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Master Adobe Lightroom Fast

Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to organize, keyword, and edit your photos. This course will get you up to speed fast!

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Feb 2017

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What you will learn

Organize and Edit your Photos with Adobe Lightroom.


This Adobe Lightroom training course from Camera Stupid is designed to get you started using Adobe Lightroom to organize, edit, and backup your photos as quickly as possible. Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic tool for amateur or professional photographers looking to streamline their workflow and produce professional photographic results for their clients or personal enjoyment. In this digital age, many photographers struggle to maintain the thousands of photos they take each month. Adobe Lightroom solves the problem of photo organization with a robust collection system and keyword tagging features. Never misplace a digital photo again!

No prior Adobe Lightroom knowledge is required to benefit from this course. You can apply what you learn in this course to your existing workflow. This course is designed to get to the point quickly and clearly, giving you more time to do what you love. Each lesson is recorded in High Definition and allows students to follow along on the instructor's screen.

The training will begin by demonstrating the basic steps to import photos, group them into collections, and tag them with relevant keywords. The course will cover backup strategies and offer advice for keeping your photos secure. From there we will dive deeper into editing techniques, presets, tethering, tone curve, panoramas, and file formats.

By the end of this video based training course on Adobe Lightroom you will be able to successfully manage your own growing photo portfolio using a tool that many photographers consider to be the industry standard. You'll be able to create and manage your own presets, and export them to share with friends or fellow photographers. You'll be able to apply non-destructive edits to your photos that will drastically improve them and get the look you desire. Most importantly, you'll be able to rest assured knowing that your photos are safe, organized, and accessible with just a keystroke.


Master Adobe Lightroom Fast
Master Adobe Lightroom Fast
Master Adobe Lightroom Fast
Master Adobe Lightroom Fast


Installation and Setup


Adobe Lightroom Installation

Create your first Catalogue

Importing Photos into Collections and Collection Sets


Understanding Backups

The Develop Module

Lightroom is Non-Destructive

Retouching a Portrait in Lightroom

Importing/Exporting Presets

The Adjustment Brush

Exercise: Get the Matte Film Finish Using the Tone Curve

Create a Panorama

Spot Healing


Graduated Filters

Other Photography Tutorials

How to Make a Time Slice.

How to Replace a sky in Photoshop

Adding Textures and Glows to your photos in Photoshop

Smoothing a White backdrop in Photoshop

Non Destructive Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

Add Some Magic to your Photos with Photoshop Actions

Bonus Stuff

Beginning DSLR Photography - Take Better Photos Today!


Michael29 January 2021

Very informative. Enjoyed the course and would recommend for anyone looking for help in learning more about lightroom and other photography alterations.

Carlos17 January 2021

Course tittle says lightroom and the 45% of the course is photoshop. Despite that, it´s very useful and it made me progress really quickly.

Dan6 December 2020

Easy to understand basic LR at my level of knowledge. Most tutorials assume some knowledge or hurry past the basics of importing and catalog setup.

Desiree23 October 2020

I wish you would've provided more demo do and less just telling me how to do something. I feel I would have learned better with something more practiced/ hands on exposure (something we could follow along to).

Philip14 August 2020

"Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to organize, keyword, and edit your photos. This course will get you up to speed fast!". That was the description of the course; maybe 15% of the content was about Lightroom. The rest was about using Photoshop adjustment tools mostly related to layers. Create two courses, one for Lightroom and the other for Photoshop. You could even create a third course demonstrating how to use both to adjust your photos.

Inês2 July 2020

It's not really a course for complete beginners. There are things that are not obvious for me. Relating to Photoshop is great, but again, not for someone who just starts. Nevertheless, it's interesting and I'm learning a bunch!

Sharyn15 April 2020

It isn’t clear how dated this training is, or what features are Lr CC vs Lr Classic. So it’s not helpful in that regard.

Gordon31 March 2020

I couldn't finish the course because somehow it left my computer. In some cases I could not understand how to bring photos from my hard drive so I could use light room to process the photos. Not being able to re-run the lesson again to find that info. I could not go any farther.

Tim30 December 2019

Solid start into course material. Very helpful on beginner level. Sound not always spot on and changes in quality between videos. Photoshop lessons not applicable for me as I was looking for Lightroom information only (and don't have PS).

Kent12 November 2019

Yes...very good pace for a beginner...moves along quickly but still covers each step. Discussion on how LR uses collections and how to use an external hard drive are very helpful.

Hai14 October 2019

Good course for start. Besides the operation of lightroom, it also demo something of Photoshop. We can render the picture in a more professional way with such skill learned here. Nice course.

Anonymized11 August 2019

Firstly I was using the wrong app. The cloud version of Lr and I couldn't see some of the stuff he was demonstrating but I managed to download the Lr Classic and boom everything connects well

Suzanne1 June 2019

Mark is a great tutor for this software and this Udemy course is EXACTLY what I wanted. He starts from the very beginning and his lessons unfold very smoothly and logically. No wasted minutes. Very good course.

Maite12 November 2018

Me ha parecido bastante básico, pero siendo que son sólo dos horas es esperable. Sin embargo, creo se invierte bastante tiempo en explicar los medios de almacenamiento y casi parece que es publicidad en vez de información.

Katarzyna5 November 2018

The best course I've done so far on Udemy. You can't see the instructor as all you see is Lightroom/Photoshop, nevertheless, it was still very engaging due to his great intonation and a perfect pace of speaking. The course mostly presents different methods of enhancing your pictures in Lightroom but there are also some episodes about editing it in Photoshop. It made me want to download it and start my editing adventure.


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