Meditation Masterclass

Accredited meditation teacher training; practice and teach a wide range of meditation techniques from around the world!

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5.5 hours


Oct 2020

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metta (compassion) meditation


tibetan bowls

meditation teacher training

mindfulness teacher training

body-scan meditation


zen koans


standing & walking meditation

lotus postures

karma yoga (meditation in action)


In this course, you'll learn meditations from all around the world, from mindfulness to zen to breath-work, chakras, Tibetan bowls, and everything in between.

This course is for anyone who's interested in meditation, from n00bs to zen masters alike; no matter what your level of experience, you can gain a lot from exploring this course. By the end, you'll have experience with over a dozen different styles of meditation.

This course is accredited by The Meditation Organization as a Certified Teacher Training Course -- AMC (Accredited Meditation Course) #39283 -- so once you receive your diploma at the end of this course, you'll be able to teach meditation to others as well.

While many course creators make one-hour courses to maximize the ROI on their time (one hour courses often sell for as much as 20-hour courses), that's not what this course is about. This course is my masterclass, a culmination of over a decade of learning meditation techniques from gurus around the world and teaching it to groups of students here in the United States. When friends and family ask me to teach them to meditate, I always wish I had a link to send them, that would cover everything that I would want to teach them if I only had the time. Well, I took the time to make this course, and this is the link that I will send to people in the future!

That's why I've made this course as comprehensive as I could possibly make it, and why I will continue to add videos to this course over the months, years, and decades to come.

Welcome to my Meditation Masterclass. I hope you enjoy it ❤️


Meditation Masterclass
Meditation Masterclass
Meditation Masterclass
Meditation Masterclass




Course Handbook Google Docs Link

My Story

What's The Point of Meditation?

How Meditation Helps You Win At Life

Other Benefits of Meditation

What Is Meditation? (vs. Mindfulness)

What is meditation and why do people do it?

Meditation Postures


Postures 2

Postures: Notes

Postures: Quiz

Meditation Techniques

Straight Up Mindfulness

Mindfulness of Breathing

Debrief: Mindfulness of Breathing

Metta Meditation


Body Scan Meditation


Candle Flame


Tibetan Bowls

Japa Meditation


Japanese Zen

Za = sitting. Zen = meditation.

Bowls, Japa, Mantras & Zen

Standing Meditation

Mindfulness Of Action

Breathwork & Pranayama

Breathwork 101 - Intro to Breathwork

Breathwork 102 - Wim Hof

Breathwork 103 - Hyper-Oxygenating The Blood

Breathwork 104 - Instructions For The Technique

Breathwork 105 - THE EXERCISE

Breathwork 106 - Catharsis & Emotional Release

Breathwork 107 - Soundbath!

Woo Woo Stuff

Who Are You?

Meditative Metaphysics

Meditative Metaphysics II


Chakras Quiz

Integrating Meditation Into Your Life

Integrating Meditation Into Daily Life


Teaching Meditation

Mirror Neurons

Blah Blah Blah vs Silence

Teacher vs Guide vs Guru

Impostor Syndrome

Conclusions & Certifications

Certification Exam

Conclusion & Final Assignment

Receiving Your Accredited Meditation Teacher Certificate


Adriansyah24 March 2021

It's very interesting and match with my passion and meditation styles. I love this course. It's Great !

Andrew18 March 2021

Excellent course, very well details, excellent explanation. Learnt even more than what I was expecting. Kevin is great in his teachings. Highly recommend this course for those who want to get all the basics and knowledge to teach meditation or even for personal knowledge.

Anastasia5 March 2021

Very good course. I practise and teach Indian and Tibetan yoga since 17 years and it fit very good what Kevin tells. The only thing - Tadasana, Mountain pose in this variation I have never seen.

Mia3 March 2021

I thought Kevin seemed like a really sweet guy. I was disappointed at the amount of waffle , the amount of irrelevant content and the lack of real informed information. I would have loved deeper insights and sadly there was some inaccurate info. He also suggested googling very frequently rather than delivering, his use of bad language and references to psychedelics didn't seem relevant and I found them jarring. I couldn't recommend this as a teachers course, however for someone new to meditation and wishing to explore it is probably okay. It is misleading as a teachers standard course in my view. I wish Kevin the best and believe him to be commendable in putting a course together .

Matt16 February 2021

I was really impressed with Kevin's course. I took another one prior to this one as I was looking for something accredited and didn't find it nearly as insightful. The course goes into a great depth of the topic and provides a good quality of learning opportunity. Personally I also enjoyed the personal story at the begining and ability to understand how Kevin found meditation and his global journey into the subject. Would recommend this course to anyone looking at getting into minfulness meditation. While you won't come out ready to be a teacher it lays the foundations for you to start your journey.

Marcus12 February 2021

So far the course is well presented and produced, and being quite new to meditation, I feel like I am learning and experiencing positive ideas and techniques.

Nidia2 January 2021

Hasta el momento, me ha parecido excelente. Además de aprender sobre meditación, practico el inglés..

Patrick30 December 2020

I can not believe the wealth of information in this Course...I'm so happy and learning so much. I feel so great about the meditations I've been practicing and I cant believe how much this has changed my mental chemistry and mood.

Kiet20 December 2020

Great Course. Easy to understand and follow. Course Creator is funny at times, but his story of his past to where he is right now really drew me to him and his course. Test questions made me LOL. Thank You for making this course! =)

Nirajan3 October 2020

The course is good. But a little more explanatory on his pastlife,persoanal life which i think is not needed.

Diane18 September 2020

I feel like this course is the perfect one for me. There is a lot of information and the bit on postures was really great as it’s an extremely important part of meditation ?‍♀️ I also loved the fact that the singing bowls are touched on in meditation as I already have singing bowls that I use all the time. Thank you Kevin for taking the time to create this course ?

Burcu23 July 2020

It is a new beginning for me after a very stressful period of my life. After I watched this video I now know how I can manage all the ongoing craziness.


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