Geometry Constructions

Geometry maths

Geometry Constructions


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May 2021

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What you will learn

Geometry skills


This course help learners to know more about geometry. Will be helpful for High school students.

Later Geometry help us to understand subjects like Engineering Drawing, Machine, Product Design

& Architecture.

* Students should have prior knowledge of lines, angles and geometrical shapes.

Measurements taken by help of protractor or ruler are approx measures. In some videos the measurements

have been taken to show things more clearly. At some places values have been taken out algebraically

and geometrically. 

In schools student often construct these figures but very few know the concepts

behind the adapted way of constructions. I have tried to explain these concepts

in starting of the some videos by mini diagrams. Annotation has been provided where

I thought it was required to assist learners.

Numericals/Questions on geometry becomes easier when we get more familiar

to concepts used in geometry. In videos, learners will be able to see practical constructions

and measurements taken while drawing them.

Geo-location tracking is one of the applications of the geometry. Some videos like ‘Equidistant from points’, ‘Finding the required region’ are examples of tracking regions or geo- location points. Though, coordinate geometry helps in this more.

Carpentry, Architecture, Product Designs/Designs are highly dependent on geometry & its calculation.

Hope learners will be benefited by this course.

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Those under 18 may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens

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Geometry Construction - I

Constructing 60 degree angle with compass and ruler

Constructing 90 and 45 degree angle with compass and ruler

Construct 120 degree with ruler and compass

Construct 60 & 30 degree

Angle bisector of 60 degree

Angle bisector of any angle

Construction of Triangles

Perpendicular Bisector

Equidistant from given points

Equidistant in Rectangle

In Hexagon

Finding region inside a Rectangle/Pentagon figure

Construction of a Square

Construction of Rhombus

Geometry Construction - II

Divide a line in 5 ratio 3

Constructing Hexagon


Right Angle Isosceles Triangle

Constructing triangle with given conditions - I

Constructing triangle with given conditions - II


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