course. And I like this guy.....

Juan10 January 2021

It has help me to learn new types of meditation as a result of that I think I will be happier over my life I really love meditation

Athul7 January 2021

Definitely, It's just the course I was thinking of when I enrolled , and I believe this course could change my life .

Janumala4 January 2021

It was a great experience in this busy schedule we have very less time for all of this but even 5 minutes of mediation is very useful.

Kay2 January 2021

I loved the different types of meditation. I would like to see say a week of meditation to get you started.

Joan3 December 2020

It gives me a lot of peace and chill to listen to thsi teacher and its very pleasant as this course is intended to make you more conscious about happiness and its relation to meditation

James19 November 2020

This is a great course so far, as it awakens a part of me that i will enjoy for the rest of my life. Thank you!

Sebastian17 November 2020

Great introduction to the 4 basic types of meditation. Very concise and easy to follow along, thanks a lot!

Sanjay6 November 2020

what has said in this video told true. We must meditate for being happy. 1. Thumb rule what you visualize the thing you become. 2. what you meditate and visualize you become. 3. Meditation is a way to program the visualization and program subconscious to help to what you want and get it. So, meditate what you want to become. Happy person.


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