Mastering Visual Studio Code

Boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code, the best code editor of the moment!

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Install and configure VSCode

Explore the UI of VSCode

Linting, refactoring, intellisense

VSCode advanced debugging techniques

Use Visual Studio for web design

Remote SSH with VSCode

Develop inside a Docker container

VSCode extensions for frameworks (React, Vue, Angular)

Source control inside the code editor

Markdown and JSDoc

Python in VSCode

Java in VSCode

C++ and C# in VSCode


In just 3 years, Visual Studio Code became the number 1 tool any programmer should use.

Even if you need a simple code editor, or a complex IDE, with rich features like refactoring, linting or debugger, VSCode is the tool you need.

Why use one tool for your HTML and CSS, one for your back-end development and another one for course control, when you can have everything you need in one single, fast and beautiful program: Visual Studio Code.

Welcome to my Mastering Visual Studio Code course, where you will learn everything you need about this awesome tool!

VSCode features and topics covered:

  • Installation and setup

  • VSCode interface guide

  • Command palette, key shortcuts, multi-cursor

  • VSCode extensions

  • Advanced debugging techniques

  • Use VSCode for web development: HTML, CSS and JS

  • Connect from VSCode with remote SSH

  • Use Docker and develop inside a container

  • Understand Markdown and JSDoc

  • VSCode for Python development

  • Create Java projects with VSCode

  • Use VS Code for C++ and C#

  • Build a VSCode extension with a data service using TypeScript

  • Master great extensions, like live share, Git lens, Code Runner, Remote Development and many more

  • Visual Studio Code tips and tricks

  • Run VSCode inside the browser

  • History of VSCode

You can practice VS Code with your own JavaScript/TypeScript project, or use the one provided by the instructor. The objective here is to help you understand deeply how VSCode works and how you can use it.

This course stands out with many advantages and highlights:

  • Demanded topic - Visual Studio Code is the number one development tool of the moment

  • Updated content - completely updated for 2021

  • Concise content with respect for your time - most of the typing and idle times are cut. The course focuses on explanations

  • Beyond the basics structure: Visual Studio Code has great and up to date documentation. This course doesn't just walk you through it, instead it focuses on the difficult or weird parts, where you actually need guidance

  • Experienced and programming active instructor: a great teacher never looses touch with the industry. This is especially true for software development, where the industry is so dynamic. This helps the instructor stay up to date with the best coding guidelines and present you the challenging parts, not the "hello world"

  • Great visuals - dark background, big font, 1080p resolution

  • Certificate of completion

Enroll and unlock the key to great productivity, no matter what technology you develop!


Mastering Visual Studio Code
Mastering Visual Studio Code
Mastering Visual Studio Code
Mastering Visual Studio Code


Setting up VS Code

Installing VS Code

First contact with VS Code


The Command Pallette

JavaScript and NodeJS

Section intro

Intelisense and JSDoc

Installing NodeJs

The terminal

Linting and errors

Formatting code


Code navigation

Web design

Section intro

Writing HTML

Writing CSS

Live Server Extension

The Debugger

Section intro

Debugger setup

Debug view

Debugging Typescript

Debugging front end code


Section intro

Git install

Git basic commands

Github interface

Git in VS Code

Git commit

Git branches

Handling commit conflicts

Git Lens extension

Markdown language

Live Share extension

Favorite extensions

Section intro

Frameworks (Angular, Vue, React)

Visual adjustments extensions

Productivity extensions

Python in VSCode

Section intro

Python installation

Python in VSCode

Python debugger

Python formatting and linting

Python unit testing

Java in VSCode

Section intro

Java installation

Java in VSCode

Java code assist

Java - importing libraries

Java - using Maven

Java debugger

C++ and C# in VSCode

Section intro

Compiler installation

C++ in VSCode

C++ build, run and debug

C++ code assist

.NetCoreSDK installation

C# in VSCode

C# code assist

Creating a VSCode extension

Section intro

Extension initial setUp

Extension data service

Extension multiple commands

Extension finalization

Visual Studio Code insights

Section intro

Electron application introduction

Electron app export

VSCode in the browser


Gregory30 January 2021

It's a good course - but assumes a TON of experience up front. There are good sections on every major language EXCEPT JAVASCRIPT! Which is a huge part of full-stack development. It's unconscionable that JS is missing. And for my part, it's the main reason I wanted to get to know VSCode better. So, I got a great introduction, but the ONE THING I wanted is not here.

Jean-Christian28 October 2020

The course is interesting but I though that I will learned a bit more about the VS Code itself and less about GitHub, and how to set other coding languages. I will have liked to know much on how to create my own extensions, how to create package of extensions to share with my collegues easily. What is the interaction with "node.js", "npm", and other very important feature of the tool. I learned somethings very interesting and useful, but it's not really what I really need and wanted to learn. It's a good course but could be a bit better (for me). Thanks.

William29 September 2020

The instructor moves his cursor as if we can see as well as he. I hate having to slow playback speed, just to see what he clicked on.

Jeffrey17 September 2020

I enjoyed this course. I had started using VS Code previously to do some work with Arduino and ESP devices, and wanted to find something that would give me some more background on VS Code for further work. My main interest was the Python section, and wish it had a bit more content, but I understand that this is an overview of using VS Code with many different languages. Instructor was very helpful with a few questions that came up, but it moved quite quickly at times forcing me to pause the video to replicate some of the steps in the lectures. Overall - I recommend it! Thanks!

Guido21 May 2020

Gaat vooral over extension, had meer tips en tricks verwacht om echt met de editor te werken (vb. multi cursors, ...)

Dave22 April 2020

I am very satisfied with this course. Very good information and lectures are well organized and clear.

Robert15 April 2020

Great instructor who logically presents various components of VSCode and how to use them. Excellent examples are presented and clearly defined. I learned quite a few tips and techniques for this powerful IDE.

NIck24 March 2020

Course meet my expectations(web developer), I plan to use VSCode for other languages also. The course is enlightening for then too. Great course for advanced and beginners too!

Doug18 March 2020

Clear explanations, fast pace(OK for me), the instructor doesn't waste any time and delivers a great learning experience.

Chris5 February 2020

Vscode has so many features and it’s easy to get lost in them, especially for a beginer. The course was a good road-map for it. I prefer JavaScript, but Typescript and the other languages were a great addition.

Jerry4 February 2020

I've been using VS Code for a few years and have already learned some useful tips I wasn't aware of. So whether you're a beginner or are already familiar with VS code, I recommend taking this course. I've taken Alex's JavaFX course as well and recommend that one if you want to learn how to develop a real world desktop application using proper programming techniques.

James4 February 2020

Lots of good info, clearly presented with good examples. Really helped me to appreciate the power VSCode can wield in web development. The course showed me some tricks that changed my workflow to make me more efficient.

Terrence30 January 2020

Learning a lot on how to use VS-Code on real world projects. The instructor doesn’t waste time on trivial problems, instead he focuses on the more difficult parts of the program. This makes the course very valuable. The pace is fast, but this is ok for me. The course handles basic functionality but also dives deep into advanced features like git conflicts or even creating VS-Code extensions. This makes the course a great investment. One of the best courses I’ve taken so far! Good job!

Rob23 December 2019

I've tried several times to get acquainted with VS Code, but just kept going back to Eclipse that I've been using for years. I finally saw this new course and it's great. I can go through the sections that interest me, picking up lots of pointers for making the most of this amazing editor.

Conrad22 December 2019

Great course! Especially enjoined the Git and Python parts. Cool instructor and valuable information.


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