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DevOps Foundation By Spotle

This Spotle masterclass is designed for people who want to build careers in DevOps

DevOps Foundation By Spotle


2 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

DevOps Fundamentals

Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery

DevOps And Other IT frameworks

DevOps Toolchain

DevOps Values

DevOps Roles And Responsibilities

DevOps In Automated Testing


DevOps has been one of the most trending career options in Information Technology in recent times. Spotle in collaboration with leading industry experts and practitioners has introduced the foundation masterclass in DevOps.

The foundation masterclass helps you get an edge in you career and prepare to wok in DevOps projects. In this Spotle masterclass you will learn:

1. The DevOps landscape

2. The DevOps toolchain

3. The DevOps principles

4. DevOps Agile and Scrum

5. Careers and industry applications in DevOps

DevOps is a cultural movement which emphasizes on strong communication and collaboration between Development team and Operations team and it also ensures continuous integration and continuous delivery process by automating software delivery and infrastructure changes. So DevOps is basically a combination of processes, tools and frameworks in which both Development and Operations team work together with common delivery goals throughout the software development lifecycle starting from Ideation to Production support.

For any organization that want to implement DevOps, not only they need a complete cultural shift by accepting and adapting the DevOps mindset but also they need to implement automation using useful automation tools that support all major areas of Project lifecycle, i.e. Development, Testing, Communication, CI/CD, Configuration Management, Security and Monitoring & Alerting.

Best DevOps Tools:

As technology is advancing, more and more DevOps tools are entering in the market. We, here, intend to provide you a comprehensive list of very useful DevOps tools that focuses on every elements of DevOps lifecycle. So, here is a list that shows how these tools lead to improved collaboration and transparency, as well as faster development and more resilient architecture.


DevOps Overview

DevOps Fundamentals

Features Of DevOps

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery And Automated Testing

Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery - Part 1

Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery - Part 2

DevOps And Other IT frameworks - Agile, Lean And Scrum

DevOps And Other IT Frameworks - What Is Agile?

DevOps And Other IT Frameworks - Introduction To Scrum

Scrum Roles And Responsibilities

Scrum Workflow

The Agile Frameworks - Lean, Kanban And More

DevOps Toolchain

DevOps Toolchain - Part I

DevOps Toolchain - Part 2

DevOps Toolchain - Part 3

DevOps Toolchain - Part 4

DevOps Values

DevOps Values - Part 1

DevOps Values - Part 2

DevOps Values - Part 3

DevOps Measurements And KPI

DevOps Values - Sharing

DevOps In Organization- Role And Org structure

DevOps Roles And Skillset - Part 1

DevOps Roles And Skillset - Part 2

DevOps Certifications And Future Trends


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