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Masterclass: How to become a butler

A unique look in 21st century butler training

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9 hours


Aug 2019

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What you will learn

You will know the tips and tricks of a real butler

You will know where to start to begin your career as a professional butler


Step into the amazing world of butlers and discover how to become a 21st century butler.

Vincent Vermeulen, the founder of School for Butlers and Hospitality, gives you an unique insight in his way of training some of the best butlers in the world, who go on to work for the biggest celebrities and Forbes 100 high net worth individuals.

This training is for everyone. For people with or without experience in the hospitality industry. You will discover a complete new way of offering high level service.

  • What are the duties of a butler in the 21st century?

  • What is a professional butler?

  • How to dress a table

  • How to serve at table

  • How to deliver amazing personal service?

  • What tools do you need to be a great butler?

  • How to manage a wardrobe?

  • and so much more

Not only will this training give you a good perspective on what a butler is and how you can become one. You can also use these techniques for your personal life.

This training is the masterclass. This means the essential basic training for butlers.


Masterclass: How to become a butler
Masterclass: How to become a butler
Masterclass: How to become a butler
Masterclass: How to become a butler


Becoming a butler

The most intensive butler training around

What does a butler actually do on a daily bases ?

The characteristics of a professional butler

What is service ?

The 2 first butler techniques

Answering the door

Welcoming and greeting

How to talk like a butler

The 2 secrets to become a great butler

How to draw a bath


How to deal with VIP's and celebrities

Dining room setup

Dining room setup - theory

Leadership skills

Dining room setup exercise

Dining room setup exercise 2

Table service

Waiting styles

Waiting at table

Waiting at table part 2

Order of service

First waiting at table exercise

Synchronized service


Events around the world part 1

Events around the world part 2

Event organisation


why etiquette ?

Table manners

Bonus - Wardrobe build up

Self confidence

Etiquette vs protocol


Tamara3 July 2021

Have got learn so much things in details and how much more to service than I think it's a great experience teaching spot on ?

Kenneth26 May 2021

I am learning information, such as how to speak like a butler, that I could use in life. I like the side bar knowledge the instructor drops while teaching the course. In addition I like his teaching style, he is very down to earth, comfortable, yet professional with his delivery and training.

Thoriq29 April 2021

i been working in service industry for almost 17 years , in 3 starts to 5 stars, but i can say i have learn a lot which I haven't lean or experience before, Thank you so much and really worth the time i spend

Cedrick15 October 2020

I have been in customer service for a while and find the presentation to be familiar but the finer details are exceptional and highly informative

Evaggelia23 August 2020

I am very impressed ! It looks like we all need to be educated at his school. All you will learn can be applied to your everyday life , just to make your home lifa and your life more elegant and more livable. Makes life worth to live !! Thank you instructor , thank you Udemy !

Jason18 June 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it offered much insight into the world of being a butler. I am excited to put my theory to use.

Benjamin26 May 2020

Sound Quality of participants not strong enough. Teacher sound very good. Cannot see information on the TV screen in the videos.

Ghassan16 May 2020

A nice course with many interesting facts. Sometimes things on the screen are not very clear, and there are a few times where details are missed because of the camera placement. However I do recommend it to anyone looking for a good introduction into the art of butlering.

Gaynor12 May 2020

First 30 minutes and I'm already finding golden nuggets. This in fact continued throughout the Course. A sincere 'Thanks' for making this Course available. Thank you!

Kerstin10 May 2020

Unfortunately the video stops for long periods of time before it resumes. I do believe this is not Mr Vermeulen’s fault. The written article if very difficult to read due to all the grammar and spelling mistakes. I looks like it was written in another language and then the computer did an auto correct.For a course that is so professional I find this somewhat disappointing. The course is very interesting and I am learning many new things. For that I am great full. Thank you very much

Carlos30 April 2020

Me parece un curso muy padre. Está completo explican reforzarán habilidades que toda persona que trabaja en la industria debería tener. Recomiendo altamente este curso.

Kenneth11 January 2020

Good. - Module 10: "How to draw a bath" had one spelling mistake i.e. time: incorrectly spelt. - Module 14: "Leadership Skills" more than 10 spelling mistakes: poorly edited, numbering poor: 9 to 16? and 32 to 36? - Module 15: "Dining Room Set Up Exercise 1: no sound ? - Module 29 Self-confidence: says there are 6 steps but only 4 steps discussed?

Palawadee11 December 2019

Loveeeeeeeee. This helps me shaping my business mindset eventhough I’m not in the hospitality business.

Ivon12 July 2019

What a great find this course is! : )) Not only for people in the hospitality industry, but for people providing ANY kind of SERVICE as well. Any shop owner, restaurant, bar, receptionist, housekeepers, car salesmen, etc. Thanks so much for so many very helpful tips, Vincent! : )) Greatly appreciated.

James24 November 2018

For those unable to attend the school for 8 weeks this is a decent overview and a good start on what to pay attention to as you develop and grow in your career. I do think a few more details could be shown for those who would not be able to attend or those that work in service but not for principles with the need for formal staff on a regular basis. Thank you for the overview of the lessons you provide in your 8 week course and the refresher on the details of Butler Service.


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