Mastering Git and Github

Everything you need to go from Beginner to Git Guru

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Mastering Git and Github


44 mins


Sep 2016

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What you will learn

Choose the right version control system

Contribute to Open Source projects using Github

Manage software using the Git version control system


Learn the basic concepts, tools, and features that you will need to manage source code using the git version control system.

Develop your git skills with this holistic course for git beginners

  • Creating new git repositories
  • Managing existing git repositories
  • Resolving merge conflicts
  • Visualizing and reverting code commits

Powerful Version Control at Your Fingertips

Learning the fundamentals of git puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Git is free, powerful, has excellent documentation, and is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for distributed source code version control.

In 2014, Git surpassed SVN as the most popular version control system according to the 2014 Eclipse community survey.  Git is used in open source and enterprise applications around the world, and being able to effectively manage source code using git will make you a valuable asset to any organization using it.

Content and Overview

Suitable for programmers of all skill levels, through this 30-minute crash course you’ll learn all of the git fundamentals and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind version control in general and git in particular. Each chapter contains screencasts that you can follow-along with, and contains extra resources to put your new learned skills into practical use immediately.

Starting with an overview of version control systems, this course will take you through the core concepts of git and the basic commands you'll need to interact with git.  By manipulating real repositories, you'll gain an understanding of not only "how" to interact with git, but also "why" it works the way it does.

With these concepts mastered, the course will take you through standard git workflows, showing you the basic commands for creating new repositories, interacting with existing repositories, creating and managing branches, and resolving merge conflicts.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create and manage git repositories in any language and platform.






Version Control Systems


Ad-Hoc Version Control

Full-File vs. Diff-Based Version Control

Categories of Version Control System

Centralized Version Control Systems

Distributed Version Control Systems

Hybrid Version Control Systems

Mondegreen: Git vs GitHub

Exercise: Create a Github Account

Getting Started With Git

Getting Started

Exercise: Install the Github Git Tools

Git Tools

What is a Git Repository?

A Database of Changes


Local vs. Remote

Try It: Initializing a Git Repository

The Git Index

Introduction to the Git Index

File Tracking

Adding Files to Git

Ignoring Files

Pro Tip: Ignoring Files That Have Already Been Added

Exercise: Adding Files to Git


What is a Remote?

Viewing the Remotes in a Git Repository

Adding a Remote

Removing a Remote

Working with Multiple Remotes

Try It: Git Remote


Cloning a Remote Repository

Using the Clone Command

Try It: Git Clone


What is a Branch?

The "master" Branch

The "branch" Command

Switching Between Branches

Removing Branches

Merging Branches Together

Branching and the File System

Branching Strategies

Try It: Working With Branches

The "Git Four Command Combo" (GFCC)

What is the Git Four Command Combo (GFCC)?






gitk and Visually Managing Your Repositories

Introduction to "gitk"

Creating Tags

Resetting Branches

Try It: Using gitk

Resolving Merge Conflicts

What Are Merge Conflicts?

Fixing Merge Conflicts

Manual Merging

Using Mergetool

Merging using KDiff3

Wrap Up

What We Covered


Sean16 February 2020

commits and checkouts and version control of the files you are working on is not covered at all from what i can tell which is what i was really looking for.

Deddy28 November 2019

I only had a working knowledge of github (yeah I didn't really know the difference between github and git). This course gave me many mind=blown experiences and finally allowed me to understand git.

Alexis24 September 2018

The instructor is good. He is clear but this is too basic. I am a beginner with existing knowledge on how Git works. I needed examples of more commands (or what they do) and I needed to practice but these videos only really had the basics on how it works without much much depth. Then, to make matters worse, for all exercises, he refers to a third party website: https://try.github.io/ I feel like that it should have been written on the course description before I purchase that exercises are not from him. So i'm giving it 3.5 starts due to a lack of depth and a lack or exercises although the instructor is clear and engaging.

Andrzej22 May 2018

Concise and specific training - very useful for people using the command line - to be used in practice

Paramjit16 March 2017

Course is good and nicely paced. Only thing, some places required little more explanation and videos were just too short to understand. But overall a good course to start using GIT from day 1.


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