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Mastering QuickBooks 2018 for Lawyers Training Tutorial

QuickBooks lessons specifically designed for those who practice law.

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Mastering QuickBooks 2018 for Lawyers Training Tutorial


1 hour


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Create a legal company file

Setup and manage trust accounts


Are you using QuickBooks in a law firm and finding you are coming across unique challenges? Well, we would like to assist you with that. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. From being able to set up and maintaining a legal company file to managing different trust accounts, QuickBooks includes several powerful features for attorneys and lawyers and we are here to help you learn. This complete QuickBooks tutorial includes the entire training for the software, but also extra functions specific to the practice of law. Teaching you how to be more proficient and familiar with the things you need to do in the QuickBooks software. Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy for Lawyers will include 23 audio and video lessons with 1.5 hours of instruction for QuickBooks Pro version 2018. Enjoy watching, listening and learning as your expert instructor guides you through each of the lessons step-by-step. You can also reinforce your learning with the written text of our printable classroom instruction manual, additional images and practice exercises.


Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Creating a Legal Company File

Making a Legal Company Using Express Start

Making a Legal Company Using the EasyStep Interview

Reviewing the Default Chart of Accounts

Entering Vendors

Entering Clients and Cases

Enabling Class Tracking for Law Firms

Creating Billing Line Items

Setting Up a Trust Account

What is an IOLTA?

Creating Accounts for Trust Management

Creating Items for Trust Management

Managing a Trust Account

Depositing Client Money into the Client Trust Account

Entering Bills to Pay from the Trust Account

Recording Bills for Office Expenses

Paying Bills from the Client Trust Account

Using a Client Trust Credit Card

Time Tracking and Invoicing for Legal Professionals

Paying the Law Firm’s Invoices Using the Client Funds

Refunding Unused Client Trust Account Funds

Escheated Trust Funds

Trust Account Reporting

Creating a Trust Account Liability Proof Report

Creating a Trust Liability Balances by Client Report

Creating a Client Ledger Report

Creating an Account Journal Report

Course Conclusion and Instruction Manual in PDF

Course Conclusion and Instruction Manual in PDF


Michelle4 January 2021

Because I am an Advanced QuickBooks user, I was able to keep up and understand most of what was taught. However, I think the instructor goes through each segment way too fast. In addition, more information about WHY he is showing you how to do something needs to be included. It's too focuses on the clicks within the software and not enough discussion about what you are actually doing and the impact of that.


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