Mastering Intermediate DAX - Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS

Take your Data Analysis Expression Skills to the Next Level with DAX for Power BI, Power Pivot and Analysis Services

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Mastering Intermediate DAX - Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS
2 hours
May 2020
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What you will learn

Carry out difficult DAX expressions in Power BI, Power Pivot and SSAS

Have the ability to modify the current filter context with DAX expressions

Have the ability to modify how totals and subtotals are shown

Explain and work with Context Transition in DAX

Work with hierarchies and related functions

Calculate different moving averages without using Time Intelligence functions

Work with advanced calculations using iterators

Understand Bidirectional filters

Advanced relationships and UseRelationship


Data Analysis and data modelling made easy with Data Analysis eXpressions. DAX can be used in Power BI, Power Pivot and Analysis Services.

Analyse and Model your data with in Power BI, Excels Power Pivot and Analysis Services with Data Analysis eXpressions.

This is a hands on course

Course Overview

In the First section of this course you will refresh the fundamentals of how DAX works.  as this section is a refresher section we will work through example rather fast.. We will discuss Row context and Filter context, ALL, FILTER, RELATEDTABLE, CALCULATE, EARLIER, Relationships and much more.

The aim of section 2 is to introduce you to some DAX functions that we will be working with in more detail later in this course.  Many of the functions and expressions we will use in this section allow you alter or amend how totals and subtotals are shown. Functions covered will include ISFILTERED, ISCROSSFILTERED, ALLSELECTED, HASONEVALUE and SELECTEDVALUES

In Section 3 we will look in dept at CALCULATE and Contest Transition.  You will learn when to use FILTER inside CALCULATE and also when it is useful to combine CALCULATE and VALUES.

Section 4 is packed with Case Studies.  We will look at different problems and the solutions.  The first case study will focus on parent-child-hierarchy and include functions such as PATH and PATHLENGHT.  The second case study will look at different Moving Averages using EARLIER, FILTER, VALUES and AVERAGE.  In the third case study we will look at the use of Iterator functions over different granularities.

Finally you will learn about about advanced relationships.  We will look at BI Directional Filters and the use of USERELATIONSHIP

Each section of this course contains a folder to download. The folder contains the examples shown in the course and also activities for you to complete. These Activities are of utmost importance.  When it comes to learning DAX, practice is a must.



Downloads for this section
The Basics Recap 1
The Basics Recap 2
How to take this course
Don't forget

Section 2 More DAX Expressions

Section 2 Intro
Section Downloads
ISFiltered and ISCrossfilter

More Complex uses of Calculate

Section Overview
Section Downloads
When to use Filter inside Calculate
Using Values with Calculate
Context transition
Context transition 2
More complex context transition issues

Case Studies

Section Introduction
Section Activities and Downloads
hierarchies - case study 1- the problem
hierarchies - case study 1- the solution
Moving Averages - case study 2 - the problem
Moving Averages - case study 2 - the solution
Iterators - case study 3 - the problem
Iterators - case study 3 - the solution
Course Conclusion
Bonus Material


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December 29, 2020
Course material that was covered was good information however I felt the organization and layout of the course was average at best as there were many times I had to hunt for the correlating course material in the zip drive. Also explanations were some times disorganized which makes it hard to follow.
September 16, 2020
I had some frustration following the course materials and activities. I have navigation issues where I the course did not acknowldedge I completed the activities.
June 6, 2020
She explained the material well but most of the examples was in power pivot of Excel rather than in Power BI. It was also short and I was hoping for a longer course.
April 17, 2019
I've always found her teaching skills really easy to folllow and visit the excel club because you can learn more tips!!!
March 29, 2019
It was better than her "Master DAX fundamentals : Power BI, Power Pivot & SSAS". I think I learned more in the first quarter of this program when she reviewed the other. I feel she could have prepared us better for the activities.
March 19, 2019
Detailed explanations of how various DAX functions work and how they compare. Very useful course. Assignments are also well organized as well as very educative. Thanks for creating this valuable course.
March 17, 2019
Poor presentation, complex concepts are being thrown left and right with very little explanation, audio quality is very poor. I would not recommend this course.
January 6, 2019
I think explications are unnecessarily complicated and examples are not very useful for understanding
November 27, 2018
I like this course but below is missing from this course even it is mentioned in course outline. "Finally you will learn about about advanced relationships. We will look at BI Directional Filters and the use of USERELATIONSHIP"
October 15, 2018
Course was useful, however I completed the majority of the exercise tasks months ago and they have received no feedback or marking so they still show as incomplete. The course is fine if you just generally want to learn a bit more and test out your Dax knowledge (which is really what I wanted to do at the time.) and your not really that interested in pursuing final grades and certificates etc.
September 13, 2018
The instructor is very fast. Does not explain very clearly. Does not answer the any questions when asked on the platform. Exercise questions are very mediocre
September 11, 2018
De sessie snel maar duidelijk. De sessie werd gegeven in Excel, ik had het graag ook Power BI gezien.
August 15, 2018
Great, Learnt a lot from the 1st video session, it is very easy to understand , things were being explained so clear.
February 10, 2018
again, the class is very detailed and enjoyable in every context. in its depth. explanation, technicality.
January 31, 2018
Not Bad experience , I imetate some examples but not work , I submit questions to get feed-back but the instructor not answering.



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