Mastering SpringBoot with Couchbase

Acquire in depth knowledge on Couchbase and hands on experience to master SpringBoot with Couchbase

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Introduction to Couchbase and it's Architecture

Setting up development environment with Docker,Eclipse and Couchbase

Implement Rest API With Couchbase and SpringBoot

Implement various relationships and OptimisticLocking in data models

View Indexing and Map Reduce with Couchbase

N1QL deep dive covering complex queries

Architecture of FullText Search and FTS indexes in Couchbase

Implement wide range of FullText Search queries

Handling multiple buckets

Querying with CouchbaseTemplate

Query Projections and Logging

Docker clusters and Transaction Support


This course primarily focuses on delivering in depth knowledge on couchbase and its internals while utilizing springboot to access couchbase database.Course covers couchbase 6.0 and 6.5 versions.You will grasp crucial concepts like couchbase architecture,MapReduce functionality,N1QL query language and fulltext search implementation,trasnactions in couchbase. Hands on guidance will guide to groom you to be a professional couchbase springboot developer/architect  while covering wide area of enterprise application landscape.There are 30 lectures  available covering 6 key areas.This is an ideal course for developers ,architects or anybody keen on  exploring document oriented databases.


Mastering  SpringBoot with Couchbase
Mastering  SpringBoot with Couchbase
Mastering  SpringBoot with Couchbase
Mastering  SpringBoot with Couchbase



Course Introduction

Introduction to Couchbase & Architecture

Couchbase DataModel & Data Access

Setting up development environment

Versions Used in the Course

Setting up Couchbase with Docker

Setting up SpringBoot with Eclipse

Connect Couchbase with SpringBoot

Implement Rest API With Couchbase and SpringBoot

Implement save operation with relationships

Implement Read and Delete operations

Implement Update operation with optimistic locking

View Indexing and Map Reduce with Couchbase

Implement findAll with View Indexing

Implement findByFullName with View Indexing

Implement count operation with map and reduce functionality

N1QL Deep Dive


IN,COUNT clauses in N1QL

Access Simple and Complex nested fields

Implement SubQuery with N1QL

Implement Ansi Join in N1QL

Implement N1QL Delete

FullText search with Couchbase

Introduction to FTS & Architecture

Implement FTS index in Couchbase

Implement SImpleQuery and RegexQuery

Implement ConjunctionQuery and DisjunctionQuery

Implement PrefixQuery,WildCardQuery and PhraseQuery

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Handling multiple buckets in a single springboot application

Querying with CouchbaseTemplate

Query Projections

N1QL query logging to support debugging

Couchbase 6.5 Cluster setup with Docker

Couchbase 6.5 Transactions with SpringData


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Bvs8 February 2021

It would be good If it is updated with latest spring boot versions. The date is new and versions are old. any beginner simply waste his time for sure. It should have more details to understand by students

Pankaj14 September 2020

It was very good and detailed but is on the older versions of spring boot and couchbase, in recent versions many of the annotations are deprecated, so could have been better if it had things about the newer versions.

Azhar5 May 2020

It was really nice one but very much basic level. It's good for beginners. I have asked some questions and waiting for the response I hope soon I'll get.

Don12 March 2020

This is a well presented and well documented on line course on Couchbase. The lecturer does a remarkable job on building subject matter step by step in a very comprehensive manner. Many thanks!

Nyikango11 March 2020

I have a limited experience in Couchbase, can install, basic configuration, and basic node balancing. Need to learn patching. how to patch Couchbase…

Deepak12 February 2020

Amazing course covering practical spectrum of document databases.I recommend the course for any enterprise geek

Kevin3 February 2020

Instructor is difficult to understand and follow. Rushes through the subjects. Worse course I have ever taken with Udemy!!!

Rohit20 December 2019

It is a very good hands-on course and sets up a platform to learn couchbase. Almost each and every lecture focus on hands-on which is a great thing. However, couchbase is also used as a spring boot caching layer so a chapter on it would have been greatly useful.

Lakshan1 December 2019

I absolutely wanted to learn the basics of NoSQL and Couchbase in depth for a newly commenced micro-services project at work using state of the art technologies. It was important for me to understand the architecture and the functionality of NoSQL because, I'd been working solely on RDBMS. This one and only Couchbase course on Udemy by Isuru made me proficient not only in theory, but also in the practical usage with Java and Spring Boot. Therefore, I'm happily learning with hands on. Informative lectures, clear presentation, thank you very much!

Byorn7 November 2019

After following this course I was able to understand the Couchbase concepts, and how to practically use it in my day to day projects.


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